Daredevil 1 Cgc 7.5 Very Fine - 1st Appearance Of Daredevil Off White Pages

Daredevil 1 Cgc 7.5  Very Fine -   1st Appearance Of Daredevil   Off White Pages

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Daredevil 1 Cgc 7.5 Very Fine - 1st Appearance Of Daredevil Off White Pages:

First off, please excuse the pictures as my scanner is broken. I had to take pics with my ipad. Luckily I had a scan I saved from the site where I bought the book a while back.
Up for sale we have Daredevil 1 from the Silver Age. It has been graded 7.5 or Very Fine Minus by CGC. It has off white pages and looks quite nice, some copies have a real dingy look. This is a very important and historic comic as it features the very first appearance of Daredevil and the very first time his origin is told. The cover is nice and creamy and presents very well. The difference in the pictures is the light I am taking the pictures in. I will try to get some more scans up in a few days. The CGC case is nice and has no cracks. I consider this to be one of the most under valued books from the Silver Age. Daredevil did appear a little later in 1964, so there a few more copies available than some of the early Marvel first appearances. However, most key first appearances from the Silver Age have sky rocketed out of reach, at least the ones that are in what I would call nice collectable grade. I have owned most and they just kept going up to the point I just had to start selling. I have a real love for comic collecting but I have to remember why I got into this in the first place.
I will be listing more as I have been slowly but steadily listing books over the last couple of years. I will try to get some more up in a week. If there is a title or character you are interested in please let me know. I always collected the rare and unusual and most definitely the key appearances, cross overs, super hero battles, any semi key pedigree, and just about anything that was interesting. I have some Golden Age left but mostly Silver Age left. I am going to list what some call the real first appearance of a super hero not just for Marvel, but the first appearance of super heroes in the Silver Age. It contains three or four origins of very key Marvel Super Heroes. I will keep it for a surprise. Keep a look out next week.
Shipping for this book will be free. I will take care of the shipping and insurance charges myself. Your winning offer is what you pay. I have sold many way bigger books, Tales to Astonish 27 CGC 8.0, Showcase 22 CGC 6.5, X-men 1 CGC 8.0, Showcase 17 CGC 7.5 among others, on and other sale house sites so rest assured this is a no risk to buyer item. The only complaint I ever get is the length of time it sometimes takes me to get a book out for shipping. That is why I have a four business day handling time on most sales but on this sale I will get it out with in 3 days I work up to 80 hours a week some weeks and it is very hard for me to get to the post office or anywhere for that matter. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I am more than happy to answer any and all questions. I hate to let her go before the inevitable soaring in price that all Marvel superhero first appearances have had. It is seeing some nice prices realized as of late with a 6.5 that recently sold for $2,000 and an 8.0 that recently sold for over $3,000. I think this is just the beginning for the Daredevil which makes my starting price quite a bargain if that can be said about a comic that costs thousands of dollars. Good luck and thanks for your interest. I will start another huge first appearance comic next Sunday night so be sure to check back. Some say that the issue that I will be listing next sunday, is not only the first true Marvel superhero appearance of the Silver Age but really and truly it is first superhero appearance of the entire Silver Age. It actually features the first appearances and origins of multiple superheroes in the Silver Age. Very few copies are ever seen and I think my is second or third best graded. Thanks again for looking.

Daredevil 1 Cgc 7.5 Very Fine - 1st Appearance Of Daredevil Off White Pages:

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