Coolant Thermostat Plastic Febi For Bmw X3 X5 E46 E53 E60 E61 E63 11517789014

Coolant Thermostat Plastic Febi For Bmw X3 X5 E46 E53 E60 E61 E63 11517789014

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Coolant Thermostat Plastic Febi For Bmw X3 X5 E46 E53 E60 E61 E63 11517789014:

Fitment & Description
  • Item Name:Coolant Thermostat
  • Part Brand:FEBI BILSTEIN
  • OEM Numbers:11 51 7 787 052 / 11 51 7 787 113 / 11 51 7 789 014 / 11 51 7 805 811
  • Observe service information:
  • Weight [kg]: 0.235 kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • Opening Temperature [degree Celsius]: 88 (degrees Celsius)

Will this item fit your vehicle? Cross Reference And OE number list 51 7 787 052BMW11 51 7 787 113BMW11 51 7 789 014BMW11 51 7 805 811BORG & by BILSTEIN32648FIRST 354 776-291MAGNETI HAZELLQTH676KSWAG20 93 2648TOPRAN501 144TRISCAN8620 22488TRUCKTEC Fitment Brand Model Type Years CCM KW HP Engine Body BMW1 (E87)118 d11/2003 -
02/2007199590122M47 D20 (204D4)HatchbackBMW1 (E87)120 d03/2003 -
06/20111995120163N47 D20 C; N47 D20 A; M47 D20 (204D4)HatchbackBMW3 Compact (E46)318 td03/2003 -
02/2005199585115M47 D20 (204D4)HatchbackBMW3 Compact (E46)320 td09/2001 -
02/20051995110150M47 D20 (204D4)HatchbackBMW3 Compact (E46)320 td10/2001 -
12/20021951100136M47 D20 (204D1)HatchbackBMW3 Convertible (E46)320 Cd02/2005 -
12/20071995110150M47 D20 (204D4)ConvertibleBMW3 Convertible (E46)330 Cd08/2005 -
12/20072993150204M57 D30 (306D2)ConvertibleBMW3 Convertible (E93)325 d03/2007 -
12/20102993145197M57 D30 (306D3)ConvertibleBMW3 Convertible (E93)330 d03/2007 -
12/20132993170231M57 D30 (306D3)ConvertibleBMW3 Coupe (E46)320 Cd11/2003 -
07/20061995110150M47 D20 (204D4)CoupeBMW3 Coupe (E46)330 Cd03/2003 -
07/20062993150204M57 D30 (306D2)CoupeBMW3 Coupe (E92)325 d02/2007 -
02/20102993145197M57 D30 (306D3)CoupeBMW3 Coupe (E92)330 d03/2006 -
08/20082993170231M57 D30 (306D3)CoupeBMW3 Coupe (E92)330 xd03/2006 -
08/20082993170231M57 D30 (306D3)CoupeBMW3 Coupe (E92)335 d03/2006 -
03/20132993210286M57 D30 (306D5)CoupeBMW3 (E46)318 d03/2003 -
02/2005199585116M47 D20 (204D4)SedanBMW3 (E46)320 d09/2001 -
02/20051995110150M47 D20 (204D4)SedanBMW3 (E46)330 d03/2003 -
02/20052993150204M57 D30 (306D2)SedanBMW3 (E46)330 xd09/2002 -
12/20042993150204M57 D30 (306D2)SedanBMW3 (E90)318 d03/2005 -
08/2007199590122M47 D20 (204D4)SedanBMW3 (E90)320 d12/2004 -
09/20071995110150M47 D20 (204D4)SedanBMW3 (E90)320 d12/2004 -
09/20071995115156M47 D20 (204D4)SedanBMW3 (E90)325 d09/2006 -
02/20102993145197M57 D30 (306D3)SedanBMW3 (E90)330 d09/2005 -
12/20112993155211M57 D30 (306D3); N57 D30 ASedanBMW3 (E90)330 d09/2005 -
09/20082993170231M57 D30 (306D3)SedanBMW3 (E90)330 xd09/2005 -
08/20082993170231M57 D30 (306D3)SedanBMW3 (E90)335 d09/2006 -
12/20112993210286M57 D30 (306D5)SedanBMW3 Touring (E46)318 d03/2003 -
02/2005199585116M47 D20 (204D4)WagonBMW3 Touring (E46)320 d09/2001 -
02/20051995110150M47 D20 (204D4)WagonBMW3 Touring (E46)330 d03/2003 -
02/20052993150204M57 D30 (306D2)WagonBMW3 Touring (E46)330 xd08/2002 -
05/20052993150204M57 D30 (306D2)WagonBMW3 Touring (E91)318 d09/2005 -
08/2007199590122M47 D20 (204D4)WagonBMW3 Touring (E91)320 d12/2004 -
06/20121995120163M47 D20 (204D4); N47 D20 CWagonBMW3 Touring (E91)320 d12/2004 -
08/20071995110150M47 D20 (204D4)WagonBMW3 Touring (E91)325 d09/2006 -
06/20122993145197M57 D30 (306D3)WagonBMW3 Touring (E91)330 d12/2004 -
08/20082993170231M57 D30 (306D3)WagonBMW3 Touring (E91)330 xd09/2005 -
06/20122993170231M57 D30 (306D3)WagonBMW3 Touring (E91)335 d09/2006 -
06/20122993210286M57 D30 (306D5)WagonBMW5 (E60)520 d02/2005 -
02/20081995120163M47 D20 (204D4)SedanBMW5 (E60)520 d02/2005 -
02/20081995110150M47 D20 (204D4)SedanBMW5 (E60)525 d06/2004 -
03/20102497130177M57 D25 (256D2)SedanBMW5 (E60)525 d12/2004 -
03/20102497120163M57 D25 (256D1)SedanBMW5 (E60)525 d01/2007 -
03/20102993145197M57 D30 (306D3)SedanBMW5 (E60)525 d xDrive09/2007 -
12/20092993145197M57 D30 (306D3)SedanBMW5 (E60)525 xd11/2006 -
08/20072993145197M57 D30 (306D3)SedanBMW5 (E60)530 d09/2002 -
09/20052993160218M57 D30 (306D2)SedanBMW5 (E60)530 d04/2005 -
02/20072993170231M57 D30 (306D3)SedanBMW5 (E60)530 d02/2007 -
12/20092993173235M57 D30 (306D3)SedanBMW5 (E60)530 d xDrive09/2007 -
12/20092993173235M57 D30 (306D3)SedanBMW5 (E60)530 xd02/2005 -
02/20072993170231M57 D30 (306D3)SedanBMW5 (E60)530 xd03/2007 -
08/20072993173235M57 D30 (306D3)SedanBMW5 (E60)535 d09/2004 -
03/20102993200272M57 D30 (306D4)SedanBMW5 (E60)535 d01/2007 -
03/20102993210286M57 D30 (306D5)SedanBMW5 Touring (E61)520 d04/2005 -
02/20081995120163M47 D20 (204D4)WagonBMW5 Touring (E61)520 d04/2005 -
02/20081995110150M47 D20 (204D4)WagonBMW5 Touring (E61)525 d03/2004 -
03/20072497130177M57 D25 (256D2)WagonBMW5 Touring (E61)525 d03/2004 -
03/20072497120163M57 D25 (256D2)WagonBMW5 Touring (E61)525 d03/2007 -
05/20102993145197M57 D30 (306D3)WagonBMW5 Touring (E61)525 d xDrive09/2008 -
05/20102993145197M57 D30 (306D3)WagonBMW5 Touring (E61)525 xd09/2007 -
09/20082993145197M57 D30 (306D3)WagonBMW5 Touring (E61)530 d03/2004 -
09/20052993160218M57 D30 (306D2)WagonBMW5 Touring (E61)530 d02/2005 -
02/20072993170231M57 D30 (306D3)WagonBMW5 Touring (E61)530 d02/2007 -
05/20102993173235M57 D30 (306D3)WagonBMW5 Touring (E61)530 d03/2004 -
05/20102993155211M57 D30 (306D3); M57 D30 (306D2)WagonBMW5 Touring (E61)530 d xDrive09/2007 -
05/20102993173235M57 D30 (306D3)WagonBMW5 Touring (E61)530 xd02/2005 -
02/20072993170231M57 D30 (306D3)WagonBMW5 Touring (E61)530 xd01/2007 -
08/20072993173235M57 D30 (306D3)WagonBMW5 Touring (E61)535 d09/2004 -
12/20102993200272M57 D30 (306D4)WagonBMW5 Touring (E61)535 d01/2007 -
12/20102993210286M57 D30 (306D5)WagonBMW6 Convertible (E64)635 d07/2007 -
07/20102993210286M57 D30 (306D5)ConvertibleBMW6 (E63)635 d07/2007 -
07/20102993210286M57 D30 (306D5)CoupeBMW7 (E65, E66, E67)730 d06/2002 -
02/20052993160218M57 D30 (306D2)SedanBMW7 (E65, E66, E67)730 d06/2002 -
02/20052993160218M57 D30 (306D2)SedanBMW7 (E65, E66, E67)730 d06/2002 -
02/20052993160218M57 D30 (306D2)SedanBMW7 (E65, E66, E67)730 Ld07/2005 -
08/20082993170231M57 D30 (306D3)SedanBMW7 (E65, E66, E67)730 Ld07/2005 -
08/20082993170231M57 D30 (306D3)SedanBMW7 (E65, E66, E67)730 Ld07/2005 -
08/20082993170231M57 D30 (306D3)SedanBMWX3 (E83)2.0 d11/2003 -
08/20071995110150M47 D20 (204D4)SUVBMWX3 (E83)3.0 d09/2005 -
08/20082993155211M57 D30 (306D3)SUVBMWX3 (E83)3.0 d01/2004 -
08/20052993150204M57 D30 (306D2)SUVBMWX3 (E83)3.0 d09/2005 -
08/20082993160218M57 D30 (306D3)SUVBMWX3 (E83)3.0 sd09/2006 -
08/20082993210286M57 D30 (306D5)SUVBMWX3 (E83)xDrive 30 d09/2008 -
08/20102993155211M57 D30 (306D3)SUVBMWX3 (E83)xDrive 30 d09/2008 -
08/20102993160218M57 D30 (306D3)SUVBMWX5 (E53)3.0 d12/2003 -
12/20062993160218M57 D30 (306D2)SUVBMWX5 (E53)3.0 d09/2003 -
12/20062993155211M57 D30 (306D2)SUVBMWX5 (E70)3.0 d02/2007 -
09/20082993173235M57 D30 (306D3)SUVBMWX5 (E70)3.0 sd10/2007 -
03/20102993210286M57 D30 (306D5)SUV SHIPPING INFORMATION
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Coolant Thermostat Plastic Febi For Bmw X3 X5 E46 E53 E60 E61 E63 11517789014:

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