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Disney Pixar Cars 2 Finn Mcmissile # 2 Diecast British Spy Agent Secret English For Sale

Disney Pixar Cars 2 Finn Mcmissile # 2 Diecast British Spy Agent Secret English

"Those thugs down there were on the oil platform. If they see me, the whole mission is compromised."
Indeed. Meet FINN McMISSILE. Secret agent, British intelligence.
Disney PIXAR Cars 2 FINN McMISSILE # 2 diecast British spy agent secret Englishisdiecast (with plastic components) in 1:55 scaleby Mattel. New, in INTERNATIONAL package. On the now-retired Cars 2 Porto Corsa card. Card in good condition. Sidecut. (And, sorry, I just pulled off the sticker that was covering the UPC in the second photo. It's gone now.) One nick along the outer edge at right and a small bald spot above the UPC at back where the sticker was removed. The bubble portion of the blister is level and centred, showing little to no wear from rubbing. It has no cracks, creases or crinkles in it. Inside the package, FINN McMISSILE looks good. (He is the first-run segmented diecast with a seam at the front end.) Please zoom into the photos supplied. As always with my listings, they depict the actual Cars 2FINN McMISSILEavailable for sale. It is the one you will receive.

I COMBINE SHIPPING with NO HANDLING FEE! For Canadian buyers choosing delivery by EXPEDITED PARCEL POST, this means your second item ships for one dollar after your first (which is the item with the highest shipping cost) and any item after that is shipped to you for free, meaning at no additional cost. This rule does not apply to XPRESSPOST; I also offer a discounted rate on that but Canada Post charges a premium for it as it is faster, faster, faster but sometimes not enough to make it worth your while. If you check with me for estimated delivery standards before you make your choice, I'll ensure you select the service you need. For buyers in the USA and overseas, please note that if there is ever a problem with check-out or the amount you've paid for postage, I will fix it for you before our business is concluded. That being said, for international customers, your combined shipping is based on a flat-rate amount and you pay full price for the first but save 30 per cent each on postage for the second and third item while the fourth et cetera is included at no additional cost to you. All postage prices are calculated on item weight but YOU MUST request a combined invoice from me before check-out so that I may ensure your postage cost has been tallied correctly. I would very much like for there to be a simpler way of doing it but right now the tools do not exist to make postage calculations on check-out as intuitive as they need to be to handle multi-national customers. If you're leery or confused, please ask for an advance quote on your anticipated multiple-item purchase and rest assured you'll pay only ACTUAL postage cost (or less) on items you purchase from my store, no handling added.Canada Post is perceived by some to be too pricey to allow me to take a handling fee for myself. Let's face it, no one really wants to pay for shipping but I can't do much to help that. What I can do is keep your postage realistic. BUYERS PAY ONLY THE ACTUAL COST OF POSTAGE; I don't pocket anything on shipping and I pass along any savings I can find to you. If you're considering a large order, I'm happy to discuss steeper shipping discounts. Just ask. Please be aware, however, that after a certain point, there are weight restrictions for parcels traveling across borders and/or overseas that may affect delivery times. And visit my storeMcQueen and Mo Materfor other great Cars!If you don't see what you want, please ask. There's a good chance that I have it someplace in the queue or that I can get it for you. I'm always happy to create custom listings for buyers.

AND.... for a limited time only, you'll receive Cars collector stickers by Panini with each order.

WHY BUY FROM ME? There are other places you can buy Cars online so why pick me? Good question. I'm happy to answer it! My prices will probably never be the lowest you can find and there's good reason for that. By the time you've received the items purchased from my store, it's an investment of eight to 10 hours of my time spent: (a) sourcing it because I obtain my cars from trusted collectors and suppliers who deal only in legitimate, authorized Cars; (b) photographing each item with no detail spared because what you see is what you get. I'm not using stock photography, lifting pictures from other sources, or recycling photos from one listing to the next; (c) examining the item for every perceptible flaw from the package to the car itself, and describing it with no punches pulled. You're buying something that you can't hold in your hands, so I'm going to give you all the information about it that I can. It's a deliberate decision on my part not to qualify my listings as "mint" or "collector grade". If you're a capital-C collector, please read my painfully long-winded item description, examine the photographs, and come to your own conclusions; I'm not one who throws those terms around like so many clothes at a bachelor party. Your definition of "mint" or "collector grade" may very well hit a standard below mine; (d) packaging it properly so that it arrives on your doorstep exactly how it left mine, barring some disaster on the part of the mail delivery system. I use appropriate boxes and packaging material for every order I ship; you're not getting something slapped into a bare envelope and thrown to the wind. And finally (e) communicating with you every step of the way. I'll tell you when your order has shipped, how long it should take to get to you and, if tracking is available on it, I'll be monitoring it as it travels the distance to ensure there are no speed bumps or detours along the way. Please check my response: "An excellent purchasing experience. This seller is very thorough and assiduous." "mjwl best of the best period !!! A++++++++++++++++++++++++" "AWESOME! None better, thank you again." "My favourite seller, the best one; perfect shipment, excellent comunication A+++" "Excellent really highly recommend my son will be over the moon brilliant service." "Seller did an excellent job of working with us to accomodate our needs." "The most awesome experience to date. Thanks for going the extra mile!" "Excellent car, wonderful seller, the best buying experience I could ask for A+++" "Absolutely fantastic seller. Would highly recommend. Amazing - thank you." "mjwl does the best item descriptions on . That+best service+Cars equals WOW." I'm a perfectionist. I take selling you Cars seriously. I want you to be completely satisfied with every aspect of your dealings with me and if you aren't, I want to know about it. And I have a 14-day return policy on any unopened item. If your order doesn't meet your needs or expectations for whatever reason, I am happy to take it back. Peace of mind is included free with purchase regardless of whether you're buying Cars for your child, or for your equally-important and certainly no quieter inner-child.

PLEASE NOTE: If you see an item photograph that looks exactly like mine but is being offered from another seller, CHECK FOR THE MJWL2006 WATERMARK on the bottom left-hand corner of the image. Because my photographs are high-resolution and good-quality, they are occasionally USED WITHOUT PERMISSION by other sellers. It might be said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but, to me, it's just dishonest. DOUBLECHECK BEFORE YOU BUY. My images are distinctive if you know what to look for. Aside from the watermark, they are all taken against the same background in the same manner and style, and there will be lots of them. As a buyer, it's the only way you can be assured that item is genuinely coming from mjwl2006. And if you're another seller moping around with mischief on your mind, reading this... you should already know that lifting photographs without permission is a copyright violation. It is prohibited by policies. (Plus, it's totally not cool and very bad manners. It ruins my day and you will be reported.)

THE FINE PRINT: If you're an international customer, please be reminded that any duty or customs fees thatmight beimposed when your order crosses the border are yours to pay and yours alone. Your offer or purchase price doesn't cover that; I'm neither qualified nor allowed to collect duty for you upfront. And don't mistake it for extra postage; it isn't. That tax, duty or tariff is simply collected by your postal agent for your government on your behalf. You need to be aware of the regulations of importing by post before you offer or buy. Your shipping label is printed through PayPal, and the amount you've paid is the declared value of your item. Anything else is fraud. I love my international buyers; I certainly don't want you to hate me because you might be unpleasantly surprised when the postman comes knocking. (Of course, duty doesn't apply apply to my fellow Canadians, and I love you, too! 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In some cases, the listing also offers Canada Post International Parcel SURFACE which is tracked the whole way but takes an estimated four to six WEEKS (or longer) to arrive. Sometimes, this is the only available choice because of value or weight; there are restrictions on some items traveling overseas. Your order is ALWAYS in the mail in less than 24 hours after payment is received but the speed at which it is delivered to you lays solely in the hands of our collective postal systems and the process of customs clearance.Some countries in the world are notorious for their lackluster customs processing; please have realistic expectations if yours is one of them.If it is important to you to have your order faster than five to ten working days, please send me a message before you pay and we'll discuss alternate shipping arrangements.Those options will be faster but fantastically expensive. It is your choice. If it is important for you to have tracking on your order by airmail, you must REQUEST Canada Post TRACKED Packets as your method of shipping prior to payment. (I'll give you a quote and, yes, that is really what it costs; there is no less expensive option for tracked airmail in the Canadian postal system.) Shipping costs outlined in the listing are calculated on item weight and specific to your region, nation or continent, but do not include a handling fee. If you have opted to purchase the more economical Canada Post SMALL Packets Airmail, your postage cost includes a nominal surcharge for insurance. Why? Effective Jan. 14, 2013, Canada Post hiked rates AND no longer accepts responsibility for liability on any untraceable Small Packets Airmail parcel that is damaged or lost in transit. Meaning senders have to find their own insurance for parcels or choose to ask their buyers to pay for the new TRACKED Packets service which is as much as four times costlier than the existing Small Packets Airmail. Even with additional insurance, Small Packets Airmail Service is much more affordable. I seek only to do right by my buyers; if you want the assurance of tracking on your airmail, please make a special request to me for Tracked Packet as your shipping service of choice but you must do so before you pay for your order. One final word on shipping: please remember the postage costs quoted are ACTUAL costs and do not include any kind of handling fee which is something I feel that I must really stress. If you, as a buyer, are not utterly and completely comfortable paying the postage outlined in the listing, you must look to another seller elsewhere who will, I'm sure, be happy to assist you. I'm not inflating the cost of shipping so that I might offset seller's fees or currency conversion or putting it into the mama-needs-a-new-pair-of-shoes fund. If it turns out that I have somehow overestimated your shipping cost, or if it has been miscalculated during automated check-out, your overpayment will be refunded once I have determined the correct amount after printing your shipping label. (There is no fee whatsoever for buyers who choose local pick-up. Contact me before you pay and I'll adjust your invoice to reflect this. Please be aware, however, that local pick-ups are cash-only transactions as I prefer to not accept payment by PayPal for buyers who come to my door.) I can hear what you're saying to yourself: 'Stop! Enough already; this is too much information!' I do realize this is information overload but I don't want anyone to make a purchase and then find themselves disappointed over shipping/postage and/or handling/packaging costs. Or delivery/dispatch times. Or an item description, or my communication skills. Or anything. If it's not good for you, it's not good for me. Let me know. I take my responsibility as your seller seriously and I would be disappointed if my efforts fell flat. I love what I sell, I value my customers, and I live by my response. Neither of us wants to come away from this with any less than a shiny five-star positive experience. We want onlysecret agents!

Thanks for your interest inDisney PIXAR Cars 2 FINN McMISSILE # 2 diecast British spy agent secret English!

Disney Pixar Cars 2 Finn Mcmissile # 2 Diecast British Spy Agent Secret English

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