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March 5th, 2015

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Holy Saturday

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April 5th, 2015
Easter Sunday



Dream Clean Doll Cleaner For Composition & Bisque Dolls For Sale

Dream Clean Doll Cleaner For Composition & Bisque Dolls

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<img Dream Clean Doll Cleaner

The Classy Kid Collection is proud to offer you our own formulated cleaner made especially for cleaning dolls, from modern to vintage. We have been using this for years on our dolls. You will be receiving a 6 ounce jar. If you are not happy with your purchase, return for a full refund!

This waterless cleaner will remove glue, grease, grime, tar and ink and more. It works great on hard plastic, composition and ceramic.
I have shown how it is used to clean Saucy Walker shoes. I received a pair in very bad condition, and cleaned one, leaving the other unchanged so you can see the difference. I then cleaned half of the unchanged one, also showing the difference. I also cleaned one-half of Saucy's face.

Not only does it clean these surfaces, it also conditions and protects your doll. This is especially helpful for composition dolls. NEVER use water on composition - this really works!
This cleaner is non-toxic and biodegradable. Full use instructions are included.

Please email with any questions. Latest emails I received:

Hi! I wanted to let you know how marvellous your doll cleaner is - my container arrived this morning, and I set to work straight away on a very grubby Pedigree hard plastic black doll. It really does everything you claim - the doll looks like new and smells wonderful! I also used it on two pairs of very dirtly plastic "Cinderella" doll shoes - again, they now look like new. I am absolutely delighted - I just wish I had taken some "before" and "after" photos to send you.
Anyway, you made my day! - UK customerI found my Madame Alexander doll(circa 1954)in my attic - thought she was long gone. Body & face were very dirty with age, heat, etc. Dream Clean was amazing - all the grime came off, face paint was not disturbed. I couldn't believe it worked so well. Wish I had taken before and after pics for you. The Madame Alexander is one of the early articulated 17" dolls with a body that was largely hard vinyl with soft vinyl arms from the elbow joint to the fingertips. She had red dust from west Texas (1954-1966), blackish grime from Texas coast (1976-1994), and heavy dust gathered in my inland attic (1994-2011). The Dream Cream and a washcloth removed all the layers of grime from both the hard and soft vinyls. Her whole body looks like new - cant say the same for her original dress and hair. But she is very presentable for 57 years old! AMAZING PRODUCT! THANK YOU!I was a bit skeptical when I purchased your product, but after cleaning 5 of the 16 "Chatty Cathy Family" dolls I had purchased on with it I'm totally impressed. There were stains(years of grime) on 4 of them that looked like had been absorbed into the plastic and the cleaner was able to get 90-100% of the stain out. Needless to say I am completely sold on the cleaner and the added bonus was once the dolls were cleaned they smelled baby powder fresh. I thought I was going to have to have them cleaned at a doll hospital when I sent them in to have the voiceboxes repaired to get this kind of result, so I'm really happy and excited I was able to do it myself. Thanks for a really great product that easy to use and actually works. K

Comments from buyers:
WOWSA! SaucyWalker now has toes looking like under 1956 Xmas tree!Stunning!LOVE!
This is the best doll cleaner that I have ever used, highly recommend
Ten times better than I was expecting. Really Works!! Doll collecter 20+ years - k
Best I have found so far. Really Works!!
I was amazed! Will definatly get a bigger size when needed. - b
Thank you your doll cleaner worked really good - e
WOW it is a magic doll cleaner~ Old dolly looks fantastic 5* seller ++++ thanks - m
Fast shipping! Works great! Leaves doll with beautiful shine-Will b back 4 more! - w
Thanks for the miracle cleaner! FAST SHIPPING AND COMMUNICATION! - O
this wonderful it works great thank you
Love this product! It lives up to its name "Dream Clean" Its the BEST A+A+A+A+ - s
Cleaner works very well!! Thank-you for your fast, friendly service!!! A++++++++ - S
AWSOME A+++++++ - J
Works great---Thank you!! - d
Thanks!! Excellent service..Great stuff. Spent the day cleaning lol .....!!!. A+ - c
Awesome item!!!!!! - L
Excellent product! 5 Star Service!! Thank you!! - p

Please note: There is NO cleaner that will remove everything, including ink or stains that have penetrated vinyl. We offer a "try it" size to see if this cleaner meets your needs.

Paypal only

$FREE shipping fees to the U.S.

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Dream Clean Doll Cleaner For Composition & Bisque Dolls

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