Church Vestments Embroidery Making Patterns & Design Cd

Church Vestments Embroidery Making Patterns & Design Cd

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Church Vestments Embroidery Making Patterns & Design Cd:

Item Description

This listing is for the sale of one CD ROM Titled: Church Vestments EmbroideryThis is a complete and practical guide to the art of Church embroidery and making of church vestments written just prior to World War II by a pupil of St. Mary's, Wantage, the oldest embroidery school in England (at the time). - Create patterns from this resource
- Embroidery Techniques explained
- Liturgical Colors & fabrics discussed.

More details about this CD Publication:

126 pages in PDF file format.

Allows up to 300% magnification viewing of the pages.

Allows printing and copying.


Foreword by the late bishop W.A. Leonard of Ohio

The Church Colors
Embroidery frames
Patterns and designs
Embroidery stitches
Altar Hangings
Burses and veils and stoles
Applied Work
Church vestments
The vested altar
Funeral pall and miscellaneous
Church symbols
Stain removal from fabrics
Church vestment embroidery

Whether you are a historian, a scholar, an ecclesiastical pundit, or an artist … or just a have a passing interest, this monograph / short book will rip your heart out and stomp on it.

To read the joy of dedication and delight in the works and then hear of the anguish and despair at all that was lost in the war and the improbability of replacing or restoring such works of beauty, is enough to anguish even the most jaded of us can not ignore.

OK so what is this tome about? (now that we have established that it will make you feel horrible to read it)

This deceptively short book packs a punch in content, giving us a good analysis of the colors, methods, history, and justification for methods and traditions of Church Embroidery and Vestment Making.

Focusing mostly on the UK churches and USA churches we learn how things are done and why, even getting a rolling commentary on materials and ending with embroidery frames for vestments.

This is not a detailed how to manual for beginning embroidery folks but rather a reference for the historian, the mature fabric worker, those who want to learn and keep traditions and history alive.

I would read it again, but hearing of all the beauty lost in WW II bombings yanked my emotions around too much.

Read it at least once, then keep it as a worthy reference.

About our CD ROM Publication:

CD ROM plays on your computer and is Windows and MAC computer compatible.

This is an easy to use computer CD ROM publication in the popular Adobe PDF file format which can be view by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.The PDF file is very easy to use. You can enlarge the pattern pages on your computer screen, you can also print out select pages you are working on in the size that is easy for you to read.

This CD ROM is elegantly packaged and makes a wonderful gift!

Customer Testimonials and Reviews:

Hi, I just want to tell you I received the CD today! I absolutely love your elegant packaging! I think I will get another CD to give as a gift for my best friend who is crazy about crochet! Sue H.

Dear folks at Patterns-on-CD, thank you for shipping the cd out so quickly. I am new at crocheting and I am finding the instructions very clear and easy to follow! Your CD is so easy to use. I can print out just the pages I am working on and scribble my notes on the print-out without worry. My dog chewed part of the pattern sheet I was working on, but no worries, I just print out another sheet! I am keeping the print outs in a 3 ring binder and even printed the lace images I like for the binder cover. Thank you for making this rare antique book available on CD ROM!

Debbie B.

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Church Vestments Embroidery Making Patterns & Design Cd:

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Roman Cassock Vestment (toomey Year Rounder)

6 Altar Server Albs + Vestment Lot + Gaspard Company picture
6 Altar Server Albs + Vestment Lot + Gaspard Company

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White Stole + Green And Gold Bottom + Vestment

Green Cincture + Rope Vestment + Minister + Clergy picture
Green Cincture + Rope Vestment + Minister + Clergy

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