Colorado Gold Sticks Sniper ***** Electromagnetic Searcher **** New For 2018

Colorado Gold Sticks Sniper ***** Electromagnetic Searcher **** New For 2018

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Colorado Gold Sticks Sniper ***** Electromagnetic Searcher **** New For 2018:

The Gold is not for sale in thissale. You are offerding on the Colorado Gold Sticks Sniper Model New for 2018....The new Aluminum Box works just like a Guitar to Amplify the Signal to get a much stronger Range and Electro-magnetic Pull.Folks, this is the newest model &has the Led Onlights for people who cannot hear real well. It also has 1 Switchfor Gold operating on 1 Powerfulseparatefrequency ---- Folks, this Colorado Gold Sticks Sniper is bran new for 2018. Many people use sticks or dowsing rods to find water, pipes, and other objects. What we have done is take that same concept and then use a frequency box that allows the finding of precious metals. During the Field test of the Colorado Gold Sticks Sniper, we found that Gold was found first and will ignore water & Iron... and has a very strong Frequency to find Gold. If no Gold was in the area, it would then take us to less conducive precious metals. Then after years of testing and manufacturing..we were able to design an all new unit that is much stronger from the previous models... by interrupting the frequency flow of electromagneticenergy.Many people call this witching, and other call it dowsing. We call what we are making the Colorado Gold Sticks Sniper , becauseit will snipe Gold very easily to take you to where fine Gold and Nuggets are hidden from your eyes.. (Be aware of imitations ).We haveproven when we click on the frequency box, that water and Iron is then ignored. That leaves you finding caches of gold in a far distance up to 500 yards from where you are standing and up to 25 Feet Deep, and that means more Gold, and less work, and as you will then allow you to locate hidden caches of Gold and silver that could never be found with a conventional metal detector. Most detectors only go down 8-12 inches. The Colorado Gold Sniper will find Gold up to 25 Feet Deep . Our analog device is only $215. Most detectors will only go down 6-12 inches on the average... So any hidden treasure that has sunken to a depth of 3-5 feet would never be located with a standard metal detector. That is where we come in with the Colorado Gold Sticks Sniper Model. . We have found that most can work them, and some just need coaching, and most can make them start working with a little practice. This is something very special for Treasure Hunters, and there are so many hidden Treasures that have never been found, and all because you walked right over it, and never new it.. These units work from electromagnetic energy, and I might add...I never leave home without mine, and after two days will not leave anywhere looking for treasure without yours. We are selling these units knowing that some people will just need verbal coaching. We have established a help line at (719) 429-3289 Cell. Please make sure that you practice for a week with the Frequency before leaving us a negative response because you cannot work them. We know that they will find treasure at large depths, and one man found 30,000 in Gold in Denver with our product, and another women found a gold ring within 3 minutes of hitting a local park. The only way that you will find junk metal is... ifno other precious metals are present in the area that you are looking.By buying this item, you personally agree to let others try them out if you cannot operate them using our directions. You also agree that you are buying them as is and no refunds will be issued...all sales are final, yet we are now offering a 1 Year free simply pay for shippingand agree to practice for one week with Gold frequency and will give them the benefit of doubt before e-mailing us nasty letters. We are wording this in this manner, because our product works great, and some just need coaching to work them. The trick is to hold them loosely, and slightly pointed toward each other with a 1-3 inch downward angle.Then you simply walk, and the sticks will then point somewhere, and you simply turn with the sticks until they cross over the target in other words...X- Marks The Spot. Make sure this product is what you are looking for asyou legally accept the terms and conditions listed above. We do our best to describe the items up for offer,and we are on call to assist you in working the sticks.See the pictures, and understand how they work. If you agreeto the terms above.We believe with some will be on your way to finding those hidden, and lost cashes.. The electronicinternal parts have been upgraded on this model. Gold is up there and climbing since Trump Got In. E-mail us with any questions, and have fun offerding. We prefer paypal only. Payment must be made within 3 days from close of sale. Please allow up to7 days delivery for production times, as the Colorado Gold Sticks Sniper take much longer to make and dry,but in most cases, they will be at your door in 2-3 Business days.Thanks Folks & Have Fun offerding !!! ( Gold is not included in this sale )

Notes : In the case of damage, you are required to filean insuranceclaim for damages with the shipping company. We are not held responsible for damages by the Shipping Company, that is why insurance is requiredfrom $ 3.80. . Thank you!!!

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Notes: After the item clears Customs in your Country, it is your responsibility to pay all customs taxes, and the item is no longerour responsibility at all - In the case of damage, we will replaceas long as you payour Companies Insurancepayment of $3.80 Per Unit. That covers you for one full yearagainst damage even if you break them yourselves. You pay shipping one way, we pay shipping back to you !!!

You are obligated to pay sales tax in the state of Colorado for this purchase if you live in Colorado as I do not collect sales tax for the State of Colorado.

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Iam quite impressed, I thought it was another gimmick, and found aGold Class ring from 1994within 3 Minutes of hittinglocal Park. I will make sure and refer my friends. Hopefully the big chest is waiting. I love when the magnetic pull takes lest me know that I am on to something. I love your product, and it shortens the time of digging, and helps me find items faster. Thanks Again Lucy Anderson, Canon City, Colorado.

Teddy, I must say wow...two years ago my wife, and I had a big argument..she threw her ring in a field, and in haste I wipt mine over my shoulder. Needless to say we went back later after we had calmed down, and looked for our rings. We were bummed...we looked for them for about 3 months off and on, and we never found them. I cannot believe that after two years weheard of your product through a good friend, and decided to callyou Directly.We obtainedyour number through our good friend Derick Westback. Derick gave me Teddy's number. The first thing out of Teddy's mouth was...I can find them. Sure enough we went to the site, and looked for about 3 Minutes, and up came the first ring, and it was even under a branch that we had to lift up to dig. The second one was found within 2 Minutes. I had heard that electromagnetic energy was killer for treasure hunting, but you cannot put a dollar amount on the joy we have knowing you cared enough for my marriage tofind our rings. I wish you great success on your product, and I am now a great believer for sure. Thanks A Million Teddy Jimmie Lynch , Canon City, CO

They Work! WOW!

Howdie AllJust want to update ya all. I got those Colorado Gold sticks in the mail friday night. Brought them home and was amazed! Took me about 20 minutes to get them working. once I felt the pull on the sticks I had to drop them and squirm a bit. It was amazing that they work so well. Almost a phenomena!Havn't tried them outside yet! That will be the real proof, when I start finding good stuff.Had my Wife and sister hide a bunch of nuggets on the floor under one of 3 pillows. I found them every time, no cheating!
I wanted to make sure it was for real. Then I had my wife put one tiny peice under one of the 3 pillows and TA DA! Comes with a transmiter, when it is off I am drawn to the fishtank (water), once I turn the thing on then the sticks ignore the water and search for gold.Move the gold far away and the sticks draw me straight to my silverware drawer. Must be the serving spoons, they are from grandma - real silver.Brought the sticks to prince george for the family thing this weekend. In my brothers house I was showing them off and the sticks crossed over the floor and was real strong. I did not know that my sister in laws 3 jewelry chests were right below me downstairs but the sticks did. It was cool!My prospecting uncle tried them, he has been able to witch for water for a long time, he got them to work right away. He was sold immediatly and is going to buy a set.I doubted them even after I payed 80 bucks, but now that I have them they have proven to me that the force that makes them work is for real.It does take time to get the feel for the sticks, very relaxed and in the right state of mind? I am a beleiver. The guy told me if I can sell 5 for him I get my money back. But that is not a neccesity for me cause I know they will give me more than my money back once I find a few nugs in my bedrock cracks.Once and IF I do start finding gold I will show off every peice!Glen you will be very amazed when I show these to you!Ryan - Hi Teddy; Just wanted to let you know that they finally arrived today and that I have left Positive response for you on . I have played with them for over an hour since I opened the package and am quite impressed.Not easily done. I tooka couple ofnuggets out of the safe and set them out in the back yard, along with about a gram of fines in a bottle,and one of my wife`s gold rings. I`ve been dowsing for several years with a pretty good rate of success,so I first tried the rods without the frequency box.The rods worked as they should have.Crossingas Iapproached and walked over the targets. Next I I flipped on the frequency box and started walking. The rods started turning immediately toward the largest nugget and as I approached it they did cross. I picked that target up and put it in my pocket and started walking withthe rods again. They turned toward the ring and as I followed their direction, they again crossed over the target. And so on untill I had found all the targets. Just to prove to my wife, and myself,that they didn`t work just because I knew where the targets had been placed, I had her hide the targets while Iwaited in the bathroom with no windows. This could have been risky seeing as how the big nugget I was useing was an 18.5 penny weight solid chunck that I have turned down some very nice offers for in the past. When I walked back outside and turned on the box I found the ring first then the big nugget and so on untill I had found all the targets again. Which tookno time. The rods lead me to the targets so I didn`t have to walk the entire area to find them. No wasted time. Thena funny thing happened. I was holding the rods in position just to see what might have been dropped in the yard over the years and they turned toward the back of the house. I followed them and when the rods were about a foot from the brick wall they started to cross. My safe, where I keepsome of my gold, sits on the floor just on the other side of that wall. They picked up the gold inside the house through a brick wall from more than 50 feet away. I was truely amazed. I can hardly wait till next week when I can get out to the claims and try them in the field. If I make any great finds I`ll be sure to let you know. Thank you so much. Merle.


Colorado Gold Sticks Sniper ***** Electromagnetic Searcher **** New For 2018:

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