Early 19thc. Inscribed, Dated Antique Caucasian Shirvan Runner With Qajar Lions For Sale

VERY RARE, EARLY 19th Century, DATED & INSCRIBED, ANTIQUE CAUCASIAN SHIRVAN-GROUP(?) RUNNER,East Central Caucasus Mountains, dated in two places: 1219 (1802) ans 1223 (1809), and coming in quite good condition for its great age. The size is: 3'-8" x 9'-7" (112 x 292 cm).The early dates on this weaving are quite plausible. With the dates, inscriptions, and the twolion figures (the symbol of the Qajar Dynasty), this could have been a carpet commissioned bya person of rank or status. It has wool warps of mixed shades of natural light and brown wool plied together. The wefts are mostly cotton withsome areas of natural brown wool (see photo 12). The two cord side over-castings are original and complete and wrapped in natural ivory cotton. All of the colors are natural and derived from plant sources with an especially nice aubergine purple. The pile condition evenly low (see photo 11), but not worn. There aresome professional artistic restorations to small "dog-eared" gouges on the corners and also to the outermost red guard stripe at both the top and the bottom endings, all of which has beenaccomplished at some time in the past. There is a remote possibility that this early antiquelong carpetis a product of the Shahsavan tribe living in Azerbaijan. Many Shahsavan groups settled in the Shirvan district and their weavings are indiscernable to other ethnic groups in this area. Quite a few of their weavings have similar structural components and design pools to that of Shirvan weavings. Notwithstanding the knowledge of a precise origin, this amazing weaving was anexciting find for me and a pleasure to post for sale on sale with a very low reserve price. This is an estate carpet that was used in a low traffic area and it may be just a bit dusty. A professional cleaning will enhance its beauty. Ifyou have any questionsconcerning this early antique Caucasian Shirvan(?) runner, feel free to callMichael Phillips at(303) 885-7599 or email me (READ: phillipsrugs at comcast dot net).Please takesome extra time to review the other fine antique rugsand weavings of merit I have posted exclusively with sale this week and remember to bookmark my seller ID: imokub2 (I am okay, you be too) to your "favorite sellers list" to see my weekly future offerings of antique oriental rugs, carpets, tribal bags, kilim weavings,and textiles of merit. NOTICE: All of my offerings come with an unconditional 100% money back refund guarantee (includingall initial s/h/ins. fees) for ANY reason the winning buyer isunhappy with their antique oriental rug or textile art purchase from me. GOOD LUCK offerDING.ARARE ANTIQUE WEAVING FOR THE DISCERNING COLLECTOR.

Early 19thc. Inscribed, Dated Antique Caucasian Shirvan Runner With Qajar Lions

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Early 19thc. Inscribed, Dated Antique Caucasian Shirvan Runner With Qajar Lions :

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