Complete Distiller How To Make Alcohol Moonshine Whiskey Beer Still Plans Guides

Complete Distiller How To Make Alcohol Moonshine Whiskey Beer Still Plans Guides

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Complete Distiller How To Make Alcohol Moonshine Whiskey Beer Still Plans Guides:



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Distiller – The Classic Books

The Complete Practical Distiller. M. L. Byrn, 8th. ed., 1880

The American methods of distilling. Recipes to make malt whisky, rum, gins --Dutch Geneva , Holland, Common--, brandy --Apple, peach, cherry--, Irish Usquebaugh, the English and French methods of malting, cordials --lovage, citron, cinnamon, aniseed, caraway. This is perhaps the first American book with a chapter on continuous distillation, that later allowed the making of grain whiskey, and subsequently many blended whiskies.

The Complete Distiller, A. Cooper, 1757

Based on the "Traité Raisonné de la Distillation", by De’Jeanad, Cooper introduced to England the distillation methods of the French and Italians. The book contains an impressive collection of recipes to prepare waters and cordials.

The Art of Making Whiskey and Gin, A. Boucherie, 1919

How to make a better and purer whiskey and how to convert it to gin following the methods used in Holland distilleries.

A Compleat Body of Distilling, G. Smith, 2nd. ed., 1766

Many recipes on water and cordials are already contained in the book by Cooper, but it is interesting to compare and try different versions of the same recipe.

Fermented Liquors, L. Feuchtwangher, 1858

Particularly interesting for its many recipes: rum, brandy, rac, cognac, absinthe, curacao, maraschino, anisette, Parfait d’amour, cherry-bounce, raspberry, Roman punch, etc.

The Practical Distiller, S. McHarry, 1809

This is the second book on distilling written in America, focusing on domestic methods: foreign books were "so at variance with our habits”. For some, McHarry is the precursor of Bourbon (proposed the use of 1/3 to full corn) and of Tennessee whiskey (proposed maple charcoal filtering). This book is a clear introduction to making whiskey, gin, brandy and many other spirits, from rye, corn, buck-wheat, apples, peaches, potatoes, pumpions and turnips.

The Distiller, H. Hall, 2nd. ed., 1818

Directions for mashing and distilling all kinds of grain. Recipes for French brandy, Holland gin, Irish whiskey, cordials. Interesting treatment of the American and Scottish stills used at the beginning of the XVII century.

The Distiller's Guide, P. Jonas, 3rd ed., 1818

Many recipes for rum, brandy, gin, cordials and spirituous waters.

The Independent Liquorist, L. Monzert, 1866

The art of making all kinds of liquors. Brandy: domestic, blackberry, raspberry, cherry, currant, Grunewald, lemon, peach, shrub, spice. Cordials: anisette, Hollands, anise-seed, caraway, peppermint, raspial, Russian, Spanish, Swiss, Welsh, etc. Liquors: absinthe, curacao, imperial nectar, maraschino. Punches: arrack, empire city, kirshwasser, California, Eldorado, St. Domingo Wedding, etc.

Practical Distiller, L. Monzert, 1889

No other book contains so many drawings and explanations of the distilling process. According to some, should one go to an island, this and the previous book by Monzert are the ones to carry.

A Treatise on the Manufacture & Distillation of Alcoholic Liquors, M. M. Duplais, 1871

Inexhaustible well of secrets for making liquors. All the details on fermentation, maceration, distillation, aging, alcoholometry. Distillation of alcohol from grain, rice, potatoes, sugar-cane, figs, etc. Brandies: Armagnac, Saintonge, Kirsch, cognac brandy. Rum. Gin. Absinthe: white, Portarlier, Montpellier, Lyons, Fougerolles, Besancon, Nimes. Liquors: Anisette de Paris, de Lyon, au d’ Angelique, cent-sept-ans, curacao blanc, surfin, Hollande, fleurs d’oranger, framboises, mint, eau de Noyaux, parfait amour, rum punch, liqueurs du Mezenc, maraschino, crème of Moka, menthe, elixir de Cagliostro, liqueur Flamande, etc. Hundreds of recipes.

A Treatise on the Manufacture of Liquors, E. Eichler, 1884

This German distiller discloses a large number of German, French and American recipes. All the recipes for brandies and gins, and many whiskies: Bourbon, Cabinet, improved corn, Irish, Monongabela, Nordhausen, Old rye, Scotch, Toddy.

The Complete Grocer - Valuable Receipts for Brandy, Rum, Gin & Cordial of All Kinds, Anonymous, 1832

Brewer – The Classic Books

The Complete Practical Brewer, M. L. Byrn, 1860

The Scotch and English systems of brewing. Recipes for many beers: root beer, ginger pop, mead, spruce beer, porter, Burton ale,Windsor ale, Welsh ale, Reading ale, Wirtemberg, Hock, Dorcester ale.

A Treatise on Brewing, A. Morrice, 2nd. ed., 1802

After explaining the process of brewing, this English brewer gives us detailed recipes to make London porter, brown stout, reading beer, amber, hock, London ale, Windsor ale, Welch, Wirtemberg, scurvy grass, table beer. The many practical examples will help anyone to get started in the art of brewing.

The Compleat Brewer, Anonymous, 1760

Interesting to compare this intuitive account of brewing with Combrune’s contemporaneous book, that applies quantitative methods. Additionally, we get an account of how a brewery was built in 1760.

Every Man His Own Brewer, Anonymous, 1767

The most approved methods of brewing London porter and ale, amber, burton, Western and oat ales, good table beer, Marlborough, Dorchester, Nottingham and Bristol beer.

Every Man his Own Brewer, S. Child, 10th ed., 1802

A brief book with the methods to brew London porter, ale, two-penny and table beer. It was very famous in its time, and consequently had many editions.

A Theoretical & Practical Treatise on Malting & Brewing, G. A. Wigney, 2nd ed., 1835

This brewer from Sussex, based on the science available in his times, explains with many tables and cause and effect propositions, the processes of malting and brewing, and give us a detailed account of how to make porter and table beer. Stimulating reading.

An Essay on Brewing, M. Combrune, 1758

The Theory & Practice of Brewing, M. Combrune, 1804

Combrune changed the practice of brewing for ever, with his systematic use of temperature to guide the brewing process. Thomas Jefferson considered this book the most valuable of his library on brewing.

The Art of Brewing, D. Booth, 2nd. ed., 1834

The London & Country Brewer, Anonymous, 5th. ed., 1744

The methods of British brewing with many examples of country and private ways of brewing. Recipes for stout, butt-beer or porter, pale and brown ales, Dorchester beer, Shropshire drink and West India liquor, Elderberry beer, China ale, Devonshire white ale, scurvy grass ale and ship beer. Fascinating!

The Complete English Brewer, G. Watkins, 1773

The Town & Country Brewery Book, W. Brande, 1829

The English system of brewing and its regional variations: Household beer, Norfolk way, Bristol ale and beer, Rochester, Bridgewater, Elminster, Edingburgh oat ale,Yorkshire oat ale, Nottingham sparkling ale, Dorchester, Welch/Burton ale, Intire Guile small beer, Stour butt, dark nutt-brown or sticht, draught porter, Devonshire white, table, two-penny, table beer, white and brown spruce beer, treacle beer.

A Practical Treatise on Brewing, W. Black, 3rd ed. 1866

Distinctive in this work is the neat organization of the matter, which has benefited from Graham, a chemistry professor at London University. This book should be perhaps a first reading for starters in brewing.

The Scottish Ale-Brewer & Practical Malster, W. H. Roberts, 3rd. ed., 1847

Brewing, mashing and malting the Scottish way. It analizes 70 Scotch and 40 Indian beers or India pale ale. The original Scotch technique of sparking is included.

.Brewing & Distillation, T. Thomson, 1869

The complete English and Scotch methods of brewing ales. The specific methods to brew the porters of the English shires and of Scotland and Ireland.

The Brewer - A Familiar Treatise on the Art of Brewing, Anonymous, 1856

The Private Brewer's Guide to the Art of Brewing Ale & Porter, J. Tuck, 1822

The Theory & Practice of Brewing, W. L. Tizard, 2nd. ed., 1846

The Epochal Books

A Treatise on the Application & Use of The Saccharometer, J. Richardson, 1784

A Treatise on the Brewing of Beer, E. Hughes, 1796

Remarks & Experiments on Different Parts of the Process of Brewing, Anonymous, 1807

The Theory & Practice of Brewing from Malted & Unmalted Corn & Potatos, J. Ham, 1829

Practical Treatise on Brewing, W. Chadwick, 1835

The Art of Brewing & Fermenting & the Making of Malt, J. Levesque, 2nd. ed., 1836

A Practical Treatise on Brewing, T. Hitchcock, 1842

Instructions for Brewing Porter & Stout, C. Clarkson, 1853

A Practical Treatise on Malting & Brewing, W. Ford, 1862

A Systematic Handbook of Practical Brewing, E. R. Southby, 2nd. ed., 1885

The Theory & Practice of Modern Brewing, F. Faulkner, 2nd. ed., 1888

A Text-Book of the Science of Brewing, E. R. Moritz & G. H. Morris, 1891

Laboratory Text Book for Brewers, L. Briant, 1898

The Principles & Practice of Brewing, W. J. Sykes & A. R. Ling, 1907

Brewing, A. C. Chapman, 1912

American Handy-Book of the Brewing, Malting & Auxiliary Trades, R. Wahl & M. Henius, 2nd Edition, 1902

An Elementary Dictionary for Distillers & Brewers, G. A. Wigney, 1838

Truths About Whisky, 4 Distilleries, 1879

Guide to the Analysis of Potable Spirits, S. A. Vasey, 1904


Nineteen Centuries of Drink in England, R. V. French, 2nd ed., circa 1900

Twenty Five Years of Brewing - History of American Beer, G. Ehrer, 1891

The Brewing Industry, J. L. Baker, 1905

A Study of the History of the Art of Brewing, J.A. Nettleton, 1883

History on Inebriating Liquors, S. Morewood, 1838

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The material sold herein is with the sole purpose of providing knowledge, and not to encourage distilling. Seller is not liable nor assumes

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Complete Distiller How To Make Alcohol Moonshine Whiskey Beer Still Plans Guides:

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