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March 25th, 2015
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March 26th, 2015
Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day

March 29th, 2015
Palm Sunday



Custom Made Battery Eliminator For Battery Tube Radios For Sale

Custom Made Battery Eliminator For Battery Tube Radios

Up for sale are any of my custom made Battery Eliminators for battery operated tube radios.

I can custom make, to your specs any number of configurations of battery eliminators for your battery operated tube radio. I have made 90vdc / 1-1/2 vdc eliminators for Farm Sets. I can make a number of configurations including the 45/45/ 1-1/2 volt. The 90 volt only. The 67 1/2 volt. The 32 volt in AC or DC for your application as well as the 6 volt DC. I can make an "A", "B", "C" output converter as well. This one features an "A" output of adjustable voltages from 1 vdc to6 vdc, a "B" output of the following voltages: 22, 45, 67, 90, and 135vdc-- and a "C" output of adjustable voltages of 0 vdc -22 vdc.These are a little more expensive,beginning at 95.00including shipping (+ options add cost as well) please contact me for your exact needs and cost on these items.

These are standard plug in to 110 volt AC current and are self contained for DC output for your radios. I have many styles and configurations and can custom make them for you as well. The connections range from brass and brass/bakelite NOS antique binding posts to new metal/plastic binding posts to 2-3-4 prong quick connect clips to NOS brass Fahnestock clips. I am working on a receiver to accept the stock battery (push in style) male post from old tube radios (the 4 post male output battery hookup as well as the (2) 3 post tandem 45 volt set ups). Please stay tuned for that one.

The posted Buy-It-Now price is forthe"standard" ABS box Farm Set Eliminator (90 vdc and 1 1/2 vdc) for 85.00including shipping (US only), "deluxe" eliminators are slightly higher. Email me for the particulars on the difference between the two. Non-US countries will be charged a small shipping surcharge, but no really that much. Email me for shipping particulars.

I can make them with wooden cases, even some old style battery covers.

The "standard" eliminators areplug and play and carry my standard warranty on parts and labor. The 9 volt battery in the pictures is for reference on size only and really has nothing to do with the eliminator. The actual size of the Farm Set eliminator is 6 inches long x 3 inches wide x 2 inches high. Small enough to fit in virtually any battery powered radio. The "deluxe" version has more features and is slightly higher in price.

I just added a picture ofa battery eliminator that I finished for a client. It is a custom job and if you look closely it hasdual on/off switches, one for the 90vdc side and one for the 11/2vdcside.It also features areceiver plug for the originalfarm battery plug for hisZenith radio. This plug is universal for the Farm Sets that run off of one battery. I wired it up to work exactly as the original battery and also like the early battery eliminators, like the Silvertone, ToneMaster and others.It works great. Just a little look at the many options on hook ups for your Battery powered Radio. This custom feature ran an extra 15 dollars due in part to the extra parts and about three solidhours of extra labor involved. It is actually the same size as theeliminator pictured with the 4 knurled brass/nickel binding posts on the side. Size is listedabove.

emailmessage me through the email system and we can discuss any of the custom eliminators that I can make for you. Each custom made eliminator takes from 4 to 6 weeks for delivery after the funds are available.

Thanks for looking.

Custom Made Battery Eliminator For Battery Tube Radios

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Custom Made Battery Eliminator For Battery Tube Radios:

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