Dept 56 Snow Village - Halloween - Lot

Dept 56 Snow Village - Halloween - Lot

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Dept 56 Snow Village - Halloween - Lot:

I've had a lot of fun collecting Dept 56 Halloween Village over the years I have about 80% +/- of the original boxes. All are in working condition . Lot includes 20 Lighting Systems and plenty of additional cords. We have had the complete village set up on one electrical outlet using the lighting system. The attached list does not include all the pieces, nor are all the photos shown. Has special houses such as the rare Starbucks Haunted Coffee House.
This is "pick up" only and you'll have to help reboxing the items. Any questions please contact us via messaging. I have extra photos and spread sheet.
I have updated the photos. Witch village, Haunted Rail train set and Nightmare before Christmas items are not show.

Grimsley Manor

Gravely Estate

Mordecai Mansion

Haunted Victorian House

Haunted Mansion

Ghastly's Haunted Villa

Glares and Stares - set of 5

Hauntsburg House - set of 2

1031 Trick or Treat Drive

Spider House

Pumpkin House

Skeleton House

The Party House

Bat House

Black Cat Flat - Set of 4

Cemetery House

Last Laugh Asylum with gate

Grimsly Retirement Home

Castle Blackstone

Hilda's Witch Haunt

Three Witches Cauldron

Toads, Frogs Witchcraft Haunt

Hattie's Hat Shop

Esmeralda's Shoe Shop

Black Cat Flat

Witch Way Flight School

Sacia's Book Emporium

Witch Way Home Tower

Celias Cellar

Black Widow Dating Service

Ghoul School

Witch's Brew Pub

Voodoo Lounge

Hemoglobin blood Bank

Be Witching Costume Shop

Hair today Gone Tomorrow

Zelda's Wax Museum

Helga's House of Fortune

Candy Cauldron

Haunted Starbucks Coffee House

LaGhosti Movie Theater

Black Cat Diner

Critter's Pets and Pelts

HOWL Radio

Rusty's Needle Tattoos

Cave Club

Rusty's Used Car

Lucky Dragon Restaurant

Monsters of the Deep

Grimsly House of Oddities

Retching Pumpkin Diner

Witch Rides

Spinning Pumpkins

Scaredy Cat Ferris Wheel

Ghostly Carousel

Whack A Zombie

Swinging Ghoulies

Haunted Fun House

Dolly's World of Hypnosis

Clown House of Terror

Black Bart Knife Throwing

Cats Bat and Rats Shooting Gallery

Travis Louie's World of Otherworldly Persons

Ouija the Mystifying Oracle

The Scream

Who's Talking Now Theatre

Lot 13, Crystal Lake

Deep Woods Haunt

Dead End Hotel

Lefty's Chainsaw Repair

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Dracula's Domain - Universal Studio

Bat's Motel

Harley Davidenson Garage

Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory

Lock Shock and Barrel Tree House

Jack Skellington's House

Dr. Finkelstein Observatory and Sally

Town Hall and Mayor

Oogie Boogie Takes a Spin

Spooky Farmhouse

Screech Owl Barn

Screech Owl Farmhouse

Dead Creek Mill

Haunted Tower Tours

Haunted Windmill

Shipwreak Lighthouse

Spooky Schooner

Ship of Sea Phantoms

Dr. Lunatic's Laboratory

Toxic Rail Car

Engine & Coal Car

Dining Car

Haunted Rails Sleeper Car - coffins

Jack & His Lanterns

Haunted Rails Caboose

Creepy Clown Car

The Beast

Ghost Hauler

Witch Hallow Supply Car

Rickety Railroad Station

Haunted Rails Grain Elevator

Rickety Railroad Platform

Haunted Rails Outpost

Straight Train Track - 6 sets of 2

Curved Train Track - 1 set of 2

Grimsley Tool Shed

Killer's Castle

Creepy Crk Carriage House

Spells and Potions Kiosk

Grimsley Family Crypt

Walter and Larry's Crypt

Rest in Peace Crypt 2013

Rest in Peace Crypt 2014

Rest in Peace Crypt 2015

Rest in Peace Crypt 2016

Rest in Peace Crypt 2017

Rest in Peace Crypt 2018

Rest in Peace Crypt 2019

Rest in Peace Crypt 2020

Backwoods Tool Shed

Creepy Creek Bridge

Halloween Covered Bridge

Phantom of the Organ

Rat Race

Hocus Pocus Witch

Up Up & Away Witch with Ghosts

Up Up & Away Witch over Trees

Cursed Mummy

Escape from the Crypt

Haunted Hearse

Rock-a-Bye Vampire

Dead Weight

Swinging Skeleton

Taking Bones for a Walk

Graveyard Ghost Dance

Halloween Dance

Haunted Rails Coal Car

Animated Night Creatures

Animated Haunted Wall

Fright Flight

Buzzard Delight

Animated Skulls

Ghost Dance

Ghost Dance

Runaway Monster and Bride

Halloween Festive

Costume Parade

Scaredy Bat

Ghost in the Graveyard

Swampy Boat Ride

Animated Nightmare

Scary Walk

Ghost in the Graveyard

Witch Crash

Haunted Graveyard

Dying to Get In Outhouse

Haunted Outhouse

Lit Graveyard Ghost

Flaming Skull Bonefire

Scary Skeleton Stories

Black Light Bat Cave

Bone Appetite

Ghost in the Graveyard


Spooky Graveyard Vigil

Spooky Graveyard Vigil

Jack of the Lantern

Costumes for Sale - 2 piece

Haunted Rails Crossing Light

Lit Town Clock

By the Light of the Moon

Cursed Fountain

Spooky Trash Cans - Set of 2

By the Light of the Moon

Creepy Village Sign

Lion Benches - 2

Garden Park Benches -4

Planter Box Topiaries - 12

Potted Topiaries - 4

Lattice Obelisk - 4

Stone Footsteps

Clock Tower

Lit Town Clock

Formal Fountain

Cursed Fountain

Toad Fountain

Haunted Delivery - Mailbox

Harvest Mailbox


Hanging Fiber Ghosts - 8 sets of 6

Forgotten Garden - set of 3

Creepy Street - 1 set of 4

Scary Stumps - set of 3

Eeire Rocks & Road - 2 sets of 8

Halloween Topiaries - 1 set of 3

Scary Topiaries

Spooky Mailboxes 1 set of 2

Spooky Trash Cans - Set of 2

Harvest Mailbox

Creatures of the Night ( birds/bats )

Animated Night Creatures

Animated Haunted Wall

Fright Flight

Buzzard Delight

Animated Skulls

Animated Nightmare

Ghost Dance

Ghost Dance

Runaway Monster and Bride

Halloween Festive

Costume Parade

Scary Walk

Scaredy Bat

Ghost in the Graveyard

Wretched Jack-o-Lanterns - 1 set of 5

Scary Signs - 1 set of 3

Haunted Warning Signs - 1 set of 3

Creepy Creatures Bats - 1 set of 2

Creepy Creatures Spiders

Creepy Creatures Cats

Creepy Creatures Croak

Creepy Creatures Flutters

Creepy Creatures Jacks

Creepy Creatures Slither

Creepy Creatures Rats

Creepy Creatures Venus Fly Trap

Pumpkin Heads - 2 sets of 5

Pumpkin Water Tower

Haunted Water Tower

Halloween Fall Festival

Spooky Totem

Halloween Park Bench - 2 sets

Harvest Gourds

Tombstones - 1 set of 6 plus 14 others

Black Light Cave

Foggy Point Platform

Haunted Taxi

Beware of the bloodmobile

Hot Rod Hearse

Haunted Porch Rocker

Haunted Well

Black Cat Bench

Halloween Pumpkin Stand

Skeleton Fence - 2 sets

Spider Fence - 1 set of 7

Halloween Fence

Hangmen Skeletons

Halloween Raven

Creepy Mailboxes

Tricky treats

Sinister Scarecrow

Spooky Wrought Iron Gate (2nd)

Swinging under the old oak tree

Halloween Village Gate

Halloween Lawn Décor

Lit Skeleton Yard Décor 2 sets

Grombies - set of 2

Haunted Village Accessories

Halloween Decorating Set - Set of 4

Halloween Yard Decorations

Halloween Scenery 1 set of 9

Halloween Accessories - 1 set of 5

Ghostly Landscape - 12 pieces

Gravely Landscape - 1 set of 5 pieces

Haunted Front Yard - 1 piece

Halloween Village Set - 22 pieces

Spooky Yard Scene

Creepy Front Yard - 1 piece

Jack-O-Lantern Yard

Fiber Optic BackGround


Flat Platforms - 7

Flat Platforms w/ lower front yard - 2

Tunnel Platform

Raised Platform w/ winding Steps - 2

Tower Platform - 2

Skull Platform

Flat Sea Platform

Sea Skull Platform

Sea with Dock Platform

Lit Jack O Lanterns - 2 sets of 6 lights

Jack O Lanterns - 3 sets of 2 lights

String/ Jack O Lanterns - 3 sets of 12 lights

Skull Lawn Luminaries Lights - 1 set

Boneyard Luminaries - 2 set of 4 lights

Lit Pumpkin Luminaries - 1 set of 8 lights

Halloween Luminaries - 1 set of 12 lights

Boneyard Do Not Evil Lights - 1 set of 3 lights

Candy Corn Light String - 2 sets of 8 lights

String/ Orange and Purple Lights - 3 sets

String / Purple lights - 2 sets

String / Scary Skulls - 2 sets

String / bloody Lights 2 sets

String/ Lit Cauldrons - 1 set of 4 lights

String/ Spooky Eyeball Lights - 2 sets

Stacked Jack O Lanterns - 1 set of 2 lights

Orange Twinkle Brite Trees - (total 38)

Purple Twinkle Brite Trees - (total 40)

MultiColor Twinkle Brite Trees (total 12)

Twinkle Bright Shrubs - 9 sets of 3 lights

Purple Twinkle Bright Hedge - 7 sets

Spooky Eyeball Hedge 3 sets of 1

Flexible Autumn Hedge - 7

Boneyard Lantern

Boneyard Street Light - 2 sets

Bewitched Street Light - total 24 sets

Scary Street Lights - total of 10

Pumpkin Street Lights - 2 sets of 2 lights

Skeleton Street Lamps - 1 set of 4 lights

Gargoyle Lamp Post - 7 sets of 2 lights

Gargoyle Street Lights - 2 sets

Ghost Street Lamps - 1 set of 2 lights

Eyeball Street Posts - 2 sets of 2 lights

Corn Stalks Street Light - 1 set with 2 lights

Lit Nightmares - 2 sets of 2 lights

Scary Jack O Lanterns Street Lights - 5 sets

Skull tree

Ghostly Glow Street Light - 3 sets

Halloween Sound Scene

*Lit Graveyard Tree

Stormy Night Tree

Spooky Willows - 1 set of 2

Scary Twisted Trees - 3 sets of 2

Haunted Sounds Trees - 1 set of 3 trees

Lit Spooky Tree

Black Bare Branch Trees - 1 set of 3 trees

Toilet Paper Trees - 2 sets of 2 trees

Spooky Tree

Tree of Terror

Petrified Tree

Halloween Town Tree Tree # 1

Bats and Spooks Trees - 1 set of 2 trees

Autumn Maple Trees - 5 sets of 3 trees

Spider Trees - 3 sets of 2 trees

Spooky Black Glitter Trees - 1 set of 3 trees

Scary Pumpkin Lit Tree

Haunted Tree

Lit Yard Décor

Spooky Backdrop for Windows 2 sets of 2

Village Halloween Scene - 3 backdrops

Purple/Orange 3 volt Light Bulbs

Blue/Yellow Light Bulbs / Round Base

20 sets Building and Accessories Lighting System

Additional Cords - 39 sets of 6 cords each

Halloween Parade

Treats for the Kids

Campbell Kids

Go Team Go Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat at the Castle

Bobbing for Apples

Halloween Kids

Who Let the Dogs Out

Canine Trick or Treat

Two Ply Fun

Come In If You Dare

Fort Frightful

Tree House

Let's Go To the Moon

Little Space Explorers

Trick or Trick Kids

Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

*Lighting the Jack o Lanterns

Preparing For Halloween

Spooky Lemonade Stand

Caramel Apple Stand

Peanuts Trick or Treat

Halloween Kittens

Black Kittens for sale

Count Dogula

Is Anyone Watching

Wiener Roast

Campfire Scary Stories

Halloween Full Moon -

The Dragon Parade

Lighting Up Halloween

Gathering Pumpkins

Bringing Home the Winner

Harvest Yard Fun

Scarecrow Fun

Pick Your Own Pumpkin

Creative Carvings

Disney Dress Up

Photos With Frankenstein

Autographs With Dracula

Halloween Hay Ride

Bone to Rock

A Vampire's Best Friend

Party for Treats

Topping Off the Scarecrow

His Name will be Pumpkinhead

Candy Kids

You Look Batastic

Trick or Treating on the Lane

Scary Treats for a Sweet


Grimsley Family

Gravely Haunting 2008

Gravely Haunting 2004

Gravely Haunting 2007

Gravely Haunting 2006

Gravely Haunting 2005

Steady Killer Steady

Wilhelmina & Lucille


Forever On Guard Knight

Jokes Over

Ghastly's Night Out

For Doom the Bell Tolls



Another Prince Croaks

Hatties Hat Custom Fitted

Green with Envy

Black Cat Snack

Airborne Witch

Made For Each Other

Black Widow Strikes Again

Little Ghouls

No Hocus Pocus Here

No Spell Unlearned

Witch Watch

Broom Share

Witch Trap

Witch a Brew'n


Brew Ha Ha

Dinner is Served

Don't Forget to Tip Server

Zombie Pub Crawl

Monster Rock Band

Bone Jovi Band

The Zombies Band

Can't wait for Halloween

Bats in My Belfrey

Madame Zelda at Work

Getting Candy for Halloween

La Ghostli Movie Kids

Badnews Paperboy

Ink Scare


Jack of the Lantern

Graveyard Shift

A Gravely Undertaker

For Doom the Bell Tolls

Scary Gravedigger

Rat Catcher


Let's Have a Little Fun

Ghastly Organ Grinder

Funny Bones

Mummy Mischief

Spellbound by Hypno Girl

Creepy Carnie

Two Headed Fred

Don't Be a Scary Cat

Time to Feed the Monsters

Dr. Lunatic

Who's the Dummy Now

Your are what you Eat


No one Rides for Free

Git Offa My Train

Time's a Wasting

Rats! There Goes My Grain

Testin' the Toxins

Scary Ghost Catcher

Moving with magic

The Beast Master

Pie in the Face Escape


Rats! There Goes My Grain

Old Hermit of the Woods

Service with a Smile

An Axe to Grind

Deranged Chickens

Sleepless Walking

bloody Good Time

Made to be Wild

Lady and the Vamp

Bone to be Wild

Rusty Scares Up a Deal

Hazardous and wasted

Lefty's Passion

Captain Black Bart's Ghost

Strangers Beware

Haunted Harvest

Makings of a Sordid Evening

Building a Better MouseTrap

Painted Ladies

Forced Fit

Mummimizing my Ride

Dept 56 Snow Village - Halloween - Lot:

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Dept 56 Sv Halloween Rickety Railroad Station Haunted Rails 10th Anniversary picture
Dept 56 Sv Halloween Rickety Railroad Station Haunted Rails 10th Anniversary

Department 56 Halloween Village Sign Grim Reaper Tombstone Pumpkins Ships Today picture
Department 56 Halloween Village Sign Grim Reaper Tombstone Pumpkins Ships Today

Department 56 Halloween Accessory Mummimizing My Ride Official Harley-davidson picture
Department 56 Halloween Accessory Mummimizing My Ride Official Harley-davidson

Krinkles Department 56 Large 20
Krinkles Department 56 Large 20" Witch With Baby Dragons Halloween Decor New

Department 56 Halloween Village Spooky Tree Crow Birds Leaf Pumpkins Ships Today picture
Department 56 Halloween Village Spooky Tree Crow Birds Leaf Pumpkins Ships Today

Department 56 Snow Village Halloween
Department 56 Snow Village Halloween "dr. Lunatic's Laboratory" 56-54602 Rare