Conte Confederate Army Civil War Lee Csa 16 Figures Plastic Set#1 Mint

Conte Confederate Army  Civil War Lee Csa 16 Figures Plastic Set#1 Mint

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Conte Confederate Army Civil War Lee Csa 16 Figures Plastic Set#1 Mint:

16 of the finest American Civl War CONFEDERATES ever made in plastic PRODUCED IN GRAY THESE ARE SOUTHERN POSES INTENDED FOR USE IN ALL CIVIL WAR CAMPAIGNS WHICH are generally considered the most lifelike plastic civil war figures ever made..... IN SOFT PLASTIC with 16 figures in highly animated and full round figures. These are NOT your typical 2 dimensional plastic figures....these beauties set the new standard for plastic Civil war figures...., you will receive 2 mint unopened BLISTER CARDS. Conte(that's us) virtually eliminated ugly blockout so common to plastic figures with these Civil War sets. these are getting to be in low inventory and most likely will NOT bererun .........

We are "Conte Collectibles." We designs and produce ALL Conte product. You are dealing direct with the designer/creator of these beautiful sculpts.This is a labor of love on our part. Despite the high quality professional figures which we make, you are dealing with a "Mom & Pop" operation---we are not some huge corporation.Please be patient with us if we don't immediately respond to emails or phone calls. We do our best to make great figures for our fellow collectors & also do our best to provide the best customer service but there are only a few of us and sometimesthe volume of phone calls, emails and orders can be a bit overwhelming.
If an item is listed as a 'vault' item, this means that it is a rare quality control set reviewed and approved by Richard Conte which was used as a quality measure or benchmark for the production run of the item. These are rare rare sets .If our description says that the figures are 'loose' this means that they are unboxed.
Our metal sets are generally made of fine pewter which is deemed to be 99.9% lead free. We are proud to be one of the few companies which spends the extra money to deliver a lead free product.
If you would like to see additional photos or 'angles' of the sets offered on , you can find them at our website at send the payment for your item within 7 days of winning the item. We accept paypal for payment. On occasion we may agree to other arrangements
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Shipping:We truly are a mom and pop business. We generally ship twice a week . Usually Tuesday and Friday.. If it is a birthday or emergency, we can make special arrangements.We love to combine & save you money ,but if you win more than one item, please wait for us to pack and weigh you total order and invoice you for the total.
Tracking numbers are automatically sent to you from and/or paypal when we purchase postage from/thru them. You should check your email and or your purchase history and you will see the tracking number on your order summary. The most common question we get from folks is 'where is my package?" or 'can you tell me the shipping details? This is sent to you automatically from /paypal if we use them for the shipping labels--which we do about 99% of the time. On international shipments we use the Endicia system to buy postage and this system unfortunately does not automatically send you your tracking info. We use Endicia because it allows us (usually) to purchase protection for shipments to many countries where the USPS system does not allow us to do so.
We do not ship to a number of countries as shown in the list. We apologize for this but after having 'been burned' with lost packages many many times we've had to to protect ourselves.
Handling Time
We always state 10 business days but usually ship within 2 or 3 business days of receiving payment. Please be patient as we need to reserve certain days for design of new figures, sculpting, etc..... We do our best to get packages out as quickly as possible as we know you are excited to receive these treasures.
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We never charge handling fees even though there are substantial costs associated with employee time and packaging materials.
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Buyer is responsible for all taxes, duties and customs fees.

Returns and Refunds:Return Policy - AS indicated we accept returns within 14 days. the returned item must be in the same excellent condition in which we sent it to you, complete with all interior packaging, tissue wrap, foam, etc.If you are not happy in any way with your transaction, communication, or the item, itself, PLEASE CONTACT us via email as soon as convenient for you so we can amicably sort out any misunderstandings or problems. Your satisfaction and positive response is important to us . We are proud to have our name on the box and to share our creations with you. We've worked hard to achieve an seller status and a 100% satisfaction report card.Communication:We check email at least once a day M-F and usually on the weekends. . If you do not receive a response to your question within 48 hours - it's possible we may not have gotten your email.We very much appreciate your positive response and gladly reciprocate.Cautionary Tales
All of our product, packaging, photographs and such are copyrighted and owned 100% by us. Please be wary of other sellers who are wrongfully using our photos or descriptions without our permission.BE ESPECIALLY WARY OF SELLERS WHO USE THE NAME 'CONTE' IN THEIR ITEM TITLES WHEN THEY ARE IN FACT SELLING INFERIOR PRODUCT WHICH IS NOT OURS.I hate seeing collectors defrauded by people claiming to be selling Conte items when the items are not designed or made by us.
LastlyWe know economic times are tough for every one and we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent product at great prices. we appreciate your sepnding your hard earned funds with us.Happy Collecting!Hail EinarRCIT HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO OUR ATTENTIONby numerous collectorsTHAT CERTAIN BUYERS are in fact 'dealers' who ARE BUYING MORE THAN 1 EACH OF SOME OF OUR RARE Vault or quality control sets/ ITEMS IN AN ATTEMPT TO 'SPECULATE". In an effort to protect all Conte Collectors and in order to see to it that as many different collectors as possible can obtain their copy of some of these rare sets we herebyreserve the rightto decline-at our discretion- to sell more than 1 of any rare QC or vault set to any one person. We also reiterate that we do not sell any of our offerings to dealers unless we are are certain that these are going into their private collections.

Conte Confederate Army Civil War Lee Csa 16 Figures Plastic Set#1 Mint:

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