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Isra and Mi'raj

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May 17th, 2015
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Exceptional Immense 35" Walkure By Kestner Perfect Body/dress Lr For Sale

Exceptional Immense 35

Here is a fabulous, huge, character girl in amazing condition and has that beautiful look of the early Kestners. She has huge blue sleep eyes, original mohair wig and a near mint chunky body. She is wearing an outstanding antique drop waist dress, original chemise that buttons to her pantaloons, an antique slip, wonderful antique socks with an outstanding pair of red leather shoes with bows and pluffy edges along with a marvelous antique bonnet. This huge girl is even bigger and more impressive in person and it’s getting extremely hard to find these huge dolls in any condition but especially one that’s almost as mint as this one is. She is 35" tall and marked 16 Walkure Germany and was made in the later 1800's by the the Kley and Hahn Doll Factory, but the Walkure heads were made by Kestner or JDK Factory. You can really see the Kestner influence in her big beautiful face. She has fabulous smooth, creamy bisque with no chips or cracks and her coloring is fantastic. She has huge, blue spiral thread glass sleep eyes, all her eye lid wax along with painted lower lashes and 4 porcelain teeth. She has wonderful heavy brows with huge rosy cheeks and a dimple in her chin. She has a little rubbing on the side of her cheek but you really don’t notice unless you look really up close. She has her original short mohair wig that is wonderful. It’s a bit matted and I have a feeling it was probably longer years ago, but, it’s oringal and I’m sure someone out there can bring it back to life. Her huge, chunky wood jointed and composition body is in near mint condition and still retains the original finish. There is really no wear even at the joints and her chunky hands and fingers are perfect. She is wearing a fabulous antique drop waist dress in mint condition. This is actually a real childs dress of the time period and I think I’ts cotton but I really don’t know. It has long sleeves with cuffs that folded hip and trimmed in lace along with a higher collar with the same matching lace. There are gathers at the waist on the skirt and it buttons up the front. This is the first time I have ever seen straps or suspenders at the waist inside that go over the shoulders so it hikes up the skirt so the top folds down perfectly. It’s rather an ingenious way to keep the skirt from falling down. She has her original long pantaloons with ruffles and lace around the bottom and her original chemise buttons to her pantaloons. She also has a wonderful full slip that allows her skirt to flair out beautifully around the hem. Her antique socks are wonderful and her antique red leather or suede is amazing. They fit great and like her were children's slippers. They have bows on the toes and a wonderful soft fluffy edges around the top. Her antique bonnet is fabulous and matches the light red coloring in her dress. The bonnet is a heavy or thick silk and is lined on the inside and has longer silk ties. This is an outstanding example of an immense character girl and if you love huge dolls this is the one for you plus, it’s almost the end of summer an she could be the beginning of you holiday shopping. This stunning, gigantic 35" Kestner Walkure character girl has been selling for well over $3000.00 due to her size but my reserve is less so don't let her pass you by. Lucky winner pays $60.00 S/I and international would be more. Due to the size of this doll she may have to have her head taken off to fit the right size box especially for international shipping. Email any questions and thanks for looking. Check out my other sales for more wood jointed, composition character and antique bisque dolls.
Exceptional Immense 35

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Exceptional Immense 35" Walkure By Kestner Perfect Body/dress Lr:

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