English Manga Comic Fruits Basket 1 Out Of 23 : Choose

English Manga Comic Fruits Basket 1 Out Of 23 : Choose

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English Manga Comic Fruits Basket 1 Out Of 23 : Choose:

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Translated from Japanese to English by ChuangYi Pte Ltd

[Product Description]

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

The heart-stirring drama of the twelve zodiacs draws to its final conclusion! The curse has been lifted, and the Sohmas now find themselves displaced in a world of 'strangers' where they must learn to create new bonds in family and in love. Even as Akito's announcement will come as a surprise to some, for Tohru and her friends, there is renewed faith and determination to keep moving forward. Their journey has come full-circle, and the future is filled with possibilities. The party's just beginning, and everyone's invited!

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

Before Kyo is able to redeem himself with Tohru, he needs to confront what he has been running away from all this time… his father! But will Kyo's father be as forthcoming with forgiveness, and what horrid truth will Kyo learn from him about his mother? In the meantime, a reformed Akito has a change of heart regarding Kyo's incarceration, which causes her to make a decision that will shock many in the Sohma household! And how did a promise of love and friendship turn into the burdensome, tragic curse that it is? The full tale of the twelve zodiacs is finally revealed in this penultimate volume!

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

Unable to forgive himself for what he had done, Kyo rejects Tohru's confession and runs away, triggering off a chain of events with dire consequences. A surprise run-in with Akito leads to a tragic accident and Tohru's life hangs precariously in the balance. Now that everything around Tohru seems to be falling apart, it is time for Yuki and the others to lend their strength to the girl who had once helped them break free from their curse and move forward. But will the one person Tohru truly needs most come to his senses before all is lost?

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

The cracks start to show as Akito feels her hold over the zodiac members slowly slipping away, with another two members breaking free from the ‘curse'… but how did Akito come to be this twisted in the first place? Is the late master of the Sohma household the cause for the rift between Akito and her mother? As the plot further unravels, Tohru prepares to confess her feelings to Kyo, but Kyo has more than just the ‘curse' holding him back -- the painful truth about her mother's death… and one confession that may end their relationship before it has the chance to start

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

It's Tohru's Mother's death anniversary again, but the overall mood seems more sombre than before. While Kyo struggles with his ever-growing feelings for Tohru, Tohru herself is torn on the inside when she realises she is slowing losing touch with her mother. Meanwhile, Kakeru introduces Yuki to his main squeeze Komaki Nakao, and finally reveals to Yuki about his brief run-in with Tohru in the past. How does this connect with Hanajima's earlier 'vision' during their graduation outing to Kyoto last year, and Kakeru's vested interest in both Tohru and Yuki?

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

Graduation day has arrived, and the final year students must offer farewell to their juniors. Minagawa, President of the Prince Yuki Fan Club, seeks to make her feelings known to Yuki, little realising that she has a secret admirer of her own! Yuki and Manabe pay a surprise visit to Machi's house, and Hiro confesses to Kisa the real reason why she had been punished by Akito... But amidst the hustle and bustle, Rin seems to have disappeared from the scene altogether, missing even her own graduation ceremony...! Just where could she be, and what could have happened to her?

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

Torhu pushes on in her search for answers, but isn't quite ready for what she soon discovers: the truth about a member of the zodiac whose curse has been lifted, yet is unable to completely break free from the 'bond' with Akito... and even more shocking, the truth about Akito's real identity! The stress finally takes its toll on Tohru and she breaks down... but can her friends hope to get her back on her feet again, since she's now too involved in the Sohma's affairs to break away? More family feuds and scandalous liaisons will soon unravel in the Sohma household. Just how many more secrets have been kept under wraps...?

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

With the Cultural Festival drawn to a close, so marks the ending of a year and the beginning of the next. However, Kyo's entrapment only gets deeper as he is still caught up with his past. Watch as sparks fly between the headstrong Kyoko and the gentle Katsuya as they meet for the first time... as told though the eyes of a very young Kyo! New Year is a time to reminisce and forgive, and as members of the Sohma family prepare for their annual banquet, a sense of urgency beckons Yuki's desire to move forward and break free from Akito

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

With the cultural festival fast approaching, Yuki's class have begun preparations for their upcoming stage debut of 'Cinderella'. Kyo, however, isn't all too pleased about playing the main lead (with Hanajima as Cinderella no less!) and skips on his rehearsals, much to Tohru's disappointment -- not that she isn't having problems of her own, since she has to play the role of the wicked stepsister! With such a mismatched cast, will the class be able to get their act together in time for opening night?

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

After her break up with Hatsuharu, Rin has been on a desperate mission in her search for answers. She pays Shigure a visit, hoping that he would reveal something that could help her break the curse, but is stonewalled yet again. Still, as one wall is erected another crumbles: Rin finally opens up to Tohru, and in the process she realises that they may have more in common than meets the eye... though not necessarily for the better. Meanwhile, Yuki finally finds courage to confide in Kakeru a deep dark secret of his... something that not even Tohru is aware of...

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

Yuki's estranged mother turns up for the parent-teacher appointment. and a repressed Yuki tries to make his feelings known to her without success. Fortunately, it's big brother Ayame to the rescue, as he gatecrashes the meeting with style! Meanwhile, suspecting Uotani's elusive crush to be the last zodiac member, Kureno Sohma, Tohru takes it upon herself to confront him in person! Yuki also confronts Kakeru about his sudden interest in Tohru's affairs. Will Kakeru become another rival for Tohru's affections? With more confrontations and confessions in store, the school semester for Tohru and the Sohmas looks set to be quite a colourful affair!

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

It's a brand new school term and an all-new student council is unveiled!! While Yuki has his hands full with handling his motley crew in the human relations department, Tohru pays a secret visit to Kazuma with the resolve to break the curse of the zodiacs- but will Kazuma have the answers she is looking for? Hatsuharu continues to struggle with his emotions after being dumped by Rin, while Kagura has a confession of her own to make to Kyo. With the parent-teacher meeting just around the corner and the future of the zodiacs so uncertain, the final year of high school is set to be a daunting task, but fight the good fight they shall!

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

Summer is marred with impending dread upon Akito's arrival, as members of the Sohma clan are expected to follow up with visitation to his quarters. And even as love is gently stirring within the hearts of Yuki and Kyo, weaknesses are preyed upon and quiet hopes turn to despair... Does Tohru have the strength to stand up against someone with such a powerful hold over them, or will she be sucked into the same darkness that plagues the Sohmas?

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

The Sohma's unscheduled summer retreat at the villa (courtesy of Momiji) is in progress, but a dark cloud in the form of the scheming family head, Akito Sohma, looms menacingly in the shadows. Shigure is doing a little scheming of his own, as he sets up Mayu (Tohru's form teacher AND his ex-girlfriend) with Hatori! Meanwhile, news of Hiro's mother's pregnancy brings mixed reactions to Tohru, as thoughts about the Sohma family curse starts to rear its ugly head... What other unplanned developments will happen this summer?

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

At the height of summer vacation, Yuki is busy making preparations for the new semester as student council president! But will he be able to handle the eccentricities of the new vice-president, let alone get along with him for the rest of the school term? Hearts go aflutter as Uotani falls for a man with a past yet unknown to her; and even Kyo is feeling the heat of summer upon him, as the day to his graduation and his inevitable future draws close. Granted, life is not always a bed of roses, but if one hangs on and waits, good thing are sure to come their way!

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

Summer vacation's up again, and everyone is looking forward to some quality time in the sun! But not all is hunky dory in the Sohma household, as Hatsuharu gets a relapse of 'black-ness' and starts tearing up the classroom like a bull in a china shop! Things also start to heat up when another member of the zodiac, the timid yet beautiful Ritsu, shows up at Shigure's house! But what strange monkey business is up with this kimono-loving beauty? Summer's just full of surprises, and one can only guess what the future holds!

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

Just when the Sohma household seems at peace again, Hiro Sohma, the smart-mouthed grade school kid with an attitude problem that outrials Kyo, decides to show up and make his presense felt. And he certainly isn't going to allow himself to be assimilated into the 'sheep mentality' of the other Sohma members who have been 'brainwashed' by Tohru's (niceness... especially when she's his rival for Kisa's affection! Still, Tohru's) kindness has always been infectious, as was her mother Kyoko... (who was a former gang member leader!) Obviously, role models don't always need to look the part!

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

It's the rainy season before the summer break and Tohru's got her hands full with piled up laundry and her worry for a certain surly pussycat that's feeling a tad...under the weather! Everyone gets really excited when Kyo's martial arts teacher, Kazuma Sohma, shows up unexpectedly. However, his visit is not without motive... What other secret has Kyo to hdie? In a offer to get his student to face his ultimate fear, his master decides to pin all his hopes on Tohru...but will the truth be too much for Tohru to handle?

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

What is with the silent treatment? Yuki and Kyo haven't been on speaking, or rather, 'arguing' terms ever since they returned from visiting Kyoko's grave; Hatori seems more sombre than usual (if that is actually possible)... and even Kisa Sohma, the newest member of the Zodiac Tohru encounters, is reluctant to talk. The Sohma household just isn't the same when it's not its usual rowdy party! At times like these, it takes a special happy-go-lucky girl like Tohru to break the silence the way she knows best... by being herself!

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

The beginning of the new semester sees Hatsuharu and Momiji joining Tohru, Yuki and Kyo in high school! However, the party is interrupted when Yuki's greatest fear, Akito Sohma, makes an unscheduled appearance on campus to prey upon his unsuspecting victim! Is his presence an ominous sign of things yet to come? still, even as various events stir up painful memories for Tohru and members of the Sohma family, from adversity comes renewed strength to smile again! After all, there is always a brighter side to life...and no one does it flashier than Yuki's 'charming' and flamboyant elder brother, Ayame Sohma! With siblings like him, who needs family?

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

Valentine's day has arrived, and luuuurve (and evil plotting by fangirls) is in the air! Naturally, Yuki and Kyo are the odds-on favourites for the contention of every high-school girl's affections, but their presents don't stand a chance when it comes to Tohru's chocolates! But then again, Tohru's generous with presents for everyone, as if chocolates were free and randomly fell from the sky! It's definitely going to be hard for the Sohmas to top that when it's their turn to reciprocate come White Day... but only because Kagura's back to stalk her beloved kitty cat, while another member of the Zodiac... and Yuki's self-proclaimed first-love(!)... is MOO-ving in for the kill! Be afraid! Be very afraid! The 'Fatal Attractions' have just been unleashed, and there is no stopping them!

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

Now that Tohru has come to be a permanent resident of the Sohma household, her eyes are opened to a world few have access to - the lives as lived by the enigmatic (not to mention eccentric!) Sohmas. Being accepted by Shigure, Yuki and Kyo is one thing, but will other members of the Sohma clan take to this 'outsider' as easily? There were others before her, but what of their fate? Even as two more members of the Zodiac decide to pay her a surprise visit in school... Tohru finds herself with an even bigger crisis at hand... keeping the Sohma family secret from her two best friends, Uotani and Hanajima... who insist on dropping by for a sleepover!

Story & Art By : Natsuki Takaya

Tohru Honda is a simple, sweet natured girl who, despite her happy-go-lucky disposition, never did have much luck on her side. Her fortune is about to change, however, when her classmate Yuki Sohma offers to put her up at his residence, after Tohru's makeshift home is washed away in a storm. There, she unwittingly stumbles upon his family's deep dark secret, and a series of madcap and heartwarming antics ensue as the lives of the once private Sohmas are turned upside down with the arrival of the new addition to their family! It's time for the party to begin, and everyone's invited!

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