Colocasia Gigantea (thailand Giant) Aroid - Alocasia

Colocasia Gigantea (thailand Giant)  Aroid - Alocasia

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Colocasia Gigantea (thailand Giant) Aroid - Alocasia :

Colocasia Gigantea (Giant Thailand Strain)!

Colocasia Gigantea (Giant Thailand Strain) is a monster plant extremely fast growing. Producing huge leaves 4 to 6 feet long and 3 to 5 feet wide. I have seen photos of mature plants in the wild up to 10 to 12 feet tall. The first year I grew the plant I was able to take a 4 inch tall plant and get it to over 8 feet tall in one season which is around 5 months. It is a great center piece plant and demands attention in any display. I highly recommend it for the tropical look in a large pot on in a landscape you cannot go wrong with this one for a dramatic statment. The plants offered were grown from seed and are very well rooted in 4 inch pots and are around 8 inches tall. Plants will not be shipped out of country. Please only USA orders only.

Plants are potted in 4 1/2 inch pots. As of 2/28/2012 they are around 5 to 6 inches tall.


Foliage: Huge bluish green leaves that have a white powder on them up to 5 feet across and 7 feet long

Flower: white hooded flowers

Height: up to 10 feet or more

Situation: full sun to part shade

Zone: 7 and up possibly zone 6 if heavily mulched

Species/Hybridizer: Species

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Colocasia Gigantea (thailand Giant) Aroid - Alocasia :

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