Custom Amusement Hellevator Ride Prop Simulator - Halloween - Haunted House

Custom Amusement Hellevator Ride Prop Simulator - Halloween - Haunted House

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Custom Amusement Hellevator Ride Prop Simulator - Halloween - Haunted House:

This is an elevator simulator that rides on air bags that gives patrons the feeling that they are in a real mineshaft elevator and all hell breaks loose. It can be programmed to do a 20 second or up to a 5 min show or longer. This was used and custom built for the only official licensed "My bloody Valentine" Haunted House that we did in conjunction with Lions Gate Films. Patrons would get on the elevator once they entered Tunnel 5 and it would seem like they were going down into the mine. The seem to malfunction on the way down with fog blasting, air blasting, loud sounds, severe movement and one final drop before it would hit the bottom. Patrons are then let out the back door where Harry Warden is waiting for them. (We can provide certification that this was used in this official haunted house).

The Hellevator Simulator features:

-Fright Props Ride Platform with Sway Bars Added

-Edge Designs & Themed Decor Elevator Car

-Custom Upgrades From Johnson Animatronics

This piece could be used as a stand alone ride that you could charge for or this could be a piece that you could incorporate into your haunted attraction. We have steel up ramps and down ramps for it. Those are valued at $1500 alone. If you were to rebuild this piece you would be looking at over $14,000.00.

It has an amusement park quality ride control box to house all of the controls.

The interior buttons in the elevator car are amusement quality as well. The button panel alone was over $300.00.

You can customize the programming to do whatever you want and to activate as long as you want.

The control also has an attract function whereas the elevator car can have music playing and lights flickering while the car is waiting to be activated.

The controller has built in relays so if you want to add additional light functions.

Unlike most of these hellevator's the ride car frame work is all steel construction along with the hardware of working of the elevator doors.

This is built with all of the best of the best in parts (High end Mac valves, High end air bags, Strong gauge steel etc).

There are 2 doors on the elevator car (A Front Door and Back Door) So you wont have to worry about coming up with some in depth room thaat changes its look when the elevator stops. Having and front door and back door system is the only way to go for through put with these types of attraction/s. The single door system is nearly worthless.

The elevator breaks down into sections for easy storing and transporting. Should be able to fit in the back of a large pickup truck if packed properly.

One would have to supply their own speakers and just wire into the controller output.

This Helevator has only been used (1) season (approximately 19 nights) After is was used is when the Animatronics company went through the entire piece.

Buyer is responsible for all shipping and crating costs.

There is a $500.00 Deposit due within 48 hours of close of sale. Remaining balance must be paid with certified check, wire transfer, regular check (all checks need to clear prior to the unit leaving our warehouse). We will assist with loading if it needs to be crated we can do that also for a fee.

On Mar-03-13 at 21:04:27 PST, seller added the following information:

I recently uploaded some videos of the hellevator at the following web Mar-05-13 at 17:27:29 PST, seller added the following information:

I forgot to addthat forthose that have concerns about fire sprinkler codes, when we had this hellevator custom built we made sure to have the ceiling designed water permeable. So in the event of a fire the roof would not obstruct any exisiting sprinkler coverage.

We also forgot to mention that the Hellevator was built with interior door locking mechanisms that can be unlocked from the inside or outside for safety reasons. Unlike most Hellevators that were $20,000 + dollars that only had a standard gate latch inside of it which would prevent access from anyone on the outside (not making it nearly as safe- its a very cool safety system that we came up with)

In addition as of two days ago, we had the animatronics company go through and label all of the cords and wall sections so the new buyer can easily put this together. They also went through and tested all of the components and ran it through a least a dozen test cycles. So literally 2 days ago we just spent another $250.00 on this Hellevator. We like to triple check and make sure all is well with our equipment and that our buyers will be very satisfied with their purchase.

On Mar-06-13 at 22:43:05 PST, seller added the following information:

Just received a questions regarding the ramps. They are diamond plate so that customers are able to get a good grip.

Custom Amusement Hellevator Ride Prop Simulator - Halloween - Haunted House:

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