Extremely Rare Antique Chodor Turkoman Runner With "ak-su" Field Pattern. Superb For Sale

RARE ANTIQUE CHODOR TURKOMAN RUNNER, Central Asian tribal, Turkmenistan, late 19th century, and coming in excellent overall condition for the collector. The exact size is: 2'-6" x 11'-8" (77 x 356 m). In my 40 years experience in the antique Oriental rug trade, this is the very first Chodor Turkmen runner I have ever seen. The "ak-su"(white water) allover field design is a motif usually reserved for trappings and tent bags. The "Turkoman-line" border is a common element found in many different Turkmentribal rugs and carpets.The weaving has an asymmetrical knot structure open to the right on natural dark brown wool warps and wefts that are comprised of one shoot of cotton and one shoot of naturalmedium brown wool, both finely spun. All of the dyes are natural and derived from plant sources. The four cord side cord over-castings, wrapped in a "barber-pole" fashion with red and dark brown wool, are all original and complete. The top and bottom endings are both original and are now sewn secure to prevent any future loss of structure. With a high quality rug padding underneath, the textile is immediately serviceable as a decorative floor covering and it come in a usable"American hallway" size. This weaving is clean and collection ready. A rare prize for the collector.If you have any questionsabout thiscollectible antiqueChodor Turkmen weaving, feel free to callMichael Phillips at(303) 885-7599 or email me (READ: phillipsrugs at comcast dot net).Please takea littleextra time to review all ofthe other fine antique rugsand weavings of merit I have posted exclusively with sale this week and do remember to bookmark my seller ID: imokub2 (I am okay, you be too) to your "favorite sellers list" to seemy weekly future offerings of antique oriental rugs, carpets, tribal bags, kilim weavings,and textiles of merit. NOTICE All my offerings come with an unconditional 100% money back refund guarantee (includingall initial s/h/ins. fees) if for ANY reason the winning buyer isnot happy with their antique oriental rug or textile art purchase from me. GOOD LUCK offerDING. A RARE FIND FOR THE TURKMEN COLLECTOR SPECIALIST!

ADDENDUM: Werner Loges has published a rare old Chodor Turkmen main tent carpet with an allover 'ak-su' field pattern and dated 2nd half of the 19th century. Refer to: Turkoman Tribal Rugs, 1980, plate 67, pages 112-113. Mr. loges states; "The 'ak-su' motif is one of the archetypal Turkoman ornaments used by many different groups. Not only does it establish the common origian of the tribes, but it indicates a relationship with the carpet-weavers of Asia Minor, exemplified by the so-called "Holbein" carpets, on which the 'ak-su' motif appears unchanged in the field. The historical events underlying the connection between Anatolia and Turkmen carpets date back to the 10th

Extremely Rare Antique Chodor Turkoman Runner With

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Extremely Rare Antique Chodor Turkoman Runner With "ak-su" Field Pattern. Superb:

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