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Hello. Up for sale we have a easy to use corn cleaner / screener with VACUUM assist.Here is acleaner that will clean your corn in seconds..without spilling cornand fines all over! Fines go into the black bucket as seen in picture, while cleaned corn comes out into the white bucket! The vacuum pulls the fines and dust through the corn and screen for the cleanest corn possible. IF you don't need the fine dust out, just use it without the vacuum. I don't show the vacuum attachment in the picture, because I have been copied before, as you can tell. The best place for it is NOT out the front or the back, this one pulls it down through the corn. I GUARANTEE IT, OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

If you areserious about burning corn, thiscleaner is what you need for clean burning efficiency. Light weight and easy to use, simply pour your corn in theLARGE hopperat top, large cobs and stalkswill be caught by first screen. Fines will drop out at bottom. Using this corn screener will reduce the amount of fines in the fire pot which will reduce maintenance and cleaning of your stove! Buckets are not included.This Cleaner Measures 7"x 18"x 21"and stands about 36"when placed on bucket.Longer ScreenIs Better!

We also make cleaners for cleaning WHEAT or OATS, they have different sized screens (2 on top), so they can't be used for corn, give me a call, They are $39.95, plus shipping.

We Are The Manufacturer, Most Orders Shipped Same Working Day!

As you can see from the picture, it WORKS.. and no SPILLAGE!! The biggest secret in these cleaners is how much screen the corn goes over, this corn runs over two full 16" of screen!!

This will also clean wood pellets, you canremove the top screen, for cleaning wood pellets or corn that has no large stalks or cob in it.

I have owned a corn stove for since 1985, and worked at a grain elevator from 1979 to present, andI can say from experience that this will be the best money you will ever spend. Plus I found that you can use the fines for deer orbird feed!!!

This Cleaner will work almost forever, (my first one lasted 12 years till I backed over it with the truck) and would have easily outlasted my 1st stove! The only thing to wear out is the screen, which I will replace free of charge for the life of the cleaner! The rest of the cleaner is built with construction grade material.

I will send you a NEW CLEANER if it ever wears out or falls apart. My Name and Phone are on the side of the unit. And I Guarantee IT!!

If This Cleaner Doesn't Work TO YOU'RESATISFACTION. I will refund your money Plus Ground Shipping. So it will cost you NOTHING!!


Dealer inquiries welcome, I have dealers that include a cleaner with the purchase of a stove, it works wonders!! Questions please email or call me at (eve or wknd) 608 341 8572 or days at 1-800-362-4489 and ask for Ky.

I only accept paypal. Call if you want to use a M.O. or Cert Check. Items will be shipped via UPS or Spee-dee Delivery in the Upper Midwest. Orders by Noon are usually shipped the same day. International offers are welcome but shipping cost will need to be calculated. We ship on monday through friday!!

OTHERS MAYLOOK LIKE IT,,,,BUT NONE WORK LIKE IT!! Here's a hint, If you can see straight down through the cleaner, It's not gonna do the job!!

PLEASE! Check out my response...then check theother guys response!Buy with Confidence!!! Cleaners are the only thing I sell! Click on the number next to my ID to check allthe response.noxnox1(418)

response From / Price Date / Time It Seems to be working Great ... Since we had it No Stove Jams ! Thanks 5 star Buyer: nybadhabit ( 4346) Nov-08-09 15:50 Corn Cleaner for Stove, Burner, Grain Screener / Sifter (#280399935922) US $29.95 View Item great item and all corn stove owner's need this item Buyer: loneranger041 ( 56) Nov-08-09 14:14 Corn Cleaner for Stove, Burner, Grain Screener / Sifter (#280399935922) US $29.95 View Item Finally used it, husband impressed. Takes no time at all, works well.Fast ship. Buyer: wonmoretime ( 392) Nov-07-09 13:06 Corn Cleaner for Stove, Burner, Grain Screener / Sifter (#280399935922) US $29.95 View Item Nice great!! Got to say you should be charging more!!! Buyer: bushvideo ( 821) Nov-07-09 08:27 Corn Cleaner for Stove, Burner, Grain Screener / Sifter (#280399935922) US $29.95 View Item simple design yet effective, pleased with product, great er-THANKS! Buyer: gopherfan_3 ( 2 ) Nov-07-09 07:54 Corn Cleaner for Stove, Burner, Grain Screener / Sifter (#280399935922) US $29.95 View Item

If you're looking for an easy product to sift whole corn, buy here. Thanks Buyer: lfwothe(39) Jan-03-0805:58 280061274187 Great ship'g...stove fill now takes me 5 min...I love it! Thank you! Buyer: cin701(610) Dec-31-0704:38 280063854735


Buyer bigchet1( 744)
Nov-08-07 21:05

WOW! Awesome! Super fast delivery. Great product! Thanks so much! :)

Buyer kristin44774( 163)
Oct-17-07 09:21

Follow-up by kristin44774: The corn sifter works incredible! It is amazing, saves clean up..Would recommend
Oct-26-07 11:01 Great product Now I have Clean corn Check this one out before you buy a more $$1

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Aug-02-07 18:42

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Dear noxnox1,Ky,
Received the corn cleaner today! Thank you VERY much. It is a GREAT product. I don't think that you can appreciate just how dirty my corn was - from a single 5 gallon pail, I filled a second 5 gallon pail 1/3 of the way up with heavy fines alone (picked a bad time to buy from the elevator!) I went into town yesterday and ran two bushels through the Sure-Kleen machine at the dealers where I bought my stove. Then I ran a bushel through yours today for comparison. Yours was cleaner! You aren't charging enough. Thanks again.
Mike - mjsjr1 Want to reply?

has sent a question about item #280399935922, ending on Oct-20-09 15:20:21 PDT
Corn Cleaner for Stove, Burner, Grain Screener / SifterDear noxnox1,I wish I would have found this before the one I purchased!!! I am guessing I got the one that took your idea and made one. My vac connects to the front of the box! I have a good sized craftsman shop vac and it will stop the corn from even flowing down! Can I buy some knowledge from you to fix this thing?? If I can't make it work I will have to buy a another one but I hate to throw this thing in the trash if all it is, is that the vac is connecting in the wrong - eric$heatherClick "respond" to reply through Messages, or go to your email to

Thanks and Have a Great Day!! Ky

Corn Cleaner For Stove, Burner, Grain Screener / Sifter

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