Clock Repair Dvd Video - Repairing The Seth Thomas 89 Mantel Clock Movement

Clock Repair Dvd Video - Repairing The Seth Thomas 89 Mantel Clock Movement

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Clock Repair Dvd Video - Repairing The Seth Thomas 89 Mantel Clock Movement:

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To all my Students and Subscribers,

The Seth Thomas 89 Series was a corner stone movement for the many variations of Seth Thomas American Clocks. Time and Strike, Bim Bam, Sonora Chime just to name a few. The basic movement is the same as is the repair process.

When was the last time you picked up a clock and wondered what it'd be like to fix it. What is it that clockmakers know that seems Magical? How hard could it be to learn? Could I really do this?

At less than half the cost of other Training Video's you can experience it for yourself. The video puts you closeup at the workbench instructed every step of the way. Each video takes you from start to finish on a specific clock so your not flooded with information applicable to other clocks.My teaching philosophy,I want to amazemy students with how much they can learn in a shorter amount of time.

Welcome to my Clock Repair Series featuring the Seth Thomas 89 Movement. Over 2 hours long.

There are hundreds of Clocks waiting to be repaired and you'll find them at yard sales, sales and even your own attic or basement.Increase their value and beauty so they can be enjoyed by the next generation.

I created this Movement Specific Video to help you through the repairprocess and theory of clock movement operations. Iexplain the repair process by putting myself in your position. For your first repairI would recommend a more robustAmerican Time& Strike such as the Seth Thomas ST89 spring driven movement as is shown in this video. This movement is very popular andused in many different clockcases. Manytechniques learned here are similar in other Time & Strike Movements. In the main menu you'll have the option of watching it straight throughor skip to any of the 70 Chapters.

German and French Movements are more delicate and should only be attempted afterAmerican Time & Strike Movements become a Piece of Cake.

I'll showyou the steps such asExamination, Letting down the mainsprings,Splittingthe plates, Cleaning and polishing the working components, Repairs as needed such as Bushing Work, Assembly and Timing.

Preview see all of my Video's and Tools on ,

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Let me show you what it would be like to pickup a Clock and see in your mind how it works,the many wheels turning so slowly that it takes a week or more to unwind. Taking it a step further, how could these wheels be made to run so precisely and why do they stop after so many years of running. You'll begin to recognize the worn area's and know how to repair it back to original health. This is what I show and explain in my Video's.

Video Preview's and Technical Tips available on my YouTube Channel: I add more Video's you can keep track of them by Subscribing to my Youtube Channel. and by clicking the Save this Seller at the top of each of my items

Included in this sale is a DVD Disk and Protective Cover.

So sit back, review the Video and begin your Movement Repair

Al Takatsch

Jefferson ClockWorks

Make yourself aGift of my Video's and see a new world of how things work and a Hobby you will never forget.

I look forward to hearing from you, like this Great response from several of my Students !!

Hi Al, I can't thank you enough for this great video on repairing a wooden movement!! So far everything is going great and as you can see by the pic. I just molded my first wooden clock teeth. What a great way to do this!!!!!!!! I know it's only two teeth but hey you gotta start some where!! thanks Al


Really enjoy your cd on wooden clock mworks . You have done a great job***Hi Al
Happy New Year.
Purchased your Repairing the Eli Terry 8 Day Wooden Clock Movement.
I can't tell you how excited I was to get the wooden clock movement running again.
I'm sure it had been decades since it was last running. Now, it is merrily running!
I replaced bushings with Hard Rock Maple and repaired broken leafs on the wheels
with the techniques taught in the video. Your techniques are precious.

Thank you, take care, Thomas
Hi Al,
I watched your DVD on doing bushing work by hand & was so inspired, my wife & I drove to Merritts & purchased all the tools needed per your video. Today I put 6 bushings in a top plate & 5 in the back plate, put it all back together & it hasn't stopped once all day. This movement had been struggling and would stop off and on every couple hours. I can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge. I don't think I would have ever attempted any of this withoutyour DVD's.
Hope all is well,Paul

Dear Al,
Viewed the first 2 1/2 hours. You might be interested in knowing that your techniques are very similar to my hand surgery practice!!! When I take a hand apart I use the same techniques and thought processes. You have to remember how it came apart in order to put it back together again...And not have any extra parts when you finish!!! I have no doubt that I will get the chimes working correctly with your help.
By the way, I doubt very much that the clock repairman in Florida went through it with the precision you do. I will be checking bushings to make sure they have been properly inspected.
J.******Hi Al,I just finished the 2-DVD lesson on the 1913 Gilbert that you sent. I must say that you did an outstanding job! I really enjoyed watching you work your way through each hurdle that you came across. You demonstrated that a person can solve many problems if they will just think them through. This DVD is really helping me with the Gilbert 1912 Mission mantel clock that I’m working on. It’s sort of like having your teacher there with you, showing you what to do next.My grandfather collected and repaired clocks when I was young. I doubt that he would have ever imagined that you could learn clock repair by watching clips over this thing called the “internet”, or watch full length training material on DVD. What a world!Thanks again!SW********Dear al_taka3,I purchased three of your DVDs. One for Junghans, one for New Haven and one for installing bushings. I have bushed several movements since then using your technics. They have been most helpful to me and i thought you should has made my work on clocks much more enjoyable. Thank you!More great knowledge from a true craftsman. Best value anywhere.Very informative and useful. My complements to Al. Nice Job.FREE ship for super helpful instruction CDs for clock repair. Thanks!Great way of learning clock repair, thanks.Seller has a great product, with quick action and is extremely helpful, Thanks
Thanks always nice doing business with you
FANTASTIC ! A MUST HAVE ! Excellent email Tech Support. Very Detailed
Superb teacher, excellent videos, great tips as you go along in a repair.
Fast delivery From U.S well packaged thank you 5 ***** Excellent comms as well!
This video is a must for anyone attempting an overhaul of an old ST 89 movement.
Perfect thanks Al
Super DVD - Now I can get to work with my Gustav Becker Movementgood DVD quality, safely packed, quick delivery. I even understand the accent!
The best! 5 purchases and counting. Step by step clock repair. Thanks -Mark
I am very Proud of all of you, Keep Up the Great Work!!Al TakatschJefferson ClockWorks

Clock Repair Dvd Video - Repairing The Seth Thomas 89 Mantel Clock Movement:

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