Stropman Original Handmade Compact 2 Sided Leather Strop Sharpen Knives & Tools For Sale

1 Strop but No compounds included.This is your chance to get on our list and own a StropMan handcrafted originalCOMPACTtwo sided genuine leather strop (slightly thinner than the HD compact) with your choice of one of three handle colors and withfreeUSA shipping! Please note we average 30 days from order to ship date due to the large number of standing orders.
This strop is for the finalsharpening/polishing of your carving knives, tools and many other types of blades. The compactstrops'size allows one to carry it along easily when not using it at home.Both sides of this 10" compact strop have a6" x 1.5" piece offullgrain cowhideflesh side up,perfect for stropping.You can use a different compound on each side.This is the original StropMan strop and uses both slightly thinner leather and wood than my others.(The HD Compact stop is same size but overall thicker wood and leather than this Compact strop.)
The picture shows threeCOMPACTstrops in the threeavailable colors. From the bottom up the strop colors are:golden pecan,ebony,and gunstock. Your choice - pick one!I am glad to pick one for you if you don't specify upon payment.
Only one Compact strop (your choice of handle color) is being offered in this sale. If you want compounds please find my other compact strop listing that includes two bars for an additional $5.00 at a total of $29.95. You could also choose from my compound listings to add to this strop or opt to go with the same size but "heavier duty" HD compact for $29.95. When you purchase this strop I will assume you have your own preferred compounds. If not and you want to try two of my compounds I will "precharge" both sides of the strop for you. You can choose which two from three I offer (green - fine, white - medium, black - coarse). This will allow you to start stropping as soon as you receive it and you can order compounds at additional cost later on. Send a message along with your payment letting me know your strop color and whether to "pre-charge" or not. If I don't get your message with your payment I might pick the color for you in order to not further delay handling time. A note to seller on the Paypal invoice works great or send me a message in .
Waiting is never funso this strop will be in the mail as soon as humanly possible determined by current demand( please check estimated handling time shown).Trust me I am as anxious to get it to you as hopefully you are to receive it and put it to use! I make these strops by hand one step at a time and use one myself every time I carve or need a sharp blade. I know you will enjoy using this strop. I currently have twelve distinctly different strops available in various sizes, colors, etc. From smallest to largest they include:
These strop are often offered in sales and most are available as buy it now options, separately as well as packaged with compounds. Some of these strop are offered in sales and most (not all) are available as buy it now options here on . Several are offered separately (like this one listed) and some are packaged with compounds. Check out myother items! or visit the StropMan storeto see them all.Currently shipping to the U.S. with some exceptions (70+ countries to date so ask me).More about me and these strops than you may care to know. These strops are handmade in the USA by me! I was a Landscape Architect (Tx. lic.#2348) but a woodworker by blood (in more ways than one). I did make a living by landscaping before our recent move to Ms. but I live to carve and want to help introduce others to the art. In factI originally offered my strops for wood carvers but they are now being used by hunters, fishermen, straight razor guys, chefs and so many others (let me know) literally all across this still great USA, in all 50 States. More than 15 individual steps are taken to produce each strop. The steps include but are not limited to(got to keep a few trade secrets): transferring my strop pattern to wood, cut to length, one end sanded square other end sanded round, handle contours cut in and sanded smooth,hole for strap drilled from both sides to avoid splintering,both flat sides of handle sanded smooth, handle edges bevelled for comfort, line marked on both sides to delineate six inch area for leather and four inch handle, check for flatness, sides marked fine and course to help keep your compounds separate, cull any pieces with defects that will affect strength, durability, and overall performance, sign with my "brand" and in memory of grandpa the mark he put on all of his woodcraft...the dot on the end, seal / stain handle and edges, cut leather from fullgrain cowhide sides, glue leather flesh side (fuzzy side) upto both sides, cut lace and tie through hole in handle... whew alot goes into each one of these strops! I am currently listing this strop at a buy it now price of $22.95 with free shipping. Any money that is left after material costs, fees, Paypal fees, USPS and shipping cost, etc. it is money I can use with my wife's blessing to buy more knives, carving tools, and wood (no longer true as this has become a full time venture). This is a win - win situation, you get a well made compact strop at a reasonable price and I get to keep carving while at the same time help you stay sharp! You don't know sharp until you learn to strop and each winner gets my stropping tips free. Now you could make a strop yourself but would it be this nice and economical? So unless you have some extra time and all the materials lying around the housego aheadand buy a well madeCompact double sided strops and make it yours or a really nice gift. Each and every customer is much
Stropman Original Handmade Compact 2 Sided Leather Strop Sharpen Knives & Tools

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Stropman Original Handmade Compact 2 Sided Leather Strop Sharpen Knives & Tools:

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