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Disney Le 395 Carl Barks Signed An Embarrassment Of Riches Scrooge Mcduck Art For Sale

Disney Le 395 Carl Barks Signed An Embarrassment Of Riches Scrooge Mcduck Art

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Disney LE 395 Carl Barks Signed Scrooge McDuck EMBARRASSMENT OF RICHES Fine Art

  • Theme Park Connection continues to offer some of the rarest and most unique Disney items on
  • In this sale you are offerding on thisFine Art Framed Disney Legend Signed Carl Barks Limited Edition "Embarrassment of Riches" Fine Art Lithograph
  • Extremely rare 1st Edition
  • Hand Numbered Limited Edition of257out of 395
  • Part of the "Money Bin" series of the most desirable Carl Barks artworkseries ever released
  • There was a higher edition of 500 created but this is the rare originalversion bearing the hand signature and hand numbering 257 out of 395
  • The framedfine art is created on 90lb stock with a neutral pH factor with 100% cotton fiber, acid free for preservation and alkaline buffering to conteract counterfits

"An Embarrassment of Riches"

  • Hand Signed By the Artist Disney Legend Carl Barks (1901-2000)
  • In this scene it looks like a bull market is rampaging -- Scrooge has extended his depth gauge to a new height of 95 feet.
  • The image area of this glittering laugh-riot, indexed by Barks scholars as painting #125L (Barks identification number 1-83)
  • Comes custom framed with Letter of Authenticity
  • FREE USA SHIPPING ($65.00 Value) &

Signed and Hand Numbered by Carl Barks

  • Character: Uncle Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck and Nephews
  • Title: "An Embarrassment of Riches" Carl Barks, Signed on Front
  • Edition: Hand Numbered Limited Edition 257/395
  • Frame Size: 29" wide by 25" tall wide by 16" tall
  • Certificate: COA is included Sold as pictured, mounted inside beautiful frame, Artwork in good condition, some minor age spotswhich is verycommon only onthe white border around image, no in image, been mounted in frame to protect, hand signed with letter of authenticity, sold as pictured

History of the Artwork "An Embarrassment of Riches"

  • Carl Barks An Embarrassment of Riches Art (1983).
  • The "money bin" paintings are the most desirable Carl Barks originals, and this sensational showpiece is the second largest one Barks ever produced, at 25" x 20".
  • "Of all of my paintings, I got the most satisfaction out of 'An Embarrassment of Riches," Carl Barks said. "The pleasure came mostly in the refinement of the color."
  • Bruce Hamilton wrote, "When asked to assess his work on the first four oil paintings he did for his [early-1980s] series of Disney lithographs, Carl Barks noted without hesitation, 'I like 'An Embarrassment of Riches' best... It gave me a chance to work in a lot of beautiful colors -- really my stock-in-trade. And I'd always wanted to paint one of those old wrought-iron windows with the light coming in.'"
  • "If you had five billion quintiplitilion unptuplatillion multuplatillion impossiofferillion fantasticatrillion dollars, what would you do with it?
  • This is what Scrooge McDuck does with it, and he is the richest duck in the world."
  • According to lore, Scrooge's money bin was built in 1902, shortly after he had entered the diamond market and could no longer sleep at night.
  • It seems the money he stashed under his mattress had raised his bed too close to the ceiling, and so the money bin was built.
  • Barks' money bin paintings were not re-creations of comic book covers or panels from stories, but were completely original.
  • This one was created to be made into a lithograph by Another Rainbow Publishing.

About the Artist: Carl Barks:

  • (March 27, 1901 – August 25, 2000) was a famous Disney Studio illustrator and comic book creator, who invented Duckburg and many of its inhabitants, such as Scrooge McDuck (1947), Gladstone Gander (1948), the Beagle Boys (1951), Gyro Gearloose (1952), Flintheart Glomgold (1956), John D. Rockerduck (1961) and Magica De Spell (1961).
  • The quality of his scripts and drawings earned him the nick names The Duck Man and The Good Duck Artist.
  • In November 1935, when he learned that Walt Disney was seeking more artists for his Studio, Carl decided to apply.
  • He was approved for a try-out which entailed a move to Los Angeles, California.
  • Carl was one of two in his class of trainees who was hired.
  • His starting salary was 20 dollars a week.
  • He started at Disney Studios in 1935, more than a year after the debut of Donald Duck on June 9, 1934 in the short animated film The Wise Little Hen.
  • Carl initially worked as an inbetweener. This involved being teamed and supervised by one of the head animators who did the key poses of character action (often known as extremes) for which the inbetweeners did the drawings between the extremes to provide smoothness to the illusion of movement. While an inbetweener, Carl submitted gag ideas for cartoon story lines being developed and showed such a knack for creating comical situations that by 1937 he was transferred to the story department.
  • His first story sale was the climax of Modern Inventions, for a sequence where a robot barber chair gives Donald Duck a haircut on his butt.
  • In 1937 when Donald Duck became the star of his own series of cartoons instead of co-starring with Mickey Mouse and Goofy as previously, a new unit of storymen and animators was created devoted solely to this series.
  • Though he originally just contributed gag ideas to some duck cartoons by 1937 Barks was (principally with partner Jack Hannah) originating story ideas that were storyboarded and (if approved by Walt) put into production.
  • He collaborated on such cartoons as Donald's Nephews (1938), Donald's Cousin Gus (1939), Mr. Duck Steps Out (1940),Timber (1941), The Vanishing Private (1942) and The Plastics Inventor (1944).

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          Disney Le 395 Carl Barks Signed An Embarrassment Of Riches Scrooge Mcduck Art

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          Disney Le 395 Carl Barks Signed An Embarrassment Of Riches Scrooge Mcduck Art:

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