Extremely Rare Esco Like Statue Babe Ruth Eating A Hotdog 13" Tall 1970

Extremely Rare Esco Like Statue Babe Ruth Eating A Hotdog 13

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Extremely Rare Esco Like Statue Babe Ruth Eating A Hotdog 13" Tall 1970 :

EXTREMELY RARE STATUE BABE RUTH EATING A HOTDOG. Made by Prelude Creation 1970..sold thru Esco.

I have searched ALL OVER the internet and can find only 2 of these..(go to Msn.com) and search for Babe Ruth Esco like

rare Babe Ruth eating hotdog statue. (again I say I can not find one anywhere else in the world of the internet.)

The only two I found sold on in 2012. one sold on 2/12/12 for $ 511.96 plus $18.00 frt. by a Utah seller

The other one sold on 2/5/12 by a Cincinnati, Ohio seller for $ 595.96 plus $ 18.00 freight. they BOTH were listed

with a $ 199.00 starting price and with a reserve. of over $ 500.00.

I searched all my back issues of antique collectible books and finally found one that had this valued at $ 2500.00 to

$ 3000.00 in the early 1990's. Now that was 20 years ago and (INFLATION SINCE THEN) VALUE NOW ?????

I could only find one picture of the Babe eating a hot dog.. but (smile) I found and put on this ad (just to raise your

expectations) a few pictures of BABES' eating hotdogs. I do not know how many was made or are left but I know that

this is one extremely RARE piece.. 13" tall chalk like material and only flaw is a 1/4" small chip on the bottom edge

of the green base. (see one of the pictures) Marked made by Prelude Creations 1970 and printed and written in the

base THE Babe .. a light touch of green paint (leave that to you) and the chip will not be noticed.

THIS BELOW IS WORTH READING.. Babe Ruth was the greatest player ever to play the game of baseball.

Nicked named The Bambino and the King of Swat he was raised on the street. At age 6 was a juvenile who stole

chewed, drank and always in trouble.. At age 7 he was put in a Catholic home for boys and it was there that he

learned to play baseball. He was in the majors at age 19 as a pitcher.. 1st year his record was 18-8 with an ERA

of 2.44 the 2nd year record was 23-12 ERA 1.75 (now that is a lot of pitched games and fantastic pitching.)

He was moved to the outfield where he really thrived. He threw left and batted left and one time he sat a worlds

record by demonstrating his abilities by catching a baseball dropped from a plane high in the air. If that ball

would have hit any living thing it would have killed them (from that distance and speed gained on way down.)

HOTDOGS, HOTDOGS, HOTDOGS. hotdog eating before a game was his luckycharm.. .. He ate 6 to 8 hotdogs

before each game and drank 5 to 8 soda pops and beers.. Once he ate 18 and 12 drinksat a double header and had to be

rushed to the hospital.

Who else ever had an adjective named after them that is ruthias due to his hundreds of 400 to 550 feet homers.

He did not look out for his health.. eating excessively, smoking and drinking heavily, womanizing, and staying up

all nights most nights.. thus died 8/16/1948 at the age of 53 with throat cancer etc.

He was known all over the world and in World War 2.. the Japs on suicide missions charged our troupes yelling

"THE HELL WITH BABE RUTH" (that is true) Born George Herman Ruth , Jr. was one of 8 kids.. only 2 survived to

adult hood.. Him and his sister. He was 6' 2", 215#, skipped a lot of school and to a degree was illiterate .

They say that he hit his many homeruns by eating hotdogs and drinking beer ( in many fewer games than they

play today.). and that Aaron hit his using class and Soto hit his with steroids.. (that is what others say) WHO ELSE CAN SAY THEY HAVE THESE STATS 54 major league 714 homeruns, Slugging percentage .690, Base on balls 2,062, Slugging percentage 1.164, One of 1st 5 players named to Hall of Career pitching ERA 2.28 , record pitching 94-46, 12 years of 40 to 60 in 21 years. RBI's 2,213, average 45.5 homers each year, BATTING .342 IN HIS CAREER (WOW WOW WOW) One of the top 20 all time and more.. making him the best ever baseball player.

GOOD LUCK ON offerDING starting offers at $ 25.00 and .. the other two stated with a reserve

and started with a $ 199.00 offer each.. My frt. will be $ 15.00 which will include precious insurance

on this beautiful rare piece.

On Jul-26-13 at 09:13:36 PDT, seller added the following information:

When a small amount of the green paint is put on the small chip you will not

be able to tell there ever was a chip.. Why? Because the base was made ROUGH with

lots of indented spots (see picture # 2)

It will be just about perfect then.

Extremely Rare Esco Like Statue Babe Ruth Eating A Hotdog 13" Tall 1970 :

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