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Digital Infrared Laser Cooking Thermometer Probe Food Glass Oven Kiln Pyrometer For Sale

Digital Infrared Laser Cooking Thermometer Probe Food Glass Oven Kiln Pyrometer

Store Item Description

Extreme Dual Sensor Digital Infrared Thermometer Probe

This is one of the newest, most advanced professional infrared thermometer probes legally available for sale in Australia. It is packed with more features and functions than many others available today!

Special Features:[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
The Powerful Emissivity / Temperature Calibration is an Extremely expensive and important feature! This feature normally costs over $500 in industrial devices. It allows you to manually calibrate the thermometer by adjusting the emissivity values. It is extremely important because different materials emit radiation at different levels, for example, If water and aluminium foil are heated to the same temperature, most non-calibrated thermometers would still say the aluminium foil is many times colder than the water. That vast error would be due to the different emissitivty value of each material, and this is why emissivity calibration makes this thermometer vastly superior in accuracy to its competition. (details/instructions below).

The Infrared (IR) sensor on this device is long 'unlimited^' range and contact free, allowing you to continuously measure surface temperatures of places you would not normally touch with your bare hands or with a thermometer, and you can do so from at a safe distance. This also saves you a lot of time and hassle of repeated cleaning since you don't touch the surface you are measuring. The Infrared sensor works like a super sensitive camera, measuring the infrared wavelengths of light that are being emitted by an object.

The Thermocouple (TC) sensor is short range spot contact sensor and generally takes the maximum temperature of whatever it is in direct physical contact with (any solid, liquid or gas it touches), it measures the temperature of the object it is in through the simple transfer of heat from the environment it is in, to the microscopic Peltier Junction at the tip (which detects temperature based on the Peltier–Seebeck effect). By relying on physical contact, this probe is not affected by transparency, interference or reflection problems that affect the other infrared sensor, making it an excellent companion in this device.

The -30˚ C to 550˚ C Temperature scan range on this device allows you to measure temperatures from a freezing -30 Degrees Celsius (-22° F) all the way to a scorching 550 Degrees Celsius (1022° F) that normally only expensive industrial IR thermometers can reach, others usually only go up to 340 degrees.

Adjustable High and Low Temperature flashing alerts and Minimum, Maximum, and Average temperatures can be displayed at the touch of button as you scan various objects, so you will know if your set temperature has been breached; you don't have to constantly watch the numbers.

The Large Clear Illuminated LCD display comes with a soft blue white backlight that is not distractingly blinding as others on the market.

Why buy from us? Our thermometers are legal and cleared for sale here. Laser pointers are RESTRICTED imports into Australia, so many other Laser devices made overseas are illegal to sell in Australia without a license, and all controlled weapons like guns and lasers can get confiscated or severely delayed at customs for laser and weapons inspection; it will be your loss! Many overseas sellers realise this and desperately drop their prices to lure you in; they also take advantage of the 'customs immunity from ' to remove any of your negative response comments so they can deceive buyers further. The thermometers we sell are cleared by Australian Customs for sale here. Other sellers thermometers may lie / fake / boast about higher powered lasers, or have two lasers, or don't label them properly, and may result in confiscation or fines. Why risk your time and money and get yourself in trouble? Our thermometers also come with Australian Warranty; so if you need our help, you will be far better off when you buy from us here.

In depth description and details
[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
This is an Extreme version of the Infrared Thermometers we sell. It is extreme because It has many various special features that place it above other thermometers on the market.
[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
1. This thermometer has a vast temperature scanning range of : -30 C to 550˚ C

2. This thermometer can be manually calibrated by adjusting the emissivity levels. Objects radiate heat at different levels; this usually fools most other thermometers. But not this thermometer! To get an accurate reading, the thermometer lets you adjust the emissivity readings to match the profile of the material or object it is measuring. For instructions, see the 'How to use' section below. Adjusting emissivity is important to get an accurate reading. This thermometer is suited to people working with different exotic materials, metal objects or liquids, since the emissivity can be calibrated to match these vastly different thermal profiles of such different materials. Other thermometers you find on usually cannot do this and they will give you a vastly incorrect result. most other thermometers usually have very limited or no calibration capability at all, and if they do, may only be adjusted between 5 or 6 emissivity steps, but this thermometer can go the full 90 interval steps from 0.10 to 1.00 that only expensive professional industrial thermometers can!
Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
3. This thermometer's non contact Infrared (IR) sensor can discreetly and safely measure the surface temperatures of hot, hazardous, sensitive or hard to reach objects with almost no hassle. It is basically a highly sensitive camera that can see in the deep infrared radiation wavelengths that we know of as 'heat'. Therefore, this IR sensor has unlimited^ range because it receives input, not emits it. It is like a telescope that views the infrared spectrum in its circular cone of sight. It displays the average equivalent temperature that matches the infrared emission it detects within its cone of sight. For example, you can point it at super far objects, like a mountain in the distance, the sky, at clouds, the moon or the sun and still get a reading (although the readings will be distorted by the many tonnes of atmospheric air in between (due to the extreme distances involved). Mostly all normal matter; air, clouds and ice emit a certain amount of radiation too! (at short distances they don't matter, but; they do make a difference at 'very' long distances. The accuracy of the IR sensor is affected by any form of matter that blocks, emits or distorts infrared radiation from the intended target within its line of sight.

4. This thermometer's Micro K type Thermocouple (TC) sensor probe is very useful since it can measure spot surface temperatures of extremely small objects or places (down to 1mm). Unlike the IR sensor, this TC sensor is less affected by infrared interference, so you can measure the surface temperatures of large and small, hot, reflective, shiny, or liquid based objects with ease; even the air around it (basically things that the other IR sensor cannot reach / read accurately). This TC sensor has a range as long as its cable, which is just over 1 metre long when fully extended. The temperature of the environment may takes a second or two to transfer to the probe, depending on its thermal conductivity (how fast temperature moves between gas, liquid or solid objects, etc.). Both the IR and TC sensors will give you a temperature read out in under a second on screen. They have a 0.1 degree resolution and displays readings that can be as little as 0.1 degrees apart.This device uses one 9 Volt Battery (Standard or Rechargeable) to operate, and comes calibrated with a safer class 2 , 630nm-670nm built in red laser to help you aim, along with a large LCD display and a bright backlight to facilitate easy viewing at night or from various angles.This device supports both the Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperature display system. You can switch between both systems to suit your preferences.

At the touch of a button, you can switch the temperature sensor input (IR / TC) , Temperature System (C / F), Memory display (Highest temperature, Lowest Temperature, Average) as well as enable or disable the laser and backlight and Alert notification features

Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]

Need a smaller size?

We also sell ultra compact micro-pen size thermometers for discreet usage at our other sales or in our store.
(Great for schools, in planes, at restaurants while dining out) Click here to view

[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]

Applications Notes for the IR thermometer
[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
In the news

National Nine News Australia, on the topic of food safety / food poisoning:
In a 'Current Affair' (27 March 2006): Using digital thermometers, a large number of food retailers were found to breach laws of food storage temperatures, putting you at risk of food poisoning. For more information on this subject, click here to view the free public video "The danger lurking in lunch" on Ninemsn while it exists.

"Many foods being sold in city lunch bars may be rife with potentially fatal bacteria".

"There is a simple rule that anyone in the food industry should know: Cold food should be kept below 5 degrees Celsius and hot foods, above 60 degrees Celsius; it is law, because anything in between is breeding bacteria" - - National Nine News Australia: A Current Affair (27 March 2006)

This thermometer may effectively help you analyse the surface temperature of food to be served to you. Hopefully, it will help reduce the chances of you getting poisoned from bacteria in food stored at temperatures that allows significant bacterial growth. Note that this rule doesn't apply to some special cases.

Transparent surfaces

The Infrared sensor (IR) on this device measures surface temperature only. It does not see through the surface (at least at the infrared heat wavelengths). This also applies to transparent surfaces such as some plastics, some glass or water. Measuring a transparent surface may result in the temperature of the transparent surface being displayed, instead of the object behind it that you can see. The only exception are materials that are transparent to infrared heat radiation through them (they let heat through, like the lens on this thermometer). One solution is to use the Thermocouple sensor instead or measure the object from another angle that is not blocked by a solid transparent object.

Human / Medical Usage and Extreme Precision?

We often get asked if this device can be used to take human body temperature, or if it can be used in medical environments like hospitals and clinics. Based on practical experience, we can say that using the device for 'Relative Difference Readings' can provide extremely accurate readings in the difference in temperature between two objects. (eg; comparing the 'Difference in temperature' between two people's skin temperature), however both measurements must occur within a few seconds of each other in identical stable environments.

For example, you may be able to use this thermometer to show that Person A is 2 degrees warmer than Person B with significant accuracy. For example, if you use the thermometer to measure your forehead and the forehead of another person immediately after at the same distance at point blank range under the same conditions, the difference in temperature between the readings would be very accurate; however, the actual numbers displayed (eg; 37, 38.5 degrees etc) are not accurate enough for medical use, which generally need to be extremely accurate to within less than half a degree; and as such, the numerical results from this IR Thermometer (when used by itself) are not precise enough to support any kind of diagnosis or medical usage. You will need a highly accurate comparison to perform real time mathematical calibration.

Conclusion: The manufacturer does not recommend it for human and medical purposes, so neither do we. You should not use it for human or medical use even though it can be very accurate; (someone might mistake it for a medical thermometer and accidentally take the readings as the real temperature).

This device is not recommended for applications requiring extreme precision, such as taking human temperatures, even if it may be quite accurate at doing so.

How do i use it?
[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
Basic use of the thermometer
To use the Infrared (IR) sensor (the device's default temperature sensor): Install a 9V battery with a good amount of charge remaining, and aim the IR Thermometer at a surface to measure, and press and hold down the trigger.

The device will turn on automatically, and in less than 1 second, you will get a temperature reading displayed on the LCD screen. The temperature reading will update itself every half a second as long as you hold down the trigger. Let go of the trigger and the last reading will be displayed on the LCD screen for around 10 seconds. The device will turn itself off automatically if no button is pressed within those 10 seconds.

To activate the Laser or the backlight - Important
You must only press the Laser or Backlight button while you are holding down the trigger, otherwise the laser will not activate. This is a safety feature to prevent the accidental activation of the laser.
[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
To calibrate the thermometer
The Emissivity value, usually written ε or e, is the relative power of a material/object/surface to emit thermal radiation (which is then picked up by this thermometer's IR sensor and then compared to the black body object inside the thermometer to give you a temperature reading). In simple terms, objects radiate heat at different levels; this can fool thermometers; s o, to get an accurate reading, you can help the thermometer by adjusting the emissivity readings to match the profile of the material or object it is measuring. Setting a low emissivity value tells this thermometer's IR sensor that the measured temperature should actually be higher than it appears, while increasing the emissivity value tells the thermometer than the temperature should be lower than it appears. This is the approximate result you will get if you adjust the emissivity. Emissivity 'ε' is a ratio, so the lower you go towards ε=0.1, the jump in temperature will be exponential with each step. In reality, there's more scientific theory to it, but this is just a basic overview. To calibrate the temperature, you can press the 'Set' button to adjust the emissivity anytime while the device is on in Infrared Mode. Two lines will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen, one facing up and one down. When they appear, you can now press the UP / DN buttons to adjust the emissivity which is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Increasing the emissivity towards 0.99 or 1.00 tends to reduce the temperature, while setting it way down to 0.10 tends to increase the temperature reading. Your selection will be auto-saved for the session and is the results are affecfed in real time. .

If you are uncertain what emissivity values to use, simply do a web search for your desired material you want to measure; for example; "Emissivity of water", "Emissivity of hair ""Emissivity of iron ", "Emissivity of common materials", as a few examples. When you have the emissivity value, enter it into the thermometer and you can start to measure the temperature more accurately. A quick chart below shows some common emissivity values. Please note that this is an approximate guide only as individual surfaces will vary slightly even between similar materials.

To use the Thermocouple (TC) sensor probe:
Plug the thermocouple cable into the thermometer. To do this, make sure you align the plug correctly. The Plus sign (+) on the cable plug must be on the same side as the (+) sign on the thermometer. The same thing applies for the Minus sign (-). If you don't do this, you may get an incorrect reading or you may damage the thermometer.

Once your probe is connected, push the trigger, wait 1 second and press the "K" button. This switches to the Thermocouple mode from the Infrared sensing mode. The LCD screen will display "K" at the top left corner, which indicates the sensor it is currently displaying readings from.

Press the tip of the probe against the object whose temperature you want measured, wait a few seconds for the heat to transfer to the sensor probe's tip, and press the trigger. The temperature displayed would be the approximate temperature of the probe's tip at that moment, which would be nearly identical to the object it is touching if you held it close enough for long enough.
[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
To view maximum, minimum or average temperatures
Press the mode button and you will cycle through various options ('Max' / 'Min' / 'Avg' means "Maximum", "Minimum", "Average" respectively) scroll through the options and stop at the desired option and use the thermometer as normal. As you scan, the maximum / minimum / average temperature will be displayed on the bottom of the screen for that session. Once you let go of the trigger, the readings are reset, and a new session starts (eg: a new max/ min / average temperature will be recorded), For example; To view the average temperature of the room, press the mode button till it lands on "AVG" then press hold down the trigger and point the thermometer at various places around the room; the thermometer will compile all the temperature readings and calculate an average for you and display it at the bottom of the screen for you to see. Let go of the trigger and the result will be displayed for a while, and then it will be erased when the thermometer turns off automatically, or you press the trigger again to start a new session calculation.

To set the High and Low temperature alert
(eg ; if you can't be bothered looking at the changing digits), press the Mode button and scroll to LAL (for Low temperature Alert) or HAL (for High temperature Alert). Then simply press the UP / DN button to change the numbers. For example, to see if any part of your room is over 30 degrees Celsius, press the mode button and till it lands on "HAL" then press and hold the UP / DN button to change the 4 digit number to "0030", which means 30 degrees Celsius (tip: you can press and hold it to rapidly change the digits), then press the trigger and scan around the room. When the thermometer senses a reading of 30 degrees Celsius or higher, it will flash a "H" symbol at the top for a short while to notify you. This feature isn't as useful and we prefer to use the 'Min / Max' feature instead.

Some additional info for more accurate measurements[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
Take into account the fact that the IR Sensor measures and displays the average temperature reading of the surface objects within a circular spot in front of it (around the point marked by the laser). The size of this circular spot increases in diameter by 1cm for every 12cm in distance the IR Thermometer is at from the surface being measured (view diagram below). If you have two different temperature objects within this spot, you may probably get a reading near the average of both temperatures.

The closer you are, and the less varied the surface temperature, the more accurate the reading will be. Objects within the circular spot, but hidden from the IR Thermometer's line of sight will generally not be included in the measurement.

Also watch for 'Thermal Shock': Thermal shock occurs when there are large or sudden temperature changes in the ambient temperature which will affect the thermometer's performance, and in cold situations may cause condensation (water droplets) to form on the lens and make the reading inaccurate by blocking the infrared light from reaching the sensor, or causing an abnormally high reading in hotter conditions due to radiation emitted from the walls of the thermometer after being warmed /cooled by 'cold / hot air'. Let it rest for 30 mins in the environment of stable temperature that you will be using it in before use for best results. This allows the internal temperature of the device to equalize, so that the thermometer's 'relative temperature sensor' (emissivity related) can properly calibrate the readings in real time. For example, if the internal temperature of the gun is uneven (for example, hotter at the front sensor side, and cooler on the inside and the back), the sensor may detect that the temperature is much higher than normal. So make sure you let the temperature of the thermometer gun 'normalise' or equalise with the ambient environment first or you may get an abnormally high reading following a period of sudden temperature change heat exposure. A real life example: don't put the thermometer directly above a barbecue as the hot air will affect the reading accuracy very quickly, and the gun will remain inaccurate till it's internal temperature matches the external temperature. Fortunately, normal body heat from hands won't really affect it significantly.

Actual measurements are also influenced by a great many factors, including environmental conditions, reflectivity of surfaces (mentioned earlier), external interference, radiation, heat and battery power available. According to the manufacturer, these influences are usually small and the temperature reading is generally accurate within around "2 Degrees Celsius +2% margin of error" for temperature measurements between 0 to 100 Degrees Celsius. This margin of error increases at temperatures below 0 Degrees Celsius and over 100 degrees Celsius.

Reflective Surfaces and shiny metal or polished surfaces can give inaccurate readings (see image below).The solution is to measure an appropriate surface next to the polished/shiny surface that logically should be very similar in temperature. If such a surface is unavailable, you may want to attach a piece of non reflective/non reflective tape to the surface, or even use some paint. After a short wait and when the temperature has equalized, take the temperature of the paint/tape or the 'add-on' surface. The following image shows where you should point the device for maximum accuracy.

[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
Particles such as steam droplets, smoke or dust may prevent an accurate reading. Avoid getting these particles in the line of sight between the IR thermometer and the surface to be measured. One solution is to aim the thermometer from another angle if possible. Other examples include fog / mist / cloud that come from a fridge or freezer when you open it, or dust pollution along the roadside, and especially condensation on the sensor lens after moving the thermometer from a cold place to a warmer place. The condensation covers the lens and refracts light, making the reading inaccurate until the condensation on the lens evaporates. The following image is an example of how the calculation is made in the thermometer

Storage and care:
[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
This IR thermometer should generally be used and stored in an environment where the temperature is between 0 to 50 Degrees Celsius, and where relative humidity is between 10% to 95%, and kept as dry as possible at all times. This device is sensitive to electrostatic discharge (static); Do not drop it, and keep the lens and the device away from foreign material such as dirt, dust and loose liquids which might stick to or enter the device, damage it or affect its accuracy. Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth occasionally to keep it looking new. Do not touch or poke the lens.Make sure the lens is not covered with condensation before you try to read the results. Use air to blow dust off it gently if you have to remove dust. Do not touch the lens if possible. If you absolutely have to clean the lens due to an 'accident', do not push it in, and be EXTREMELY gentle on the lens. This is not a normal camera lens. One small accidental hard push in the wrong direction will wreck your thermometer's precision. Do not use solvents to clean the lens, and do not submerge the main unit in water (thermocouple excepted). The device itself must not be allowed to overheat over 60˚C or permanent damage may occur! If the device itself overheats (not the item it is measuring) while in use, an AH error may be displayed on the screen for prolonged periods and you will not be able to use the thermometer as it will auto-shutdown. The battery should be removed if the device is not going to be used for a long periods of time (~1 month+).

Safe use of Laser feature:
A laser is not a toy. Keep this device out of reach of children. Never point the laser at other people, as it may cause eye injury. Never look at the laser beam with any optical instrument. Do not point the laser beam at mirrors or other shiny objects, as the reflection may cause injury. Remove batteries from the device when it is not in use to prevent accidental exposure.

Alternative methods of re-calibrating the thermometer:
In addition to the Emissivity Calibration mentioned above, do note that the accuracy of the thermometer is affected by many things including air pressure and your distance above sea level and sometimes the readings may be too far off target to properly calibrate via the emissivity method

In this case, it is easy to do a mental mathematical re-calibration of this thermometer, as the relative readings from this thermometer are quite stable. For example; to do a mathematical re-calibration on the TC probe , put the TC probe in a pot of plain boiling water and measure the temperature. Plain distilled water usually boils at 100 degrees Celsius at atmospheric ground temperature, so if the thermometer read 104 degrees in plain boiling water, just subtract 4 degrees from each future reading, etc... Note that impurities in water (like salt) and 'super clean' smooth pots can prevent water from boiling at the normal 100 degrees (see super heated water in wikipedia). Alternatively, just compare it to an accurate thermometer, and put a small note on the thermometer indicating the difference in accurate temperature.

This same method applies to the Infrared (IR) sensor.

Our opinion about its features
[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
We have pointed this IR thermometer at nearly everything in our office. The readings are quite accurate and we found an interesting difference in temperature between the floor and our ceiling. (We also pointed it at the clouds in the sky for fun).

We used a blue Eveready battery which cost $1.00 from a local discount store. It hasn't run out after hours of use (and that is a long time since each use is only ~10 seconds. We also used rechargeable batteries and they worked fine. If you were to point the thermometer at your forehead, and then at another person's forehead at the same distance in the same circumstances, the difference in both readings would be extremely accurate and can thus be used to tell how much 'hotter' another person is compared to yourself.However the 'exact temperature' numerical (number) reading has a limited level of accuracy which is stated in the technical section above, so it shouldn't be used in a clinical setting in case someone doesn't know that it needs to be relatively calibrated and accidentally takes the readings for real.

The emissivity calibration is probably the best feature of this device and we think the double sensor is a great help for measuring liquids and reflective surfaces. Together these 3 features make this an incredible thermometer that rivals many selling for hundreds of dollars.

This device will last a long time, and is designed to do so since you can calibrate it yourself.

The only issue we noticed is that the thermocouple probe is the professional type and is exposed for ultra precise micro- spot contact measurements as shown below, so you may need to cover it to use it for food etc so you don't get any dirt between the wiring. Also don't submerge the thermocouple sensor probe in corrosive liquid or acid (at least not without suitable protection)

It is normal that the environment around the thermometer can cause an incorrect reading. Examples include fog / mist / cloud that come from a freezer when you open it, or dust pollution along the road side, and even condensation on the lens after moving the thermometer from a cold place to a warmer place.

Play around with it and you should be able to get to know all its capabilities and any factors that will affect its performance. Although the manufacturer doesn't recommend it for medical uses, our staff member measured the temperature in the mouth and found it to be quite accurate within 1 degree. Although it can be very accurate some times, we still do not recommend it for highly professional / medical usage where pin point accuracy is required, but it is definitely a must have device around the house or in a restaurant, especially if you do a lot of food preparation, cooking or hobby work using ovens, heaters and cooling systems.

We would recommend it to users for most applications at home and in the field or workshop without excessive changes in temperature.

Technical Information

Note: Specifications are provided from the manufacturer and in the information sheet included with the device's package. Specifications are typical and individual units might vary. Specifications are subject to change and improvement without notice.

Feature Specifications - Measurement Units - Switchable between Celsius ˚C and Fahrenheit ˚F - - Temperature Range - -30˚C to 550 ˚C (-22 to 1022 ˚F) (Note: the Max temperature is 400˚C for K Probe) - - Accuracy - [ -30˚C to 0˚C =: ±3˚C +3% ][ 0˚C to 100˚C =: ±2˚C +2%][ 100˚C to 550˚C =: ±3˚C +3%] - - Thermocouple Type - K - Type thermocouple (max 400 ˚C); the IR sensor goes to 550˚C - - Resolution - Increments of 0.1 Degrees is displayed - - Response Time - Approximately half a second (500ms), Approx 1 Second if device is turned off. - - Operating Temperature -

0˚C to ~40˚C (32 to 104 ˚F) at relative humidity of 10% to 95%. Do not let the thermometer case heat up to over 60˚C.

- - Storage Temperature - Without Battery: -20˚C to ~60˚C (-4 to 140 ˚F) at relative humidity of 10% to 95% (Storage over 60˚C may cause permanent damage) - - Power Source - 6F22 ( 9 Volt Battery; not included) - - Operating time - Approximately 12 hours non stop on a typical new alkaline battery (around 43200 individual 1 second readings) - - Backlight Colour - Sky Blue - - Laser - Class 2 Laser product <1mW, 650nM. Red colour laser light - - Device Colour - Dark Grey and Light Grey - - Distance to Spot Size - D:S = 12 : 1 - - Weight - Approx 200 grams with Thermocouple attached and no battery inside. - - Emissivity / Calibration - Emissivity specially adjustable from 0.10 to 0.95, or use real time mathematical calibration (see description) - - Dimensions - Odd gun shape, will fit into a box measuring not more than 17cm x 14cm x 4cm. - [Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]

Accessories - Items Included or Not included
Item Qty Included Remarks - IR Thermometer - 1 included - The main device with the Infrared sensor built in - - K Type Thermocouple Probe - 1 included - The thermocouple sensor with its attached cable. - - Generic User Manual - 1 included - Our listing advertisement is probably easier to understand - - Retail Box - Optional (see packing method) - Unless requested, your order may come in bubblewarp instead of a retail box; but not both - - 9 Volt Battery - 0 included - Battery not included. (Normally can be purchased at a discount store for around a dollar). - - Tax Invoice - Available on request - A tax invoice is available upon request. -
Larger quantities and bulk orders are available. Please contact us for more information.

[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]

Postage and Handling (Shipping, Packaging & Extra Services)
Shipping Options Shipping and Handling Fee Based on Weight Estimated Delivery Speed from Dispatch Date - Local Services in Australia -
- - Regular Mail + Tracking (Risky) - AUD FREE - 2 to 7 Business days - - Registered (Insurance included)(Safe) - AUD $2.60 - 2 to 7 Business days - - Express Post (Risky) - AUD $4.00 - 1 Business day - - Express Post Platinum (Courier)(Safe) - AUD $11.90 - 1 Business day - - Local Pickup - Not Available - Not Available -

- International Services -
- - Dispatch Recorded Seamail (Risky) - See Postage calculator
- 21 to 60 Business days- Note: SEA MAIL IS VERY SLOW !
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- Other Additional Services

- - Additional protective insulation - AUD $1.00 (Optional) - N/A - - Extra Insurance (each $100 ) - AUD $2.50 (Optional, price varies; some services only) - N/A - - All Other Handling / Admin Fees - Included in Price - N/A - - Shipping Discounts - - For every subsequent purchase to be combined in a single shipment - At your request, we will give you a 30% discount off the shipping & handling cost for every subsequent item you purchase that is of equal or lower S&H cost. Please hold off payment till you have purchased all the items you require. Combined shipping discounts are available only for items that are purchased no more than 14 days of each other. Shipping discounts are not further negotiable as they include handling and admin fees. - -
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No single postage method suits every customer's needs (price, speed, time, extra options and risks are all different), We cannot force your hand in this because we don't know what you want, so we do not limit packaging and postage methods and can pack and post your order as securely as you want if you pay for the additional costs; just message us your request after purchasing the item, and wait for our reply before sending payment.


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Accepted Payment Options Comments Estimated Time to Clear - Internet Banking Transfer - 1st Preferred method of payment - 1 to 2 Business days after payment - - Visa / Mastercard / PayPal - The only accepted method of payment if paying from outside Australia - Within 24 hours of payment - - Money Order - Beware potential administrative costs and delays at your end - 3 to 7 Business days after arrival - - Cheque - Beware potential administrative costs and delays at your end - 3 to 7 Business days after arrival - - Bank Draft/Bank Cheque - Beware potential administrative costs and delays at your end - 3 to 7 Business days after arrival - - Direct Bank Deposit (Banker Assisted) - You must email us the BSB Code of the bank branch you paid at. - 1 to 2 Business days from payment - - eCheque / Paypal - Note potential long clearing delay - 3 to 21 Business days from payment - GST is included in the total. Tax Invoice is available on request

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Prior to postage, all items are tested to be fully operational and in the condition advertised above. If they don't perform to expectations or arrive broken, there may be both visible and invisible damage that occurred during transit. If this happens, we may help you repair / fix it out of courtesy, but you agree that you shall not blame us or leave us a negative rating or comment for any such fault of the postal service. We also pack exactly as advertised, so if you realise later that you don't like the packaging when your order arrives, don't blame us, because we informed you in advance in the postage section above about how we would pack it and also gave you the option to choose your packaging if you were not happy with how we would pack it.

Although we usually replace damaged goods out of courtesy after warranty is void; to prevent abuse of our courtesy, we will officially state that the following is not covered under our warranty: Damage and or problems caused by the misuse, abuse, negligent handling of the device from its original purpose, attempts at repair, dropping or extreme wear, and deterioration, loss, injury or damage occasioned by, or as a result of the misuse or improper storage, intentional or accidental, as well as any apparent defects or lack of functionality or performance that has already been noticed by our staff and stated in the listing. We reserve the right to replace or repair the appliance within the warranty period. Postage fees are only refundable if the post office agrees to do so.

Officially, In addition to any warranty provided, to give you peace of mind, we also provide an extra personal guarantee that all of our products will work as advertised on arrival. This is our non dead upon arrival warranty, and is useful if your item doesn't come with warranty. Our personal warranty does NOT cover problems directly caused by physical damage in transit. To be eligible for our personal Non-Dead on arrival warranty, you must test the item and inform us if there is a problem within 3 days of receiving the item. You should then mail it back to us within 7 days of receiving the item, and include everything we sent you; such the packaging and all parts and accessories, in order to be eligible for a Full 100% Refund (excluding shipping). If you do not do this, we are not obliged to entertain any refund requests. However, you are still entitled to the original warranty service if it is available for your item.

We are not responsible for items getting damaged or lost during transit in any way whatsoever. You must purchase insurance if you require financial protection against damage or loss in transit. You must purchase additional insulation protection if you require additional protection against possible physical damage such as from shock or rough handling during shipment. If it does get lost or damaged, you will be able to arrange insurance compensation with the postal service or by using the warranty provided by item's manufacturer.

Device failure can be caused by many reasons, and it is extremely difficult to decide who will be held accountable, and sometimes neither buyer nor seller is at fault as items can get damaged in transit through the postal service or through other unexpected non physical circumstances (eg; failure due to electromagnetic radiation / Excessive high or low temperatures while in transport / security xray scans etc..) Therefore, if insurance compensation cannot be arranged from the postal service, both seller and buyer agree to share the shipping obligations for getting an item replaced. If an item is damaged and its warranty is not void or expired, the buyer agrees to pay all shipping fees to return the item to us. Likewise, and we will also pay all shipping fees necessary to send the item back to the place the buyer sent it from. If you do not agree to this, we recommend you select and purchase shipping insurance and additional protective insulation.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: The laser does not work!
Answer: As mentioned above, you must only press the Laser or Backlight button while you are holding down the trigger. This is a safety feature to prevent the accidental activation of the laser.

Question: Does this device store temperature readings in memory?
Answer: The device is designed to display constantly updated (live) temperature readings. When you release the trigger and if no button is pressed for 5 seconds, the last reading is displayed for 5 seconds and removed from memory. No further storage is provided.

Question: What is the range of this thermometer?
Answer: Answer explained above in the "General item description" section stated above.

Question: Can it be used to take human body temperature? How about for medical usage?
Answer: Answer explained above in the "Applications Notes for the IR thermometer" section stated above.

Question: I get an AL / AH warning on the display, what does this mean?
Answer: This means your thermometer 'may' have been exposed to damaging excessive temperatures in transit or in storage (may not be your fault or our fault), contact us so we can help. You may need to return it for a replacement.

Question: Can i re-calibrate this thermometer?
Answer: Yes, depending on what you see as re-calibrating. Please see the section above called "re-calibrating the thermometer"

Question: The readings on my thermometer are inaccurate.
Answer: This may be normal thermal shock, a dying battery, or may indicate a fault. It depends: Please look at the "Where to point this device" image in the "How do i use it "section above. It is normal that the air around the thermometer can cause an incorrect reading. Examples include fog/mist / cloud that comes from a freezer when you open it, or dust pollution along the roadside, or condensation on the lens after moving the thermometer from a cold place to a warmer place. Make sure the lens is not covered with condensation before you try to read the results. Use air to blow dust off it gently. Do not touch the lens if possible, If you absolutely have to clean it, do not push it in and touch the lens EXTREMELY Gently, one small push in the wrong direction will wreck your thermometer's precision.

Question: What is stated on the manual is slightly different to what is on this listing; which is more accurate?
Answer: The manual is generic. The data we have on our listing is usually more accurate in regards to weight, dimensions, size etc.

Question: How long does the emissivity calibration last?
Answer: Effective all sales from 27 November 2010, the emissivity calibration lasts as long as the thermometer has power (has the battery inserted).

Question: The measurement using the Thermocouple is different from the infrared measurement, why is this so, which is more accurate?
Answer: Each method is influenced by different factors as described above. Personally, we would consider the Thermocouple measurement to be more accurate on most occasions if used correctly. For the most accurate calibration, put the TC probe in plain boiling water and measure the tempearture. If it reads 103 degrees, just subtract 3 degrees from each reading, etc... (this is mental mathematical recalibration since it is known that plain water boils, and stays at 100 degrees at normal ground atmospheric pressure)

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Digital Infrared Laser Cooking Thermometer Probe Food Glass Oven Kiln Pyrometer

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Digital Infrared Laser Cooking Thermometer Probe Food Glass Oven Kiln Pyrometer:

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