Doll, Madame Alexander, 10 Inch, “silver Glitter” Cissette, 2002. Mib

Doll, Madame Alexander, 10 Inch, “silver Glitter” Cissette, 2002. Mib

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Doll, Madame Alexander, 10 Inch, “silver Glitter” Cissette, 2002. Mib:


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10 inch Madame Alexander Cissette doll “Silver Glitter”, 2002

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This doll was introduced by Alexander Doll Company in 2002 for the retail store Tuesday Morning. © nasa21 – do not copy

“Silver Glitter” wears a strapless sparkly silver knee-length dress, with a broad silver band at the top of the bodice, over a white tulle petticoat and white underwear. © nasa21 – do not copy She is wearing white sheer stockings and sparkly silver pumps. She has dark brown shoulder-length hair curled at the ends. Her blue “sleep eyes” work as designed.

Included with the doll –

- box, Madame Alexander

- wrist tag, Madame Alexander Doll Company

- post card, Official Collector Registration, Madame Alexander Doll Company

- post card, membership form to join the Madame Alexander Doll Club

This doll is brand new and has never been removed from her box (NRFB). Her hairnet is still in place and her legs are still wrapped in their original clear plastic.

The doll box is in GREAT condition, with a mild crease at one end of the lid. Hey, at least there IS a box AND a lid …. AND shoes ! Have you seen the dolls at Tuesday Morning?

NOT an “estate sale find”, this doll is from my wife’s personal collection.

This doll has NOT been stored outdoors in a lean-to shed that fell over on her. NO MUSTY ODOR! [smoke- and pet-free also]

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Doll, Madame Alexander, 10 Inch, “silver Glitter” Cissette, 2002. Mib:

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