Dark Purple Sugilite Royal Lavulite Reiki Solid Sterling Silver Wirewrap Pendant

Dark Purple Sugilite Royal Lavulite Reiki Solid Sterling Silver Wirewrap Pendant

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Dark Purple Sugilite Royal Lavulite Reiki Solid Sterling Silver Wirewrap Pendant:

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Natural Dark Purple Sugilite Royal Lavulite

Solid .925 Sterling Silver

Handcrafted Wrap Art Pendant


This special healing amulet has Dark Purple Sugilite (also known as Royal Lavulite)!

What a potent healing amulet!

Pendant is approximately:1-1/8" tall x over 7/16" wide x over 1/4" thick.


I found the Sugilite cabochon that I wrapped in this pendant at a gem show.

The booth owner from whom I purchased it said that he had purchased the cabochon from the

estate sale of a collector who had passed away recently.

I asked to take the cabochon to a gemologist at the show before purchasing, and he said okay.

Findings verified the authenticity of the Sugilite, and that it was indeed actual stone, and not reconstituted.

I purchased many of the Sugilite (also known as Royal Lavulite)cabochons,

and will be making more pendants with them in the future.

This is old-stock Sugilite that is very deep purple. It is fine quality Sugilite.


I think this Healing amulet wishes to bond with a Lightworker or Reiki practitioner.

I hope that someone who will be actively involved in healing others will own this pendant. The pendant can be used to amplify the healing sessions' effectiveness.


Metaphysical Properties of Sugilite:

Sugilite brings us tons of creative inspiration.

Sugilite is known as "the stone of Higher Love" - spiritual love.

Personally, I always feel very compassionate towards others when I'm

wearing Sugilite.

Sugilite helps gently draw out pain of headaches when placed on the


Sugilite works to heal emotional blocks.

Sugilite is a powerful healer and teacher of self-healing and manifestation.

I personally believe that Sugilite can awaken the psychic abilities of

the owner.

Sugilite vibrates especially well with the Astrological Sign of Virgo,

and the number 2. But if Virgo is not your sign, no worries.

Sugilite's energies work well with everyone!

Wear a One-of-a-Kind Pendant! This special healing amulet needs a good home with someone out there.

Is it calling your name? Are you the one who will own this unusual piece? Or maybe you need a gift

for someone who needs something unusual and unique? Or for a birthday gift? I know the new owner

will be very pleased with this pendant. Questions? Click Here.

Photos enlarged to show details.
Pendant's Approximate Measurements:
1-1/8" tall x over 7/16" wide x over 1/4" thick.

The bail has a large enough opening that will accommodate a round chain necklace that is as thick as 3mm.

And, since the bail is attached so that the pendant swings freely with the wearer, it will not be stiff and

get stuck in an awkward position while worn. It will tend to capture the attention of on-lookers, too. ~*~ grin ~*~

(I never solder or use any glue on my creations.)

Ancient Practices:

Pendants are reminiscent of ancient amulets, talismans, charms and mojo bags worn to protect the wearer

from harm and/or bring good fortune.


This unique rare stone makes for a very potent amulet!

I have no medical evidence to substantiate the correlation between wearing this stone and the effects it will have on the wearer. The mystical healing properties offered above were partially paraphrased from one of a series of books by Melody.

Melody suggests that the metaphysical properties listed for each stone will have these effects on the wearer WHILE he/she concentrates on the desired outcome. The author further states that this is NOT a substitute for consulting your physician;

and I agree. When I wear any of my stones or crystals, I feel empowered by them. Maybe it is just because I WEAR them with specific intentions -- it works because I told my mind it would, OR does it work because of the molecular interaction

different photos of the pendant on here for your viewing,photos with different

between my body and the stones/crystals? I do not know. All I know is it seems to work FOR ME. I tried many photos. Maybe the ones I have chosen to present can give you some idea of the pendant's presence. I hope they do. There are several

backgrounds, etc.) - same pendant, just different photos. (Sorry, any chokers I used for photos are not included in thesale.) The photos are not HUGE Close Ups, but, if you want to see a few of them really CLOSE UP (full screen), just click on my "ME" icon up

at the top of this page. When you get to my "ME" page, there's an address near the TOP OF MY "ME" PAGE that you can

CLICK to see CLOSE-UP photos of all the pendants I've made recently, including this one (sort of a virtual portfolio)!

Some of you might still see a multi-colored rectangular banner that is clickable, too. I've been told that it no longer works or

even shows up for most browsers. Sorry for the inconvenience of having to click elsewhere to see close-ups. I'm following the rules. Please note that I do not use professional lighting with my indoor photos. They are just digital camera photos.

The Sterling Silver is ALL bright and shiny. It's just a trick of the lighting that makes Sterling Silver look darker in some photos.

Am I picky about my photos? Yes. I'm a perfectionist. ~*~ smile ~*~


FREE SERVICES FOR THE winning buyer:
Each of my jewelry creations gets a bath in my IONIC cleanser prior to shipment. Also, please let me know whether or not

you would like to have this jewelry smudged (cleansing with smoke from California Sage) for purification, a Native American ritual.

Many folks believe in it, including myself. My great, great Grandmother was full-blooded Cherokee. I can also cleanse and charge the

pendant on my large Quartz Crystal cluster for those who are metaphysically inclined. Just say the word!

GIFT SERVICE UPON REQUEST:If this is to be shipped as a gift, I can enclose a special message from you to the lucky new owner.

Then we can ship it to the address of the new owner. Even if it is not a gift, all pendants that I send out

into the world are placed inside a silver gift box. I also will include a beautiful iridescent shimmering pouch

with drawstring upon request.

Please Come See My Other Creations! I love to wrap many different and exotic stones from around the world - lots of them are rare!

Come see my other sales! If You Would Like To See A Different Pendant Design, Or A Different Stone Or Would Like To See Something

Wrapped In 14KTGF Instead Of Sterling Silver, Please Email Me About It using the link at the top of the page "ask seller a question".

If I Can Do It, I Will Make One And Put It Up For sale On Care Instructions:
If you have steered clear of Sterling Silver in the past because of special care issues, your worries are over!!! I have found a very quick Sterling Silver care product that I have been using for years now. It takes less than 5 minutes to do, and your pendant can stay as shiny and beautiful as the day you bought it! Each time I mail out a purchase, this special care recommendation is included. As an extra bonus, I will also include a free anti-tarnish paper tab that you can keep in the plastic bag with your new jewelry when it is not being worn. This can help it stay shiny like new for much longer than normal!

~*~ Quick & Easy Tarnish Remover ~*~

If I don't have any for sale, please ask me to put some up for you to buy.
(Click the "ME" symbol by my response number.)



I did some research on-line, and excluded offerding from countries that do not allow import of Sterling Silver or jewelry.

I will not sell to countries who do not allow import of what I sell.

Sorry, I like to follow the rules.


The following countries outside USA can offer on my sales:















United Kingdom.

Please Look at the Cost for International Shipping and Customs Costs Before offerding. Buyer Will Pay Shipping and Customs Costs.

sale payment & shipping payment must be in USD Funds via PAYPAL. Actual shipping charges will vary according to the country receiving the package.

If you are concerned about your options, you could always look it up on: to find out. Please email me for cost

of shipping to your country prior to offerding IF the sale shipping calculator DOES NOT provide that information for you. If you choose any item

other than my tarnish remover, the PACKAGE should weigh less than 4 ounces. Most economical is First Class International Mail, but it could take 7-14 days

to get to you. International Global Priority and Express International Mail are expensive, but fast. Thank you.


Packages will be mailed on the FOLLOWING BUSINESS DAY for customers who pay through PayPal. Once transaction is complete, response

will be given. (By the way, if you use PayPal, there is NO TRANSACTION FEE for this secure exchange of money. It is a free service.

You can give PayPal your bank account info and transfer funds that way. Anyone with a bank account can use PayPal even if they do not

have a credit card. I will never know your account number or credit card number.)

Please click on the "ME" logo to the right of my name "crystalmoon" to see my page and AURA photo link if you would like.

I have packed quite a bit of information and photos of previously sold creations on that page!

I wish you a Joyous Year, and thank you for viewing my sale! To come and see my other sales, click below!

Happy offerding!

~*~*~*~ Crystal Moon ~*~*~*~

CLICK HERE to See Previous Design Creations – Page Loads Slowly Because There Are Many Photos

I give a totally special, heartfelt thanks to all of my repeat customers in land who have made my creative journey a pleasant one.

With your kind response and encouragement, I have become the virtual fountain of creativity that I am today (grin)! In Love & Light,
~*~ crystalmoon~*~ For quick view of my sales: click here to add crystalmoon to your favorite sellers list!

For more detailed information about me,
and to see photos of previously sold creations,
please click here, and you will be taken to my "ME" page.

ALL of my items are shipped DOUBLE-BUBBLE-WRAPPED inside their envelope/package. ~*~ I will be shipping this creation inside a silver foil gift box to make sure it is safe during the journey home ~*~

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Dark Purple Sugilite Royal Lavulite Reiki Solid Sterling Silver Wirewrap Pendant:

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