Cigar Box Purse - Cao Gold Corona - Handmade

Cigar Box Purse - Cao Gold Corona - Handmade

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Cigar Box Purse - Cao Gold Corona - Handmade:

Cigar Box Purse by Cigar Box Creations
  • Welcome to Cigar Box Creations by Carolyn B. Miller, the specialty shop for my fabulous cigar box purses, within my store, The Georgia Peach Boutique. These are the exact same purses that I have been selling on my own website for five years. As an added bonus to my customers, because the venue is less expensive than the cost of maintaining my own website, I am able to reduce the price from $95 to $85 per purse! I have many choices available, so please be sure to visit my store and click the Cigar Box Purses category.
  • The description for the particular purse being offered follows below. After the purse description, there is more information about my work. This way, I won’t bore you with all the details if you are not interested.
  • This purse is #75TW, CAO Gold Corona. It measures 4” W x 6.25” D x 3.25” H. The highlight of this lovely purse is the monogram design on the lid, and of course the fabulous red and gold handle, of wood, brass, party, and cloisonne beads. It also has red lining – there is no such thing as too much red! This purse is from my Timeless Woods Collection.
  • I've been creating high quality and beautiful purses from genuine cigar boxes since 1999, and have made over 900. If you want a purse that is fabulous, fashionable, and fun, as well as the finest in workmanship, then take a look at these. Each Cigar Box Creations purse is a unique, one-of-a-kind, original work of art...don't be fooled by imitations! Every special handbag has its own personality, and my designs celebrate the beauty of the cigar box without a lot of extra embellishments. If you are looking for a purse with pictures, fabrics, or rhinestones glued to the exterior, then check some of the others being sold on – you won’t find them here!
  • I was one of the first people in the country to come up with this idea, and it has been copied far and wide – imitated, but never duplicated! Fake “look-alike” cigar box purses have been sold in department stores nationally; they are not real cigar boxes. I have been featured in Southern Living magazine, the DIY Television Network, and in several newspapers.
  • My purses are fun and chic fashion accessories, and are unsurpassed in beauty and quality. They are owned by classy and fashionable gals all over the country, including beautiful and talented young Hollywood star Dakota Fanning. Dakota reports that she loves her CBC purse, and gets tons of attention everywhere she takes it!
  • Each purse is a one-of-a-kind creation, and I spend approximately twelve hours making a single purse. They are signed and numbered, and no two will ever be exactly alike! The cigar box is coated with multiple layers of a glossy, protective acrylic finish. CBC purses are lined with a thin layer of colorful foam, which is precision cut for a perfect fit. The foam fits so well that it looks 'poured' in. It has the look of suede, and can be easily wiped clean. I make each handle from scratch – no prefab store-bought handles on my purses! New brass hinges and clasps are added for security and durability. Small imperfections such as tiny brad holes or minor scuff marks are a normal part of the cigar boxes and only add to the charm, individuality, and authenticity of the purses.
  • Four Limited Edition Collections of Cigar Box Creations purses, with 100 purses in each group are now available:

    • Timeless Woods Collection - an assortment of beautiful wood exterior purses, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Neutral wood tones offer the ultimate in fashion flexibility.
    • Colorful Classics Collection - a fabulous group of exciting designs in bold, bright and lively colors; from mini to maxi in size and shape. These purses are both fun and beautiful for the gal with more exotic taste.
    • Romantics Collection - themes of love and romance abound in these purse selections. Many feature angels or cherubs; colors range from soft pastels to red hot! Great gifts for that special someone.
    • Color Basics Collection - choices from this group are more neutral, but touches of color and metallic gold add a dash of flash. Navy, brown, and tan are represented, as well as black and white - always a great fashion look!

  • Here are a few actual comments from my customers:
  • "My husband bought me one of your handbags for my birthday last month. I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product. I can't tell you how many compliments I've received! I even gave one woman your website address because she was so impressed."

    Jane S.

    "I received my purse's just darling! I'll pass on to friends your webpage info."

    Bonnie T.

    "You wouldn't believe the comments that I get about my purses - everyone thinks they are the best. Let me say how pleased I have been with all of your "creations" that I have gotten from you - every single recipient has been thrilled too!!! I'm still giving out your site address, and I get positive comments all the time. However, there was one guy at a local show that I went to that tried to tell me that his purses were made the very same way, and they were much less expensive. I told him that I invested in works of art, not just something he threw together to make a buck!!!"

    Teena H.

    "Love my cigar box purse. Very nice work. And thanks for sending it out so quickly."

    Nancy T.

    "Just wanted you to know I received my purse today and I just love it . I am so excited and I can't wait to carry it around town. Keep up the good work."

    Cyndi B.

    "Thank you so much for the beautiful Arturo Fuente cigar box purse! I couldn't believe the quality of work that went into making this! It is so beautiful and perfect! I have looked at a lot of purses in this area, and by far, and I mean by far, yours are the best quality, and most beautiful I've ever seen! You are truly a gifted person. Thank you so much!"

    Brenda B.

    "The purse arrived today. It is even more beautiful than the pictures portrayed! I know I will enjoy using it and am proud to have one of your creations. I will definitely share your website with anyone who asks!" Thanks again.

    Johnnie B.

    "I received my order a week or so ago and wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with it! Your workmanship is first rate and everyone who sees my purse oohs and ahhs over it. My father (who calls me Weird Al) can't understand why a woman who can afford a "real" purse would want to carry a cigar box, but he's a story for a different day!"

    Alison B.

    "My husband and I just opened the box and we are completely blown away at how beautiful the purses are. I love all of them, they could not be any nicer."

    Sharon P.

    "My purse is wonderful!!!!! I went out to dinner after receiving it and received compliments from strangers. I will be taking it to church pretty soon and will tell people of your web site if they mention my purse. My husband is very impressed with the way the front is reinforced. He's thinking just like the engineer he is!!!! Thanks again for a wonderful product."

    Nancy L.

  • Feel free to ask any questions you may have about my purses. Please do not ask for how-to advice, where I get supplies, or other such information to make your own purse, as I do not run a free clinic.
  • Please be sure to check my other sales and my store. I sell a variety of items, and you can buy with confidence! I take extreme care in shipping my fine breakables, using bubble wrap and packing peanuts, and I double box for extra protection. No dirty newspaper to blacken your hands! The arrival of your items in good condition is as important to me as it is to you. Please check my response and see the many comments about my packing.
  • Free shipping to the Continental U. S. A. Larger photos are available upon request.
  • Please be sure to visit my store, The Georgia Peach Boutique. I have a huge variety of items, and I’m constantly adding new acquisitions. And click here to read more about me - About Me

  • Cigar Box Purse - Cao Gold Corona - Handmade:

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