Congo Weapon - Ngombe, Doko, Poto - 19th Century For Sale

This is a 19th century weapon probably from the Ngombe tribe, but also possibly from the Doko or Poto peoples. Very fine detail on the blade and most of the brass detail remains with the X on the haft still complete, which is a lovely decorative detail.
The 'magic' bundle at the end of the handle is missing. I haven't tried to clean the blade, and there a small section of the edge with damage as seen in the images.
Bought as part of a lot from Wallis & Wallis sale house, Lewes, in the 1990s 61cm (24in)
stand not includedAny questions please contact me.
Thank you.
Weapon 520gm - Packaging 480gm - Total 1kg
Post is cheapest to UK, about £7, more to Europe approx. £17 (depending where), and about £28 to the US and Australasia. Please do not pay until I send you an invoice, actual postage will be charged, which relies on me knowing the parcel destination.Congo, Zaire, Dagger, Throwing knife, Mabo, Mangbetu, Ngbaka

Congo Weapon - Ngombe, Doko, Poto - 19th Century

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Congo Weapon - Ngombe, Doko, Poto - 19th Century: