Digital Big Jumbo Led Snooze Wall Desk Alarm Calendar Countdown Watch Clock For Sale

Digital Big Jumbo LED snooze wall desk alarm Calendar countdown watch clock
Please note that we are selling factory direct products.All products are 100% brand new in manufacturer's packaging.We are manufacturer of LED digital clock, LED night light, LED sensor light etc.And we are look for thelocal retailers and wholesalers.Please feel free to contact us by emailif youwould like toget more information about our products. Direct selling from factory, it is the best choice not matter for wholesaling or retailing. We insist in small profits but quick turnover. It is better to give the customers more pricerite so that they will bring more customers for us than adverting. We cherish every customer and commit to offer you the best product and service.

Adapter:Please inform us which adapter you need. Otherwise, we will send the one we checked by ourself to you.

Thank you for visiting our LED clock, the following are the advantage of our clock, there are 17 models for this clock, the follow is the example of modelBIG NUMBER HOURS, MINUTES, SECONDS, we would like to inform you that the the model which showHOURS AND SECONDSONLY do not have the second function. If you need the second functions, please select the correct model.Advantage 1:Display ClearlyBig bright digit display. It can be read within 25 meters.

Advantage 2:6 groups alarm

You can set up to 6 group alarms. Make everything orderly.

The alarm from quite to loud, slow to quick. Wake you up from your naturaly.

You do not need to worry about lating for school, work or date.

It is a great assister in your life.

Advantage 3:count down timer function

With the countdown function, you can do several things at one time. Our timer will remind you when finish.

It can be use for sport contest, cooking, arrang your study or working time.

You can set the time for your children's study and play.

(Please note the clock which show hours and minutes only can count down 23 hours 59 minutes.)

offer digital LED night color light display temp calendar alarm desk wall clock

Advantage 4:temperature display

It can be set to show centigrate or fahrenheit according to your country.

Every day when you get up, you can know the temperature, then you can choose the suitable clothes.

Be confident and beautiful!

Advantage 5:Calendar display

There are 4 format to show the calendar: YY/MM/DD, DD/MM/YY, DD/MM/YY

(Please note the clock which show hours and minutes only can display YY/DD or DD/YY.)

YY/MM/DD DD/MM/YY 6:12/24 hours switch

Advantage 7:night light

The beads will be bright at night, and there are 3 levels for you to adjust the light.

When you would like to go to toilet at night, turn on the light will be much dazzing,

this clock will help you to see the way clearly.

Besides, some children will lack of sense of security at night, this clock is the best choice.

Last but not the least, the clock will give you a good atmosphere in your room at night.

Give you a warm home!

Advantage 8:quality assurance

Incomparable quality, it will not fade in color even you use it for a long time.

Advantage 9:can be hangged on wall

It is not only a desk/table clock, it can be a wall clock as well.

You can place it wherever you like, leads you a humble house.

Advantage 10:rotative display

There are four display for you to choose:

1,show time only

2,show temperature only

3,show calendar only

4,show time, temperature & calendar rotationally.

(show time for 5 seconds, then temperature for 3 seconds, date for 3 seconds, then again)

temperature date time circular


1, The style of this clock is fashionable and creative looking. People, especially, young people love it.
2, Its good looking will be the best matching the furniture to decorate the house.
3, It is not only for table/desk clock, but also can be hung on wall as wall clock.
4, It covers all the functions that a traditional clocks have.
5, Energy saving, Environmental protection,no sound generated: it is entirely led lights up, one LED on each dot, the light is very soft, and the brightness can be dimmable , no heat generated, the power consumption is less than 1.5 kWh per month.There is no radiation. LCD clock face will be not clear in the light, LCD clock must be back against the light, LCD clock is completely non-existent such problem, why some clocks can be so cheap? Since it is to LCD display clock, LCD screen clock can NOT be seen clear when the light too shine or too dark..
5, Long-distance readable. it is readable easily within 25 meters, which is very very big different from traditional clocks with a short-distance reading only.
6, With above advantages, it is a good choice to be a gift!!! and will be used widely to decorate houses with placing wherever you like.

1, Time display: Hour/min/sec display.
2, Calendar: Available to switch to calendar display.
3, Temperature display: Available to switch to Temperature display.
5, Alarm: with alarm function and you can set the time interval between each alarming as you like from 1minutes to 60minutes.
6,The ringtone grows from lower to louder, and slower to faster.
7, Light function: at night, it works as light, as the brightness of lighting can be adjusted.Then this clock can work as little night light and it can be read in a long distance which isvery different from the traditional digital clock which just can be read in a short distance. In daylight, it is also can be readable in a very long distance. It is readable easily within 25 meters.
8, It is apply forin bedrooms, living rooms, coffee rooms, hotels hall, but also used widely in sports, workshops, public places, supermarket hall, big shopping mall, bus, warehouses, classrooms, bus station, railway stations, metro stations,anywhere you want to place it.
9,It just cost about 1.5kwh per year only. Lot lot lot of energy saving! ! !
10,Mirror surface: its surface looks like a mirror when the power is off, it almost likes a cell phone surface effect.
11,AC/DC adapter, transformer supports: 100-240V,50/60Hz.

This clock are designed and produced by our factory and we are sole factory making this clock. At present we are looking for sole agent. If you are interested in it. please kindly let us know.
Digital Big Jumbo Led Snooze Wall Desk Alarm Calendar Countdown Watch Clock

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Digital Big Jumbo Led Snooze Wall Desk Alarm Calendar Countdown Watch Clock:

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