Easter Island 500 Rongo, Moai Carvings / Legand Of Bird Man, Polymer, Hologram For Sale

Easter ISLAND ....500 stone head carvings called "Moai" are one of the the most famous statuary on Earth. These Moai appear at many locations around the island. Easter Island, or "Rapa Nui" as the inhabitants, citizens of Chile call it. The word Rongo in Easter Island legends, refers to the hieroglyphics used by tribal leaders which represented island laws and were called rongo rongo. A larger more hologram and new underprinting are present on this updated version of the 2011 issue. This note depicts the legend of the Bird Man. Young men would compete for tribe leadership by being the first to swim to a nearby island and return with an intact egg from one of the birds living there and presenting it to the chief. banknote. Issued for use in Antarctica by Antarctic Overseas Exchange Office and can be traded for face value in US dollars. 100 Francs = 1 Euro = $1.25. Size: 6.25" x 3.00" > NEVER A RESERVE !!