Ekco Bakelite Radio- Model A22-c.1945

Ekco Bakelite Radio- Model A22-c.1945

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Ekco Bakelite Radio- Model A22-c.1945:



Your offers are invited for what must be one of the very best examples of an EKCO A22 BAKELITE RADIO.Dating from 1945, this was the last of only five models produced by the British firm of EKCObetween 1935 and 1945. Relatively few examples of this beautifully styled radio exist today, especially in this rare black and chrome combination. It is in full working order, great sensitivity, withdistortion-free sound, and isthe last onefrom my own private collection.

Cosmetically this set is in excellent condition. There are absolutely NO cracks, gouges or chips to the case, apart from a very minor 2mm nibble. The case is free from any discoloration and has a nice lustrous sheen. The chrome surround is free from any pitting, the loudspeaker grille cloth is without any fading, with no tears orholes. The back-lit tuning scale is absolutely perfect, with NO scratches or burn marks, and with all the station names showing clearly. The ORIGINAL back isincluded and has all the fixings in place. The ORIGINAL knobs are free from any splits or cracks and the ORIGINAL mains transformer is fitted. APVC mains cord has been fitted in the interests of electrical safety as the original 2-core braided rubber insulation ones ALWAYS become very brittle and unsafe with age!

The radio has been professionally re-aligned and the 3-valve plus recifier configuration is very sensitive on just a few feet of aerial wire, easily pulling in stations across the whole range. All the valves have been checked for good emission and the sound from the ORIGINAL loudspeaker is clean and undistorted. The tuning drive cord has been replaced and the integral slow-motion drive functions correctly, with the correct degree of mechanical bandspread for fine tuning. The tuning, wavechange and volume controls function perfectly, without noise or crackling. A copy of the Radio Trader Service Sheets for this model are supplied, giving full circuit and alignment details. In addition an authenticcopy of the original EKCO user installation and operating instructions are supplied.

Dimensions are 14.5 inches diameter and 7.5 inches deep, with a weight of 7Kg. Inspection is invited by arrangement.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire one of the best examples of this radio I have owned. A true style icon, over 60 years old, it provides a real talking point when seen in any setting and should provide years of pleasure. These radioswere often featured in classic films of the period and their usage is also seen in many well-known prestige TV and films, such as 'Poirot', 'Miss Marple' and Agatha Christie plays. Whoever purchases this superb example of British radio history will be the envy of other radio collectors!


1. I have over 40 years experience as a professional engineer in all aspects of receiver and transmitter technology. As a BBC engineer and lecturerfor many years I trained all grades of staff in both theoretical and practical aspects of radio and television broadcasting. Starting with valve equipment in the 1960's and progressing through to current trends I am fully conversant with valve, transistor and ICcircuitry as used in vintageand current receivers.

2. The radios I sell all go through the same steps of refurbishment even if they are in supposed mint condition. I spend considerable time on each radio to restore them into a condition that I would accept from my own private collection. I research each radio to give you the model number and vintage, with any provenance where possible. They are all completely disassembled, the case and chassis are thoroughly cleaned and polished, filter capacitors are checked and replaced ifleaky (for no hum), all valves are removed, tested and replaced if weak, the mains power cord is replaced if worn or frayed, dial lamps are replaced where required and any missing screws are replaced.

3. I always do my best to give accurate details of any flaws and list with many photographs, so you can judge for yourself what you are offerding on. I NEVER use generic or scanned material from any outside source!

4. You will never hear me say "the mains cord is cut so I cannot test it" or "I know nothing about radios, I just bought this in a house clearance or sale"

5. If I list it on then it is working properly with clear mellow sound. Any exceptions to this will ALWAYS be clearly stated. I do not sell broken, junk ormystery radios. Any radios soldfor spares usage only will have this clearly stated in the description. IMPORTANT. Due to transport and shipping conditions being beyond our control we can only guarantee the working condition of our radios prior to shipment. Customers are recommended to collect in person wherever possible due to the relative fragility of these old radios!

6. I ONLY sell radios (and classic telephones). I DO NOT sell china, paintings, toys and all the other stuff that non-specialists and the general antiques and house clearance sellers on advertise!


Prospective buyers are strongly advised to examine personally any goods in which they are interested BEFORE the sale takes place. Whilst every care is taken in the accuracy of condition reports and descriptions I provide

no guarantee to the buyer other than that stated above. Many items are of an age or nature which precludes their being in perfect condition and some descriptions that are given make reference to damage and/or restoration. I

provide this information for guidance only and will not be held responsible for

oversights concerning defects or restoration, nor does a reference to particular defects imply the absence of any others. Prospective purchasers must accept these reports as genuine efforts by myself or must take other steps to verify the condition of lots.



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Ekco Bakelite Radio- Model A22-c.1945:

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