Demoniac Vhs (wizard Video Big Box) 1985 Rare Horror

Demoniac Vhs (wizard Video Big Box) 1985 Rare Horror

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Demoniac Vhs (wizard Video Big Box) 1985 Rare Horror:



Wizard Video big box


box uncut with all flaps and tabs intact, very nice shape (see pics).

cat# 064

color 87 min.

original release from Paris, the former priest Mathis Vogel writes pornography for a magazine. When the deranged priest watches an erotic show based on a Black Mass, he believes that the cast and audience are possessed and he goes on a murder spree to exorcise the demons of his victims.Written byClaudio Carvalho

User ReviewsWhy can't he just finish his movies?29 November 2001 | byAS-69(Germany) –See all my reviews

There are reportedly at least three very different versions of "Exorcism" around. I am reporting here on Eurocine's original version as recently released by Anchor Bay.Jess Franco surely is a gifted director. Although most of the few movies I know from his immense production are below average, they often include some ingenious scenes and a good soundtrack which largely saves the movie. Nevertheless, I start to get disappointed when the movie does not develop its potential because the director just didn't take the pain to think a little about constructing some tension and a climax.This applies, e.g., to "Female Vampire" and to "Exorcism". The first part of the movie brings us to a strange world. People are visiting phony black masses featuring the slaughter of a pidgeon and sadomasochistic rituals in order to get sexually aroused. Jess Franco plays an ex-priest who writes S/M-stories for a magazine "based on true experience" stating that "you have to know evil in order to fight it". He is attracted to the lesbian S/M-performer Anna and on the other hand pursues the participators of the black masses with bloody and deadly exocirsm rituals. There are nice interiors which were shot in a beautifully decorated "day time hotel" near Paris.Unfortunately, after having introduced all this material, the movie gets completly stuck. Instead of developing, e.g., the character of the priest, his madness (as he did for example in "Jack the Ripper"), Franco just repeats the shots of black masses and exorcism over and over again or fills the movie with extended sex scenes. This leads utterly to boredom and the ending lacks any interest to justify the waiting.As usual, Franco has trouble to keep his camera in focus and the editing is crude. Take for instance the ending. Franco brings Anna to his castle outside of Paris. Then, Anna phones somehow her friend to tell her that she is alright. A few seconds later, we see Franco back in his Paris appartment and then driving back to the castle (so that his pursuers have the chance to follow him). Although the timing might be possible, I found this unnecessarily confusing.

So the movie is just another unfulfilled promise by the director. It is without technical merits and doesn't deserve much attention. Check my other listings for more rare videos***

From My personal collection. In the next few weeks I will be listing dozens of rare horror big boxes, clamshells, small boxes and video lots. Ive accumulated way to many horror vhs over the last ten or twelve years so its time to purge some of them. Ive been collecting vhs and betamax horror/sci-fi and exploitation for some time and Ive decided to keep the betamax videos (although not worth nearly what the vhs videos are).Most of whatI have on beta that is also on vhs in my colection Im gonna unload. This account for dozens of rare horror/sci-fi and expoitations videos. This allow me to expand my already huge "video collection" because I dont figure I need the same title on vhs as I have on beta. Although I dont like to mix vhs and beta in my collection I need the space that my beta horror collection is currently taking up.

Please note as most collectors know that most of these videos are former rentals and in most cases 25+ years old so your not offerding on "new" videos. Most of them have been purchased from independent video store closings in the last 10 to 12 years, private collectors, flea-markets and of course on . Also will sell some vhs lots in 6,8 or 10 quantity lots. Most of them will be small boxes but is a good chance to get some cool videos at a great price. Shipping discounts on the multiple lots may not apply in that case cause as most of my buyers know I only charge 3.00 shipping no matter how many tapes are in the lot. Multiple wins on 6,8 or 10 video lots will eat up all of the shipping belive me cause of the weight.

On single big boxes, clamshells or smallboxes the discount is 3.00 for the first and 1.00 each additional.

Please note: All videos sold especially big boxes and clamshells will be pakaged properly in a box. All big boxes come with a clear plastic protecor sleeve to protect the big box video then wrapped in bubblewrap or tissue paper and packaged in a carton or box (not in a bubble mailer or envelope) and secured properly for shipment. In some cases I do use bubble mailers on single smallbox videos but they are wrapped properly for shipment also. The packaging is the most important part of the checkout and it will be done correctly.

Note: free shrinkwrapping available upon request!!!

Thanks to all my buyers, alot of them are ers Ive bought videos from in the past and Ive had some great expeiences dealing with them in the past.

Demoniac Vhs (wizard Video Big Box) 1985 Rare Horror:

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