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ProFloss Dental Waterjet

No electricity required and no batteries to purchase or recharge. Water powered.

Plus ProFloss® Dental Waterjet is the only oral irrigator that takes up no countertop

space because you “quick-connect” it to your faucet only when needed

and there’s no reservoir to fill so you’re ready to use

anytime by simply turning on the water.

The aerator has both internal and external threads so it fits most faucets with 15/16" female faucet threads OR 55/64" male faucet threads.

Why Would I Need an Oral Irrigator?

Despite good brushing and flossing habits, food particles and bacteria (plaque)

can accumulate in pockets below the gum line and around dental

work such as braces, bridges, implants and crowns.

This is what your hygienist spends time scraping away during your regular checkup.

Your dentist knows that if left untreated, this accumulation of plaque

will lead to gingivitis (inflammation, excessive bleeding and bone loss).

Regular use of ProFloss® Dental Waterjet will help improve your dental hygiene.

Increasing frequency of use of an oral irrigator willfreshen breath by removing debris

and bacteria left behind by brushing and flossing ... while massagingyour gums.

ProFloss® Dental Waterjet's steady stream of waterremoves debris and plaque around

braces, between teeth and below the gumline where traditional

brushing and flossing can't reach.

Oral irrigators have been proven to be an effective tool for those with braces, bridges,

crowns and implants and those with gingivitis and peridontal disease.

The ProFloss® Brand oral irrigator iseasy to use

makingit ideal for children and adults with braces!

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Know your options ...

Cordless Oral Irrigators typically store on your countertop, need to be filled from faucet -- often more than once per use and require frequent recharging.

Countertop Oral Irrigators with their bulky base of multiple attachments and reservoirtake up preciousspace, need to be filledfrom faucet before use and permanent cord can limit placement on the countertop.

ProFloss® Dental Waterjet is ready to usebecause there is no reservoir tofill or battery to recharge, requires no electricityand storesout of sight in its zipper pouch when not in use.

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