Disney Beauty And Beast Live Action Belle Pink A-line Dress, Euc Sz 4t, Rare Htf

Disney Beauty And Beast Live Action Belle Pink A-line Dress, Euc Sz 4t, Rare Htf

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Disney Beauty And Beast Live Action Belle Pink A-line Dress, Euc Sz 4t, Rare Htf:

Up for offer is a Disney Beauty and the Beast A-line dress, size 4T, excellent like new class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;">

What you see is exactly what you will receive, in perfect condition this was bought new and worn only once before my daughter outgrew it.

Sleeveless a-line style with back zip; bow detail on shoulder, 100% cotton with a vertical texture in the fabric; baby pink with decal at the hemline of the castle, roses and the live action version of Belle and the rose; printed only on the front, back is solid pink.

Sold at Target stores after the live action movie, this is a very rare and hard to find dress. Only one on currently, get it before it's gone.

Thanks and enjoy.

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Disney Beauty And Beast Live Action Belle Pink A-line Dress, Euc Sz 4t, Rare Htf:

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