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Certified Baltic Amber Adult Anklet ★ Natural For Sale

Certified Baltic Amber Adult Anklet ★ Natural

★ This listing is for an adult size anklet, 25-27cm long ★
★ in a choice of 8 colours ★ Welcome to A Life in Harmony natural health store on . We are part of a large Australian wholesale company selling genuine Baltic amber worldwide.
We are registered with AGbA Amber and that means every amber product will come with an authenticity label and unique traceable serial number.


  1. Generic certificates which are not addressed or attached to every individual piece can be advertised to sell fake, copal, or inferior amber

  2. Authentic certified Baltic amber is not cheap so be wary of underpriced amber items

  3. Only buy from an international amber certifier that is recognised in Australia

Please carefully check responses and reviews, and look for sellers who specialise in amber.
Be smart--- remember, you get what you pay for!

  1. AGbA guarantees genuine Baltic amber

    Amber certified by AGbA is genuine millions of years old amber sourced from the Baltic sea. Visit for more information on amber certification.

  2. Every amber product has a unique serial number

    Every amber product you buy has a traceable serial number to protect against counterfeits.

  3. We are the largest genuine Baltic amber seller on

    We have sold many thousands of amber items on at these near-wholesale prices! Our wholesale company supplies genuine Baltic amber products to retailers and online sellers all over Australia, who then resell for double the price or more.

  4. We import only the highest quality authentic amber

    ... from the Baltic region in Europe. Because we buy in large quantities, we are unbeatable in price for the highest quality amber.

High grade Baltic amber from alifeinharmony ( ) Beware of sellers in this price range who may be selling cheaper lower grade amber when selling online (where you can't see, feel and touch before buying).
  1. We ship within 24 hours of payment and preference

    ... so you can be sure of receiving your items as soon as possible.

  2. We have sold 1000s on from our large range of authentic amber products...

    ... for babies, children and adults.

  1. We are a trusted seller with overwhelmingly positive responses.

    Here is what our customers have to say:

Gorgeous beads, fantastic communication and really helpful seller. THANK U! AAA+ - issandfelix Fantastic purchase, excellent communication & a truly lovely product, thank you! - bellesmum72 Totally beautiful!!! Great er. Highly Recommend to all. Thankyou x - lilys_closet10 Luxurious beads, prompt delivery. Excellent seller - greendale389 Fantastic purchase, excellent communication & a truly lovely product, thank you! - bellesmum72 BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, need to go anywhere else - ralejoto see our responses and customer testimonials for many more...

An online natural health store

Baltic Amber is the fossilised tree resin of ancient conifer trees that grew in the Baltic region 40-60 million years ago. Baltic amber has been documented throughout the ages for its extraordinary properties as far back as the Ancient Greeks and the works of Hippocrates.

When worn against the skin amber releases natural oils that are absorbed into the body. In Germany and other European countries Baltic amber is sold in pharmacies and health stores.

Baltic amber powder is also widely used as an ingredient in tonic formulas, such as anti-ageing formulations and natural cosmetic products.

Baltic amber is not on the Australian Therapeutic Goods (TGA) register so to comply with TGA we make no therapeutic claims. Since we are sadly not allowed to tell you how much Baltic amber has helped children and adults over the many centuries, or even to publish our many positive responses or testimonials, please research the benefits of Baltic amber and view our responses to see a taste of how the amber has helped our many customers in the past!

You will receive an anklet around 25-27cm long perfect for both teenagers and adults. Amber anklets are very trendy and fashionable in Europe.

You can choose from the unique polished designs below:

Please note: we are currently out of stock of lemon, and dark honey above.

You can also choose from the raw colours/designs available below. Please not that we have peach colour as well (little lighter then honey). Raw anklets are 25-27cm. Please read below for the extra benefits of raw amber.

As a wholesale company we sell our amber to retailers and online stores who resell them at double the price or more. By buying directly from us you are receiving our high quality amber at a wholesale price.

What is amber? Tree resin

Amber is the fossilised resin of ancient trees that grew 40-60 millions of years ago, and is only found in a few preserved areas of the world. The biggest and purest is the Baltic region in Europe.

The amber is not a stone so it is warm against the skin and pleasant to wear.

Why is Raw Amber better for your body?

Polished see-through beads are far more common in amber products but it is a trade secret known only to amber experts that to get the polished see-through effect, the amber goes through a chemical cooking/polishing process where it loses some of its natural oils.

As raw amber has more natural succinic oil, we recommend raw amber for the maximum effectiveness. Raw amber to polished amber is like comparing the benefits of raw vegetables to cooked vegetables!

Frequently Asked Questions...

How often should I wear the amber for maximum effect?
We recommend that you wear your amber as often as possible, and ideally 24/7. The oils released by the amber accumulate in the body and the more often the amber is worn the more oil is absorbed by the body.

Plastic clasp in matching
colour to the amber

How do I put the necklace and bracelet on?
The necklaces and bracelets/anklets each have plastic clasps that match the colour of their amber. One end of the clasp screws into the other.

What about wearing during the bath, shower or when swimming?
Yes, you can wear your amber in the water. The thread can weaken and stretch with prolonged exposure to water, but the amber beads themselves are not affected by water.

If you have any other queries, just let us know through .

About us:
    Raw amber from Kaliningrad
  1. We are part of a large wholesale company who supply AGbA certified amber worldwide. AGbA work exclusively with experienced Baltic amber manufacturers and artisans who are based near Kaliningrad, which is the biggest mine for Baltic amber in the world.
  2. There is no middleman! By buying from an amber wholesale business you get the best value for the highest quality amber from an Australian company.
  3. Organza gift bag Each of our necklaces and bracelets/anklets come in a lovely organza gift bag and in a well-protected bubble-wrapped parcel.
  4. We post regularly 5 times a week, so you will receive your item as fast as possible. We also offer registered or express post upon request.
  5. To ensure your satisfaction, we offer a 14 day return policy.
  • Please send us a message with your purchase to let us know what colour of anklet you would like.
  • We accept Paypal and prefer a bank deposit to our company account. If you do a bank deposit, please use your username as a reference.
Please see our natural healing products in our store:

Click here to visit our store for more amber products.

Please feel free to ask any questions.
Thank you for visiting.

Certified Baltic Amber Adult Anklet ★ Natural

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Certified Baltic Amber Adult Anklet ★ Natural:

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