Disney Courvoisier Snow White & 7 Dwarfs Original Production Animation Cel 1937 For Sale

Disney SNOW WHITE & SEVEN DWARFS Original Production Animation CEL 1937

In 1937, Courvoisier Galleries gave Disney animation art the magic touch it needed to be considered fine art. It was no longer seen as pictures for a child's room. With the help of Courvoisier and their marketing know-how, Disney art had climbed the fine art ladder to become welcome additions to museums, galleries, and public and private collections worldwide. What made the artwork Courvoisier sold so unique was the style and manner in which the Disney Studios artists prepared it. The special backgrounds drawn and painted and the unique and interesting materials employed in its preparation showed the character images off to their best advantage. At that time, too, the Art Deco style was new and fresh and its influence can be seen in almost every piece of artwork prepared at Disney for sale through Courvoisier Galleries.

This is an Original Production Animation Cel sold By Courvoisier Galleries From " Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs " The cel has been matted & the mat measures 10.5" x 12.5". The cel that is showing measures about 5" x 5.5". The image of each character measures about 2" x 1". This is multi layered – top cel is a covering. Then you have the 2 bunnies placed – then the hand done background – then the gingham green backdrop. All are lined up straight and correct. The paint on the characters is in fine shape the only cracking is on the top bunny’s back leg where it has come lifted off the background. This could easily be laid back down. The cel is also a bit wavy, but not bad. On the bottom of the mat where the cel meets the mat there is in small witting "Bunnies." The mat also has the WDE stamp in the corner showing this is the original mat from Courvoisier and Disney. The frame is the original one the gallery picked to match the artwork. I did remove the picture to get a non-glare shot as well as get a pic of the WDE logo in the bottom corner. (there are only 2 nails holding it in the back as it was found)

On the back it says "Original Work From Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs” and “This material inflammable HANDLE WITH CARE Frame Under Glass Copyright 1937 Walt Disney Enterprises” There is also some writing from the Disney studios “Set #95 A” on the top of the mat.

Only a very Limited number have been selected to be placed on the market. I do believe that this is a rare example since there are 2 characters involved in it. Copyright 1937

Will come professionally packed and shipped. Please let me know if you have any questions are would like to see more pics.

Disney Courvoisier Snow White & 7 Dwarfs Original Production Animation Cel 1937

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Disney Courvoisier Snow White & 7 Dwarfs Original Production Animation Cel 1937:

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