Cd: Woodstock Two: 3 Days Of Peace & Music - 2 Discs Atlantic 1971 "guinnevere"

Cd: Woodstock Two: 3 Days Of Peace & Music - 2 Discs Atlantic 1971

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Cd: Woodstock Two: 3 Days Of Peace & Music - 2 Discs Atlantic 1971 "guinnevere":

SPECIAL NOTE: Label ID: E2K 66329


Label Side:Like New;without scratches, fading or defacing.

Playing Surface:Like New;with no wear/use (surface marks) evident.

Sound:Like New;with noaudio issues detected.

Cover & Tray Inserts:Excellent; Original, with no defacing or tears.

Jewel Case:Gently used; with light scuffing/scratches.

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Cd: Woodstock Two: 3 Days Of Peace & Music - 2 Discs Atlantic 1971 "guinnevere":

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