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Copper Kitchen, Bar, Bathroom Sink Bees Wax Protectant For Sale

Copper Kitchen, Bar, Bathroom Sink Bees Wax Protectant

  • ALL TRADITIONAL STYLE Traditional Single-Bowl Traditional Double-Bowl ALL APRON FRONT Apron Single-Bowl Apron Double-Bowl KITCHEN FAUCETS DRAINS WAX PROTECTANT
Multi Surface Wax Spray 4 Copper Bar Bath Kitchen Sinks Bee's Wax being used as polish goes back to at least the middle ages, 1000 to 1500 A.D. From that time on it has always provided the best way to enhance the beauty of surfaces. In 1974 Bees Wax was first formulated into an aerosol form. Multi Surface Wax is formulated using Natural Bee's Wax which leaves a light delicate finish with no oily residue. This polish will protect surfaces from fingerprints, but will not create a wax build up. This is one of the only polishs you can use on wooden furniture, leather, metals, marble and granite, even glass or mirrors. It also makes a great silver polish, which prevents tarnishing for an extended period. It creates a acid resistant barrier for granite and marble counter and table tops. Use it to protect your stainless steel kitchen appliances from fingerprints. Use this on copper sinks to help protect that beautiful patina. Perfect For Use On: * Copper Sinks * Kitchen Cabinets * Painted Surfaces * Wrought Iron * Granite Countertops * Porcelain * Mirrors * Marble * Leather * Glass * Stainless Steel * Formica * Fine Silver * Appliances * Oak * Car Dashboards *****PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ITEM IS BEING SHIPPED AT NO CHARGE TO YOU. DEPENDING ON THE WEIGHT AND SIZE OF THE ITEM IT COULD BE SHIPPED VIA USPS, FEDEX GROUND OR FEDEX SMARTPOST. IF YOU ARE IN A HURRY AND NEED AEXPEDITED TYPE SHIPPING QUOTE, PLEASE CALL888-758-6665 FOR ASSISTANCE.IF YOU WISH TO RETURN THIS ITEM THERE WILL BE A RESTOCKING FEE TO COVER THE COST OF SHIPPING, PACKAGING AND THE LABOR ASSOCIATED WITH SHIPPING THIS ITEM TO YOU. PLEASE REVIEW THE RETURN POLICY FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.******* Specifications Quantity:1Material::Natural Bees WaxColor::CLEARDesign::Convenient 17oz. Spray CanSpecial Features::Multi Surface ProtectantMSRP / List Price::$24.99Manufactured::Made In The USAShipping::Buyer CalculatedShipped From::Phoenix, AZPackaging::Cardboard BoxCustomer Service::Toll Free 888-758-6665Return::30 Day W/ Restock Fee
Why Buy From The Copper Depot???
Questions Call 888-758-6665

Above you see the bottom of The Copper Depots single bowl farmhouse apron sink. It has a straight apron supported by (3) 14 guage supports. Take notice of how those supports provide stability not only to the middle of the apron, but also to the corners. Getting an apron straight is a difficult task and isperformed by skilled Artesian.These supports are vital to ensure your apron willlook beautiful and straight for years tocome. You might also notice that thebottom of the sink is trauphed toallow for properdrainage to the 3.5" drain.

When it comes to ordering online you cannot touch and feel the quality difference. You must rely on the supplier to adaquitly represent the quality of there sink. Knowledge is power when shopping online and as you can see by the above picture, not all copper sinks are created equal. Now that you know what to look for you might notice that this competitors sink has poor apron support, the apron is made with a thin guage copper and is wavy. The bottom of the sink is flat and therefore will not drain properly. When shopping for a copper sink, do not simply look at the price. Paying a little extra will generally get you the quality and beauty that you expect.

Above you see the bottom corner of 2 different copper kitchen sinks. The one on the left is The Copper Depots. The one on the right represent the majority of copper sink manufacturers out there. If you don't know to look for it, you will miss it. This Is The industries dirty little secret! Why is the Copper Depots Sink Superior.Simple again, we take the time and expense of having our master craftsmen hand roll the bottom edges of the sink and corners. We also trough the bottom of the sink to slope toward the draing to ensure the sink drains properly and does not trap food scraps. Simply rinse and walk away.

Why is this such a big deal? Cleaning is the biggest concern for customers buying copper kitchen and bath products. Imagine trying to keep the corners and edges of the sink on the right clean with those sharp 90 degree bends. This design traps food and water and can be a cleaning nightmare. Without proper drainage you will not be happy with your sink.Why do most copper sink manufacturers produce sinks this way?Simple, it's cheap to do so! They take a sheet of copper, put it in a metal brake and simply bend the edges. This is the fast and easy way to make a sinks, but it leaves those nasty 90 degree bends.As Seen Below our Sink Are Tig Welded at the seam.

You can see the pure copper rod being used in this process. This ensures strong seamless joint that will not discolor. After completing the weld the seam is heated up and hammered out to make it virtually invisable to the naked eye.

Certified Lead Free
( See Document Below <.01%)

How do I care for my Copper Sinks?

The appeal of copper is unparalleled in today's finest homes. The biggest surprise to most people is how easy it is to care for our popular line of pre-patina'd copper products. While scrubbing and polishing may be true for shiny copper... that's certainly not the case with our products! All of our sinks, tabletops, and tubs are hand crafted with a patina finish which is fired into the copper's surface giving each item it's beautiful 'weathered' or 'aged' appearance.

To keep clean, simply wash your sink with soap and water. Rinse your sink as you normally would after use. Copper has a natural anti-bacterial surface. Lastly, always avoid using anything abrasive that may remove the patina. That's it!Following this simple routine of 'rinse and wash', your copper sink, tabletop, or bathtub will give you a lifetime of enjoyment!For an added layer of protection, especially in 'hard water' areas, consider coating your sink, tub, or tabletop with a high quality wax. We recommend "Multi Surface Wax". This will help maintain the luster of the patina while providing better water runoff. It is available in our store.

NOTE: With acidic foods such as... lemons, tomatoes, mustard, pineapple, vinegar, etc., it is best to leave water running while working with products and foods of this nature and remember to thoroughly rinse your sink immediately after use. If the copper surface should get scratched or affected by one of these acidic foods, the copper will naturally regain its original, aged patina with regular use and time.NOTE: With hard water, just a quick soft cloth-drying after each use and an occasional light waxing helps prevent possible spots. With acidic foods such as tomatoes, citrus fruit and anything with vinegar, etc., just rinsing with water ensures keeping the surface integrity.If the copper surface should get scratched, it will regain its original, aged patina with regular use and no other care procedure.The most important thing to remember about this copper is:
DO NOT use abrasive cleansers or disinfectants on the non-shiny copper. It does NOT require that much work! Make sure to rinse your bathroom sink well if using whitening toothpaste as it can bleach the copper as well as your teeth. ENJOY YOUR BEAUTIFUL SINKS AND BATHTUBS FOR YEARS TO COME!

Paymentclick to expand Paypal and Paypal supported payments only. Payment expected within 5 days. All Arizona residents will be charged 8.3% state tax.

Shippingclick to expand Shipping to U.S and USPS Postal code designated countries. No Local Pick-Up. Tracking numbers will be provided for every shipment. Insurance required to P.O. boxes and APO's. Please include insurance costs with payment to expedite shipping. FREE SHIPPING sales apply to Continental U.S only. Fedex is our preferred Shipper. Canadian buyers please email with zip code to get shipping quotes .UPS and USPS is used for shipping to Canada. Shipping will be combined if sale states it. sale listing terms supercede these general policies. In the event that the wrong item was shipped, please contact us. We will make every effort to correct the situation. Deliveryclick to expand Item(s) shipped within 24 hours of cleared payment. Monday through Friday. We SHIP FAST! No waiting or wondering! Insurance included. International shipments require insurance and signature confirmation. We are not responsible for weekend and holiday delays.
Refunds & Returnsclick to expand The Copper Depot Return Policy as stated on our web site: Returns MUST be requested within 30 days of purchase date. For items that ship with Free Shipping, there is a 15% re-stock fee to cover the initial cost of shipping and handling. For items without Free Shipping, there is no re-stock fee. Refund will be Actual purchase price, shipping charges are not refunded. To make a return request, buyer MUST call us at 888-758-6665 before shipping item(s) back to us. Once we receive buyer request, a Return Goods Authorization Number (RGA) and Form will be issued via e-mail along with return instructions. Buyers return will not be accepted if it does not have a RGA Form with number, NO EXCEPTIONS. For ALL returns OVER 30 days, buyer may still request a return, however if it is accepted, buyer will be charges a 25% restocking fee NO EXCEPTIONS. No returns are accepted over 60 days from date of purchase; NO EXCEPTIONS Buyer is responsible for return shipping. Item(s) must returned in the same condition as received, NO EXCEPTIONS. If item(s) are returned damaged due to inadequate packaging or handling, buyer will be notified immediately and it will be up to buyer to file a claim with their chosen carrier for a refund. We will not issue a refund for items that are returned damaged or installed. NO EXCEPTIONS For item(s) that arrive damaged or defective buyer MUST contact us within 3 business days at 888-758-6665. A Return Goods Authorization Number (RGA) will be provided along with return instructions. At that time a replacement will be sent to buyer. Please read sales and policies fully, No exceptions will be made. If you have any questions about an sale, please ask before offerding. You can contact us at 888-758-6665. Thank you!
Contact Usclick to expand Please call 888-758-6665 if you would like to speak with a representative.

Copper Kitchen, Bar, Bathroom Sink Bees Wax Protectant

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Copper Kitchen, Bar, Bathroom Sink Bees Wax Protectant:

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