Clandestine (1994 1st Series) #10 Vf

Clandestine (1994 1st Series) #10 Vf

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Clandestine (1994 1st Series) #10 Vf:

Clandestine (1994 1st Series) 10 VF

Published 1995 by Marvel

Grade: VF If you are not familiar with comic book grading

Comic Book Grading Scale

This is a mid grade item. It will have a few minor defects and will generally appear to be in "slightly used" but not "roughly used" condition. Defects allowed on an item in this grade may include minor corner wear (bends and blunting), small/light accumulation of dents, bends or folds, and light spine wear. Most comics, magazines, and books published in the last 30 years that have been read one or more times but carefully handled and stored will fall in this grade range.

For more information, please see our comic book grading standards.

Note about "Newsstand" vs "Direct" editions: some comics printed during this time period were published for sale in both the direct market (comic stores) and at newsstand locations such as grocery stores or convenience stores. In many cases, the only difference between the two versions is the presence of either a barcode or small logo where the barcode would otherwise be. Most collectors consider both versions to be of equal value. If the only difference is the presence of the logo or the barcode, we do not distinguish between newsstand or direct editions, so it is possible that the comic you receive could have a barcode even if our listing image shows a logo, or vice versa.

In cases where there is a significant difference between the newsstand and direct editions, such as one having a foil cover, different color scheme, or other clear variation, we will list the newsstand and direct editions as two separate listings and they will be clearly labeled as such, so you will be able to select which version you want.

Britannic. Dakin and Rinaldi

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The image for this listing is a stock image provided to help you identify the issue, but is not the specific item being offered, nor does it represent the grade and condition of the item being offered. In cases where an issue exists in both a newsstand version and a direct edition, the image shown here may show a newsstand copy but you could receive a direct edition, or vice versa, unless the issue title specifically mentions it being the newsstand or direct edition.

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Clandestine (1994 1st Series) #10 Vf:

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