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Christian Catholic Baroque Ornate Gold Plt Candlestick For Sale

Christian Catholic Baroque Ornate Gold Plt Candlestick

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i-Cellar's stuff!

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A highly ornate and fancy gold plated Baroque Candlestick. These candlesticks are absolutely beautiful, ornately decorated, fancy nodes, extremely detailed base. The base has clawed feet, and a kingly design on the nodes. I don't feel my photos do them justice, they're Includes:
  • 1 Fancy Baroque Candlestick
Note: a few are available, you can change how many you buy (if you need a set) at the top quantity.

Working Condition: Perfect.
Physical Condition: Virtually mint, really spectacular.
Measurement: 29.5" tall, 12" base width
Shipping: They can be taken down in sections for easier, safer shipping.

Examine our detailed photos for the most accurate and complete item conditions. After you 'Click to Enlarge", make sure you "Open Full Size in another Window" to see the full image. If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll gladly provide additional data. Terms & Conditions Quickie

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Shipping costs include time and materials.
Insurance is included with S/H.
Combined shipping available.
FREE Local Pickup in the Pittsburgh area!

<---offer accordingly - EVERYTHING is upfront.
...and Good Luck!

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Christian Catholic Baroque Ornate Gold Plt Candlestick

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Christian Catholic Baroque Ornate Gold Plt Candlestick:

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