Child's Toddler's Portable Travel Bed Safety Rail 54 In (27" X 2)

Child's Toddler's Portable Travel Bed Safety Rail 54 In (27

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Child's Toddler's Portable Travel Bed Safety Rail 54 In (27" X 2):

Child's Bed Guard Rail

One54 inch bed guard rail (split into two 27" pieces)

    • No Assembly – Easy to set in place under the fitted sheet or mattress pad. Whenseparate pieces are placedto forma straight line, they function as one piece.If your sheets are very tight fitting, you canusefitted sheet clips or a deep pocket fitted sheet.

    • Secure and Stable – Firm foam has a non-slip surface and stays in place

    • Child Friendly – No space between bed and bedbumper

    • Parent Friendly – Does not get in the way of bed time stories!

    • Space Saving – Easy to store and great for Grandma’s house

    • Light Weight – Weighs1 lb. and is perfect for traveling or home.

    • Easier Housekeeping– The bed covers just go over top

    • Safe - Made of Fire-retardant foam (PBDE free)

    • Economical – Costs less than a conventional bed rail

    • Fits any size bed - Cut or Add any length

    • Foam Bed Guard Rails are just more comfortable!

    • Versatile - Additional Uses:

      • Portable Bed Guard Rail
      • Infant Co-Sleeping -

      • Bed Divider - to separate 2 sleepers in a bed (angled side down, under the fitted sheet)

      • Toddler Bed Safety Rail


Twoseparate pieces each 5" high, 5" wide and 27" long

This makesone 5" high, 5" wide and 54" longbumper.


If you need ashorter length,Check out my other itemsfor42 inch Bed Bug Bumpers.

Read the FAQ at www .gobedbug. com

All New Material: 100% Polyurethane FoamFire-Retardant(PBDE free)

Made in the USA.

NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN A CRIB - unless the crib has been converted to a Toddler Bed for a Toddler.

When using this product for co-sleeping DO NOT LEAVE INFANTS UNATTENDED.

In stock and ready to ship.

Foam color: Beige

Some discoloration of foam is normal.

Shipping to U.S. -via USPS (see below for rates)

Foammay be vacuum packed into a smaller package or split into 2 packages for size limitations in shipping. Please allow up to 72 hours for foam to regain its original shape.

International Shipping - (see rates below) Ships USPS First Class International Mail (7-14 days) Tracking information is emailed. USPS Priority Mail International is available. On rare occasions, a package can be delayed in customs for an extra week or two. Customs fees and taxes apply.

These are brand new and ship to you smoke free and pet free. 100% satisfaction money back guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return for a full refund including a $5.00 refund for shipping.

Ohio residents: 6.75% sales tax will be added during checkout.

I am happy to answer any questions.

"We’ve been using this product for 8 months with my now 2 ½ year old son and it works great! He doesn’t fall out of the bed during his sleep, but it enables him the freedom and ABILITY to get out on his own if he wants to. The other day my 7 month old niece needed to lay down for a nap, but we didn’t have a pack n play or crib setup, but with your product, we were safely able to lay her in my son’s bed and be confident and assured she would not fall out and sustain injury. Thanks for such an ingenious, reliable, AFFORDABLE alternative to the bulky bedrail. I’ll be recommending it to many others!" Sincerely my best Regards,
Susan - Durham, NC "Great price, fast shipping, and incredible product! Our 2-year-old is such a restless sleeper that he repeatedlyfell out of bed, even though he had an "extra-high" and "extra-long" guard rail! Not only has the Bed Bug Bumper kept him in bed, but he loves the cozy feeling it creates. As an added bonus, wecan finally see the adorable bedspread we bought him, instead of having to stuff it behind the guard rail!

The bumpers are so lightweight they would travel easily, but they're so affordable, we just ordered a second set to keep at Grandma's!"

Melissa B. - Indiana

"I was just reading your testimonials and I wanted to include one of my own...
I just sent this link to my mom so she can buy a set of these for her house since I have done nothing but rave about them since I bought them about a year ago. They were an instant hit!! I LOVE them. My favorite part is that it is so much easier for me to crawl into bed with her to read her a story, or if she wakes up in the middle of the night crying, I can just sit on the side of the bed... on top of the bedrail... because it is soft. It is so much more convenient. We have traveled with them several times... and would now use nothing else."
Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!

Jeannie - North Carolina

Thank you so much!! We received the bed guards only two days after we ordered them! I stumbled upon this product while looking for a bed rail to take along on vacation, and I am so glad I did. This is one of those products that everyone with small children should know about! It is so much more comfortable than regular bed rails, and looks nicer too. It is obvious that my two-year-old feels secure and snuggly when he goes to bed. I can use them on both sides of his bed and he can still get in and out of bed easily. I don't have to worry about him falling out of bed onto our hardwood floors anymore! When he gets a good night sleep, I do too - and that is priceless!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Angela - Rockfield, KY

Our 17 month old son decided he was ready to start climbing out of his crib several times a night. Not wanting him to get hurt, we transitioned his crib to the next step toddler bed - only to have him start falling out of bed every night. The safety rails on his bed only cover the top and bottom portions of the bed leaving the middle wide open. We bought two different safety rails and had to return them because they just were not functional with his bed. My wife found this one and ordered it with skepticism. We received the rail THE NEXT DAY, and immediately put it to use. It was SO easy to install, literally all of 30 seconds. Our baby boy has slept peacefully through the night ever since. He is thrilled that he can still get in and out of bed on his own, and no more scary falls while sleeping. We are completely satisfied with this safety rail and have already recommended it to others. Thanks for the great product!
Jeff - Willowick, OH

I love your product! My son is 2 1/2 and in a toddler bed. He would always fall off the edge in the middle of the night,crying and screaming. He would then end up sleeping in our bed for the remainder of the night. I knew if I could prevent him from falling out,he'd sleep well through the night. Searching the Internet I found nothingto "guard" a toddler bed. I did find one product that was $45.00! What a relief when I came across Go Bed Bug! Not only is the price reasonable but the product works! I was worried that my fitted sheets wouldn't stretch over them but they just do. They ride up the mattress a little, but it's not a big deal at all. My son has been sleeping cozily for a week now without falling out of bed. Thanks for this simple yet useful product! Shannon- Michigan We use this product for co-sleeping with our baby. It is so wonderful to have peace of mind with night time nursing. I don't have to put the baby back in the middle of the bed and disturb his sleep! It's so easy to use and you can still get in and out of bed with no problems! I love being able to fall asleep and have confidence my baby won't roll out of bed.
Karen - Eugene, OR Dear Sir/Madam,

We have recently purchased one of your bed bumpers that was on . What a fantastic product! We had spent many hours on the internet looking for a bed rail for our 20 month old daughter’s cot bed and we just weren’t happy with the ones that were on offer. We then came across your bed bumper just by chance on and we have to say that it has been the best product we have bought. We were amazed at how quickly the bumper arrived (within a week) from US to UK and we couldn’t wait to try it out! Our daughter Tia was so excited when she saw her ‘new bed’ and wanted to go to bed straight away! Tia has slept soundly every night since and it is so nice to be able to read a bedtime story to her without bars between us!

Once again, thank you for such excellent service and an amazing product. We, as parents, can now sleep soundly, knowing that Tia is safe in her bed.

Many thanks,

Stuart, Louise and Tia

United Kingdom

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making such a great product. After spending a lot of money on a convertible crib, we couldn’t believe that no bed rails would fit it (as you know most require a box spring and the rest are just too big). After endless online searches we nearly threw in the towel and bought a new bed. In desperation I decided to search on and found your product. I ordered on Sunday, received on Wednesday and we couldn’t be happier with this purchase. Our daughter got to keep the bed she’d become accustomed to, we only spent about $16 total and the bumper fits perfectly beneath Pottery Barn sheets. We’re thrilled. I’m going to recommend to all of my mom friends."

Beth - Mount Vernon, NY

I love this bumper! It works perfectly for my 20 month old daughter, who loves to climb andhas already learned how to get out of her crib. She looks so proud of herself when she gets into her newbed by herself because she can climb over it. Thanks so much!
Kristie in PA

"I love them more today, than I did when I first used them. They travel well, my kids can climb over them, and I recommend them to everyone I know. By the way, it also saved me the expense of new beds, I took down the side rail of the crib, and use them as toddler beds. I also use them to divide the kids in hotel beds and to keep them safe; not to mention how much cleaner and neater the beds look than the traditional bedrails. The simplicity is ingenious. Thank you so much for this product. I will be ordering more very soon as gifts for new Moms and I am going to purchase a set for next year's camping season and bunk beds. You probably should include the following warning however - BIG LARGE DOGS ENJOY CUDDLING UP AGAINST THE BED BUG BUMPERS. THESE PETS MAY TRY TO CLAIM YOUR CHILD'S BED AS THEIR OWN! Needless to say you have our dog Max's approval as well."
Annette - West Haven, Connecticut

This is the best!!! My 2 1/2 year old daughter is an extremely restless sleeper and wehave been trying for a month (this time) to keepher inbed. We had a crib that we converted into a toddler bed and we couldn't find a bed rail that would work because it doesn'thave a box spring. I was getting completely frustrated and was ready to make the bed back into a crib (like I did lasttime we tried)but she soooo wanted to have a big girl bed. With the Bed Bug Bumper sheis so proud each morning when she wakes up in her bed and not on the floor. It is also great because it isn't in the way like the traditional bed rails would be.It was the best $14.95 I have ever spent. I would recommend the Bed Bug Bumper to any parent who has a restless toddler that can't stay in their bed.

Janet- Middleburg, NY

"I have a 2 1/2 year old little girl who likes to spend the night with Mimi and Papa. Because we don't have bed rails at their house, I was taking the bed rails off her full size bed here at home and lugging them to their house. Such a pain!!! Now, they have the Bed Bug Bumpers and they couldn't possibly work any better. They are WONDERFUL! After laying in bed with her and reading a story we can get out easily without having to scoot to the end of the bed. Thank you so much for inventing this product! I wish I would have thought of it. Someone is a genius!!"

Melodie - Covington, GA

"My husband and I love the Bed Bug Bumper. We have a normal bed rail and our son is able to knock the one side out somehow so we are relieved to have some extra protection! I am so glad I came across your

Tammy - Ontario, Canada

"I finally had a chance to use the bumpers over the holidays. My grandson who never sleeps a whole night in his bed, slept all night and felt secure with the bumpers. I was shocked that he didn't get up during the night at all. My granddaughter (age 2) also visited and spent a night with the bumpers on the bed and she didn't fall off the bed or have any problems at all. I didn't lay awake all night worrying that she would get her arms or legs stuck in those old fashioned bed rails. These bumpers are great, and I think the kids felt "cradled" with them on the bed. Thank you for offering such a great product and I certainly recommend it for grandparents who enjoy their grandkids overnight visits and want to be sure that they are safe from those middle of the night falls. My daughter said she will borrow them when she travels with the kids. I'm so glad I found this product on and your fast shipping and excellent service was awesome!!"
Michele - Poughkeepsie, NY

"I've been using your Bed Bug Bumper for a couple of months now, and I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how fabulous I think your product is!

We purchased my son "big boy" bunk beds that, of course, had the bunkie boards with them. I COULD NOT find rails for the bottom bunk that would rest securely between the mattress and the bunkie board. Your product is the PERFECT solution for beds that do not have both a mattress and box spring and will not accommodate rails! I was a little unsure about them to begin with, but after two months, still no falls from the bed during the night!! We took the Bed Bug Bumpers with us on vacation because they've worked so well for him!
Again, thanks for a great product and the lightning fast shipping! I will definitely be recommending your product to friends!"
Beth - Macon, GA

We bought an extendable bed from IKEA for our toddler. We liked that it could grow with him. However, we then ran into the problem of a finding an appropriate bed bumper since he is very wiggly and the bed has a special mattress and no box spring. Nothing we looked at would fit and still be safe. I searched around and found the Bed Bug Bumpers. I ordered two and put them together lengthwise under his fitted sheet. I LOVE them! I think they are one of the best purchases we have made. He loves his "big boy bed" and I feel that he is safe. I also love that he can climb over them to get into bed and I don't have to lower any gate or anything. They are unobtrusive and don't stand out as clashing with any decor. They are portable and can come with us on any vacation so he can always be in a big bed (he now gets upset if we even suggest a crib or playpen). I highly recommend them. Now if someone came up with a gadget to keep him from turning the knobs on the dishwasher, we'd be all set. :)
Christine, San Rafael, CA

"We have a Yorkie (rescued from a puppy mill) that insists on sleeping with us and I was accidentally knocking him out of bed in the middle of the night. I just wanted to let you know this works great and my Tiger boy hasn't been thrown from the bed since I bought your product! In fact, he likes to snuggle on my right side pressed against it. It makes him feel safe in "his space". It's really the answer to my prayers and the best $15 I have spent in a long

Elizabeth - Saint Louis, Missouri

"When my son started sleeping in his bed it was impossible to find a bed rail since none of them were compatible with toddler beds. Luckily, I looked on the Internet anddiscovered the foam bed rail! Not only was it shipped to me within days but I loved that fact that it's soft and safe - we've used it as a bedrail and to separate the kids during sleepovers! It's also so easy to use - we take it to Grandma's house all the time!"

Jackie Garrison - Toronto, Canada

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Child's Toddler's Portable Travel Bed Safety Rail 54 In (27" X 2):

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