Chinese Jade Hand Carved Dragon And Phoenix Jade Pendant B129

Chinese Jade Hand Carved Dragon And Phoenix Jade Pendant B129

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Chinese Jade Hand Carved Dragon And Phoenix Jade Pendant B129:

Welcome to my shop Hi my friend,we serve customer wholeheartedly and honesty ,We strive to have a 100% response and have a 5 star rating in every category.Please take the time to contact us if you feel like you have not received well service,so we can make every thing perfect before you are ready to finish the transaction.You can collect my shop, inside the collection is more convenient for you to choose the shopping.Photos are natural, not processed, in kind may be more beautiful than the photos.We hope that you have a pleasant shopping experience. thank you very much. description High: 50 mm

wide: 15 mm

long: 50 mm

weight: 49 g1 mm=0.039 inch The purpose of my selling I have these jade, is the ancestral home collection,All the products are my grandfather, my father and my collection,They buy and exchange.I sell them, because I want to do more friends, more partners, so that more people know China,Know Chinese jade culture, let the world see Chinese antique products, thank you! Hongshan cultureHongshan culture is fifty-six thousand years or so ago, exist in our country based on the theory of western liaoning, Silas wood river river area of a "cultural type", it is representative of northern primitive neolithic culture in our country, it exists in the shandong area "longshan culture" and the existence of the "liangzhu culture" in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze region, is an important part of the Chinese ancient civilization, unearthed in a batch of hongshan culture jade in the majority of animal model of adornment, constitutes a striking feature of culture, type "c" jade dragon, is the hongshan culture relics, because it has the basic features of the dragon, and it is now found in the earliest cultural objects, thus known as "the first dragon".Dragon, the Chinese nation since ancient times a deified animal worshipped by.As a kind of totem symbol, is endowed with deep mystery.It's the truth, however, is one of the biggest mysteries in Chinese cultural history.And hong shan unearthed the c shape jade dragon without feet and claws, Angle, without scales, fins, it represents the image of the early Chinese dragon.From the jade dragon shape, some speculate that comes from horse, wild boar, bear, etc.Hongshan culture jade dragon, first of all, is a combination of a variety of animal characteristics.Myth animal image processing.So what do you use this jade?Many scholars believe is a clan leader in ritual activities, ritual of artifact.Sorcerer powers to use of heaven and earth.The discovery of the jade dragon is very important, is primitive worship of primitive culture.Reflects the early state of people's lives, jade carving craft level is higher, making for grinding processing and become, jade jade pig dragon help, turtle, jade bird and beast jade, GouYun wek-jin, collar shape, bar, jade pig, turtles, birds and cicadas, fish, etc., according to archaeological hongshan culture jade has unearthed many, including large from Inner Mongolia chifeng hongshan jade unearthed from C dragon, in the whole body curl, kiss high, hair to float, extremely rich move feeling. QualityAll my jade are 100% natural jade,natural color and absolute hand-carved,the carving craftsmen according to thenatural shape and color of jade to ingenious design and engraving,From the choice of materials, design, carving topolishing,A pendant need half a day to complete.those price over $70-100 usd for each pendant even at china local market,These items are my own hand-carved, production,so they are cheap and beautiful. Natural jade contains the beauty of mountain and river,beautiful jade just like a kind people with noble moral ,Our products are pure natural jade and grade A jadeite.absolute hand-carved,it is very hard and time-consuming for our sculpture artists.We design and engravethem by ourselves, so we can ensure that you bought is absolutely beutiful and unique,because they are all natural jade and hand carvedNotice 1.The shipping fee in fact include the air mail fee,manual work costs for package wrapped,the cost of packaging materials and protective materials.And International air mail be charged according to gram unit by post office,if you not approve the shipping fee,please do not purchase.please understand our difficulties!!!many thanks.

2.Because all my jade are 100% natural and hand carved.So they often contain some small flaws,It is normal and inevitable. Those just proves it is from the great nature and it is hand carved .

3.Because the screen is different, so there may be a small color is normal ,please understand.

4.Sometimes, system can not shows correctly of shipment tracking information, do not worry, this does not affect the normal

delivery, please contact us so we can help you. 5.We ship to address. Please make sure your address in is matched with your shipping address before you pay.

6.Import duties,taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer responsibility.But we will try our effort to reduce your costs. Wholesale & Price We are able to provide a long term and a great number wholesale,If you buy reach a certain number one time,please contact us ,I will sell them to you at absolute preferential price. Our items is at a super low price of this grade and so beautiful jade and jadeite, our clients can sale them at 4-5 times of our pirce in their local market or website usually. It was excitingbusiness.My brother-in-law , my friends and me are specializing in the selection and processing of jade industry. so i can direct get so many hight quality jade and sell them at a low price. Shipping & Delivery service 1.If you are in United states and the total weight of those items you bought is less than 2kg.Or you are in United kingdom ,Russia, Australia and the total weight of those items you bought is more than 100g and less than 2kg.We are able to offer E-packet delivery services of China post.the transit will bewithin 7 - 15 working days approximately.The most of transit of parcel is less than 12 days based on experience.

2.In addition to the above situation,No matter you are in any country which consistent with the policy of .we are able to offer Economy inernational airmail shipping services of China post.the transit will be within 7-23 woking days.approximately.The most of transit of parcel is less than 15 days based on experience. Feed back

If you have any problem,please Contact Us first,we'll do our best to resolve the problem!

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If you are unhappy with the item or our service,please Contact Us before leave response,just give me a chance,thank you!Return policyWhen you receive the items,if you don't like,we accept return and refund,but the buyyer should pay for the shipping cost. If something goes wrong,or you don't want the items,please Contact Us before leave response,thank you!tips When you received the parcel, please do not use sharp tools to open the inner packaging,so that avoid injure the items. Only accept paypal If you buy it now or win the offer of items but have not make payment within 7 days ,Please forgive us to cancel the transaction by open a unpaid case.So that we can get refund of fee.If you no longer need these items,I beg you tell me early please,This will avoid the unnecessary loss to you and me. jade cultureThe jade carving traditional techniques features tri-dimensional, circular-carving and line-carving, lattice-carving, and openwork-carving etc. Our craftsman used various forms such as human figures, flowers, birds and animals. The diversification of jade carving means different meaning,I hope these jades to bring people peace and happiness.

In traditional Chinese culture: plant Gourd (葫芦)means good fortune(福)and salary increase(禄). Various varieties of melon (瓜) means good fortune(福). Pumpkin(南瓜)means good fortune(福). Corn (玉米)means to get a good harvest(丰). Peach(桃) means health and longevity(寿). Bean-pod(豆),Grapes (葡萄) all means good fortune(福)and descendants stretches(多子多福). Apple(苹果)means harmony and peace(平安). Cabbage(白菜)mean you will become more rich(财). Lotus (莲花) means Auspicious(吉祥). Radish(萝卜)means health(康). Flower means rich and noble(花开富贵). pine(松)and Crane(鹤), means health and longevity(松鹤延年). Bamboo(竹) means that life gets better day by day(步步高).

animal Bat(蝙蝠)means good fortune(福). Dragon or Kylin dragon(龙,麒麟)is amazing animal in Chinese mythology,it means auspicious(吉祥). Phoenix(凤凰)is the divine bird in legend, which means to have eternal life(涅槃). Bird(鸟)means Auspicious(吉祥). Pixiu(貔貅) is an amazing animal in Chinese mythology,According to legend,It can bring wealth to the wearer. Mice(玉鼠)can bring people wealth(财). Gold Toad forg(金蟾)can bring people wealth(财). Pig(猪),dog(狗)can bring people wealth(财). Tiger(虎) means vitality(生龙活虎). Cock(鸡)means auspicious(吉). Snake(蛇) means auspicious and long-term development(长远). Fish or gold fish (鱼或金鱼)means you will become more rich(财) Monkey(猴) means promotion and become a great leader(挂印封侯). Cicada(蝉) means wisdom,knowledge(智慧) or get good grades of exam(金榜题名). Butterfly(蝴蝶)means good fortune(福)and descendants stretches(多子多福). Spider(蜘蛛)means will bring good luck to you(喜). Crab(蟹) means your will get wealth from all directions(八方来财). Crane(鹤),turtle(龟),they are all means health and longevity(寿).

others Ruyi(如意) is the ancient emperor’s tool made with Jade, he used to scratch the back when he felt itch, It means all wishes come true. Gold ingot(金元宝)or chinese coin means become increasingly rich.(财). Ship(船)means every thing will be smooth . I am not just sales of jade, More importantly,I should to disseminate the culture and spirit of jade. The history of Chinese people use jade as long as 7,000 years .In ancient China, only the emperor and the nobility are eligible to wear the jade accessories, because it symbolizes the noble identity.Chinese people used to say: Gold has a price but jade is priceless, that means, jade is extremely expensive gem.

All of natural jade has a little flaws,It is a symbol of the world are not 100% perfect. According to traditional Chinese medical theory that “People nourish jade, jade nourish people”,The people can luster the jade that they wear, meanwhile, because Jade mine is buried in the ground for hundreds of millions of years,It rich in a variety of useful Element, It can bring health to people. Longevity of the emperor in ancient China, they are usually using the Jade. Jade is characterized by warm and moist,therefore it represents a philosophy of moderation that be Called Tai Chi in China.But morderation not equal to the weak simply, In ancient China, jade is also often as a sharp weapon,as the seal of the emperor.It also represents a powerful force, This character is called“needle in the the cotton”by Chinese.

The chinese people used to say :People would rather like a jade broken, but reluctan to maintain the integrity just like a brick,that means, If a person has not the strength to defeat the threats of evil, then he willing to sacrifice, but he was always able to maintain the spirit free from humiliation.

The great ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius said that "the noble virtues of the people like Jade.In his view, the jade with benevolence, wisdom, righteousness, propriety, friendship, loyalty, honesty, generosity, pragmatic, Optimism, come to ten kinds of moral symbol.

Jade is a amulet: It is said that jade there is a capacity of memory, recognize their own masters, If the jade is broken in a accident, which means it suffered a disaster instead of their master, Therefore, we usually wrapped the broken jade up with red paper,and properly preserved.

Chinese Jade Hand Carved Dragon And Phoenix Jade Pendant B129:

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