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Cartier Love Charity Bracelet - 18k Yellow Gold - 7 Cords - Ultra Rare - Cord For Sale

Cartier Love Charity Bracelet - 18k Yellow Gold - 7 Cords - Ultra Rare - Cord

Up for offer is an ULTRA RARE and discontinued piece of fine jewelery from the top jewelry house in the world: CartierThe famous Cartier LOVE bracelet was created in the 1970's, and instantly became one of the most iconic and recognizable pieces of jewelry ever seen, a piece that is still coveted today. In 2006, Cartier designed a mini ring & cord version to benefit over 30 charities from all over the world. Every celebrity and cord color represents a different charity, and Cartier donated a portion of the sale of each bracelet to the designated charity. These bracelets flew off the shelves, and this particular one is discontinued.The inside of the ring reads "Cartier", "750" (meaning 18k gold), the serial number, and a heart logo.The bracelet is totally unisex, and fully adjustable to fit any wrist. Included in the purchase is the card from Cartier with simple directions of how to tie the strings. The fun and allure of this piece is that it's totally customizable, since there are 35 cord colors, all available from a Cartier boutique. There's a cord for any occasion!(Red Cartier shopping bag not The Icon, The Legend

Cartier is one of the famous brand which has the highest awareness index and the longest history in the jewelers industry. It has been favored by aristocracy and stars for hundreds years. No matter fine jewelry or watches series, Cartier is conveying noble value that belongs to its exclusive brand, basing on its excellent craftsmanship, professional technique and unique character.Cartier legend originated from 1847. Louis Francois Cartier purchased his master's jewelry shop in Paris and established Cartier jewelry shop formally. At the time, Paris had undergone the turbulence of throne battle, recovering calmness and Vanity Fair of its using to have. Society's needs had greatly promoted the prosperity of the Paris jewelry industry. Cartier fortunately got the recommendation of Princess Mathilde who is the young cousin of Napoleon III, so that his business was boosting continuously. In 1902, business of Cartier had already expanded from Paris to London and New York, and New York became headquarters of Cartier kingdom gradually. Experienced only two generations of business, Cartier achieved the title of "King of jewelry", that was called world-widely.With a reputation as the kingdom of jewelry, Cartier became the Queen's royal jeweler in Europe. It gained the reputation called "the jewelry and treasure businessman of the emperor and the emperor of the jewelry and treasure businessman", which is widespread. British Royal Family had ordered 27 Cartier crowns used for coronation. Furthermore, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Egypt, the Prince of Orleans Family of France, Morocco and Albania Royal family also appointed Cartier as the Royal jeweler.The third generation of Cartier is three brothers: Pierre, Jacques and Louis. They not only satisfied their distinguished customers in gorgeous shop, but also traveled around the world constantly to collect valuable materials. Pierre went to Russia personally, searching for best quality enamel and precious jade which can be carved into animals. And Jacques went to the Persian Gulf to find perfect pearl. He also proceeded towards India, carrying beautiful jewelry of local maharajah back to London studio to redesign and modify. Pierre and Jacques also partner purchased a large number of pearls and precious stones from India prince. Eldest son Louis was a talented designer. He used platinum in the inlay in jewelry. Cartier jewelry influenced by culture in Russia, Egypt, Persian and Paris and other places deeply, especially the spiritual inspiration which was full of oriental feeling. It expressed features of foreign culture using a special way which is through whole abstract design of geometrical graphics.Louis Cartier himself was a genius designer with high taste and commercial mind. For his ambition, he gathered a lot of famous jewelry designers and craftsmen owning lofty technique working for him. It forged the Cartier style, which contained jewelry with grace, embodied particular and unique design harmoniously.Cartier began bringing out watches since 1888. Well-known models included "Santos" in 1911, pleated and covered watch buckle which got patent in 1909, "Tank" in 1919 and the like. During 1928 to 1930, the mix of platinum, quartz and rectangular diamonds became the significant symbol of "White Era". Under the management of Louis, business of Cartier expanded ceaselessly and exuded infinite charm.Cartier's "Love" bracelet series, symbolized faithful love belief. For decades, the enchantment of "Love" bracelet brought people into ecstasy of its inventive creativity. Beginning with its oval design, "Love" was like a "shackle", represented specificity and deep love of each other. Many of stars, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren, they all wore “Love” bracelets all the while.The new millennium, Cartier jewelry which condensed history of 150 years came to Eastern world. Representative Cartier classics, including "Marrakeh" and "Fleurette" necklace, "Tetes Croisee" ring, "Panthere" diamond necklace and "Lakada" bracelet watch and so on. All of them were with superb workmanship and marvelous forging. Cartier classics which were full of European feeling, now achieved itself orient new favorite.

Must have prior transactions & response or sale will be cancledPlease ask any questions before offerding/buying - No returns or refunds (partial or otherwise)Any non-payer will be reported to , a claim will be filed, and the item will be re-listedPayment required within 24 hours of winning offer/purchaseShipping in the U.S. only to confirmed addressesPurchasing this item means acceptance of the above terms & conditions, and means you've read & understand all aspects of the listing in it's entirety

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Cartier Love Charity Bracelet - 18k Yellow Gold - 7 Cords - Ultra Rare - Cord

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Cartier Love Charity Bracelet - 18k Yellow Gold - 7 Cords - Ultra Rare - Cord:

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