Disney Lion King Shenzi Matted Production Animation Cel Drawing - Timon & Pumbaa

Disney Lion King Shenzi Matted Production Animation Cel Drawing - Timon & Pumbaa

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Disney Lion King Shenzi Matted Production Animation Cel Drawing - Timon & Pumbaa:

Walt Disney's character created in The Lion King:
Original production animation cel from Timon And Pumbaa!A great image of Shenzi - the bad crazy hyena leader. A HUGE image! The drawing measures 12.5" x 10.5". It has some random crinkles here and there but none that affect the image - there are also a few flecks on the nose. Production notes say A43.We've mounted it in a very nice acid-free 11" x 14" mat. Simply buy your own frame and hang it up!Shipping includes PRIORITY MAIL AND INSURANCE!

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Disney Lion King Shenzi Matted Production Animation Cel Drawing - Timon & Pumbaa:

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