Early 1900's Handwritten Auto Trip Diary Iowa To West Coast Tourist Camps & Inns

Early 1900's Handwritten Auto Trip Diary Iowa To West Coast Tourist Camps & Inns

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Early 1900's Handwritten Auto Trip Diary Iowa To West Coast Tourist Camps & Inns:

I was also informed that it is illegal by ’s rules to copy all or any part of the description here for purposes of selling elsewhere. Their policy is listed here;

I have no problem at all with anyone purchasing my item and reselling it, however my description that I’ve worked hours on is not allowed to be copied by anyone for the above purposes. The main reason I write this is because I was contacted about a listing where someone had copied my exact sale and tried to sell a diary that they didn’t even have. It ended up being a fraudulent sale and I’m thankful they caught it in time. Thank you so much for your understanding.

“June 14th,

Country quite flat from Ames and west to Boone. Immense corn fields, etc. Boone and vicinity rolling. Boyer River valley. Ledge State Park, peculiar rock formation. Didn’t see it. Near Denison other car stalled. Pulled out by tourist. “When stopped indicate it.” O-Pheel, you bumps picked up two books.” Later one rode in our car. Had to make Council Bluffs. Made 172 miles. Rode thru very muddy roads the last 20 or more miles. After a flat got to camp about 9:15 o’clock. Had a real electrical storm but tents withstood the gale. Slept well under the dripping water. Hill to tourist camps, back for gas. “May we leave our package?” “No. There’s a check room.” Got rid of them. This was the first clash in the trip but there were no words. My suggestion (driving from the back seat) were well (?) received on the way. What about speeding thru a mud hole to avoid getting stalled? Same over bumpy roads? How strong are Ford springs?”

“June 19th,

Laura and I were looked upon as Indians. People come out of stores to gawk at us. The Navajo Indians were there in connections with Kiwanis Convention therefore the mistake. We had our fun out of it. Laura bought her ring. Also Chrisite. It was Grace’s birthday.”

(Denver, Lookout Mt. Bear Creek Canyon, Palmer Lake, Colorado Springs and Pike’s Peak)

“June 22nd,

Left camp at Prospect Lake, Colorado Springs at 9:15. Felt ashamed of ourselves when we saw all the dressed up dames, etc. going to church. Sped to dinner (me at the wheel) where my laundry was last and where we “et”. Boot came with us. Sang Indian songs, etc. on the way to Loveland. Ate dust and drank water. Had to wait for other car as usual. Waited an hour and a half then pitched tents for the night. Retired at 10 after a shower bath (cold) with the kids still not showing up.”

“June 24th,

Laura saw mosquitoes the size of cows on our faces but we survived. Rested and washed clothes part of forenoon. Boob and I went to Estes for mail and provisions. Got our luggage carrier mashed going from Rocky Mt. National Park to Estes but nothing serious. Spent the afternoon in cooking, writing, etc. Took a tramp before supper. Played Indian after supper and sat on the plain singing and doing war dances.”

(View of Estes Park in the early 1900’s)

(Then on to Ft. Collins, Laramie, Medicine Bow, Ft. Steele, Rawlins Wyoming. They also had 3 tire punctures on the way to Salt Lake City)

“June 29th,

Laura kicked the light on with her big toe which resulted in low batteries but help came as usual and we left for Salt Lake City at nine. Paved roads, 35 miles. Attempted to see Tabernacle, etc. but one said to Bess, “We are Christians, we hope you are.” Concerts daily but not on Sunday. Ate lunch at State Capitol then we saw interior of building, visited the governors reception room and saw pictures in the walls, etc. Washed my only shirt. Camped in Nelson’s Camp.”

(Snowville, Twin Falls, Boise)

“July 6th,

Slept late and started from Pendleton about ten. Had more or less wash board roads thru deserts, pin clad hills and along Columbia River. Some oiled dirt roads. Beautiful curves. Canal and locks in river. Sand dunes where sand drifts like snow. Had our pictures taken in the sand dunes. Saw few oak trees. Came to The Dalles at 6:30. We got in ok. The other car came in hit or miss, mostly both. Christie saved the day. Mac was driving merely bent the right front fender and skimmed the back left of the top. Earlier in day missed _____ a bridge and later a car.

(Portland Oregon, Salem, Cottage Grove, Medford, Ashland, Redding California)

“July 12th,

Our aim was to get our mail at Yosemite. Came over worst mountain roads with me at wheel. Poor low and brake. Used reverse. Scenery nothing but steep precipices and cliffs and road. Fixed up things at Priests. Went on to Groveland for lunch. Good cold water. Men thought Iowa was in southern California. Got new exhaust nut. Boy from Le Mars was there. Glad to see Iowa car. Warned of terrible roads. Kids had gone on. Went to call them back but were discouraged. Went on and found roads better. Camped at Carl Inn Camp about 23 miles from Yosemite. Had puncture of new cord by top of oil can.”

(Scroll down a bit on this web site and you’ll see photos of how the steep roads were in Yosemite during the early 1900’s and also a great photo of the Carl Inn Camp)

(On to Buck meadows, Groveland and Oakdale with lots of car trouble.)

“July 18th,

Left camp at 8:15. Drove to ferry (Shasta). Were on it! $1.37. Found our way thru traffic to a quiet street, the only kind to take in a city of 687,000. Came to Presidio Recruiting Station. Soldiers in uniform, one private guarding two workers. Had to walk where they walked. Drive let to view of Pacific, wonderful! Took picture, also of Private A. G. Allen. To beach, went wading, except Laura. Fond sea weed. Back via ferry to Oakland and camp. Laura and I made supper and without waiting for the kids ate and retired after patching bed again.”

“July 20th,

Passed over mountainous road around Redding. They seemed and were better than when we went down. Picture taken of City Hall at Reading. On to Fairfield for lunch and Yreka at night. Laura and I took showers. Two cars were chased out of camp for making too much commotion by dancing and playing a banjo. Park commissioner said “The wisest people in the world are in California.” I said, “Yes, they come from Iowa.” He said Californians don’t care for pennies, they throw them away. Rich!!”

“July 21st,

Back over Mt. Siskiyou elev. 5422 ft. Come to Oregon line and asked whether we had a dog or a cat. We were instructed to say, “No, we left our husbands home,” but we were too nice. Got our sticker and were told to go on four blocks where they would keep us seven days for fumigation. We went on and have been every since turned off hi-way south of Ashland to go to Crater Lake in Klamath Falls. About that time Laura discovered she had no travelers check book in her pocket. A very worried girl. Went on. Beautiful drive. Grace took picture. Arrived at Klamath Falls for dinner. Ate on curb of Main Street. 25 cents for a camp ground. Got new timer. Drive around with mechanic. At Ft. Klamath found kids at garage, tire trouble. On to Crater Lake where $2.50 entrance fee. Christee thot she was out of gas but came on up. Got mail right away. Up to camp to eat.”

“July 27th, Mt. Rainier National Park

Our kids slept until 8:45. Others were up early as usual. Had good pancakes by Marie. Spent a cool night as usual with all the covers we had. Left camp and went to Paradise Camp.

Found it cooler up there. One way road part of way. An up and down road part way. Loop the loop road. Hiked from Paradise Inn almost 2 miles. Had a glimpse of Mt. Rainier for a minutes but clouds drifted across again. The Nisqually Glacier was quite a sight. Slid down the snow bank on a board. Had view of the terminal of the Nisqually 8 miles from Pauline Inn. It reaches 53 ft a year due to melting being greater than the advance. Heard huge boulder crashing in silt stream. Back to Longmire Camp.”

(Tacoma, Seattle, Puget Sound, Victoria B.C. Canada, Snoqualmie Falls, Wenatchee, Coulee City, Spokane)

“August 2nd,

Left Spokane fairly early. Drove over mountainous roads as usual thru the remains of the forest fire of 1910. Very narrow one way roads. Dinner at School house near Missoula. Were warned by gas man of nearly 100 percent grade up Camel’s Hump so bought our first Texaco gas. Got over safely but saw old couple from California who had lit from a mud hole onto a stump. Had seen them formerly at Capt. Mullan Springs. We discovered change at Wallace. Free camp. Dance from 9-11 at public hall. Great! Even heard Home Sweet Home but kept it up for couple of hours. We were in three states, Wash., Ida., and Mont.”


Handwritten items such as diaries and letters are never usually in mint condition. I try and describe my items the best way I can and post as many photos as I can. If a diary is tough to read for me I always say so in the description. If it is in bad condition I also say so and I usually describe the condition at the end of my descriptions. I have never, or I should say rarely, had a handwritten piece be in mint condition and there is a very good reason for that; they are made of paper, they’ve been carried around sometimes for 100’s of years and have been opened and shut hundreds if not thousands of times. So, please keep all of this in mind when purchasing diaries and letters from me..

MY BLOG: I’ve decided, finally, to start a blog site using the diaries in my personal collection. Over the years I’ve got so many amazing people emailing me asking me to share from my own personal collection of antique diaries. I’ve been trying to develop a web site but that is taking time so I thought I’d do this first and also facebook. There is also a page on the blog where I’ve written about why I collect. You can search for the blog by putting into one of the search engines (such as Google) the name; sallysdiaries (no apostrophe and all one word).

Early 1900's Handwritten Auto Trip Diary Iowa To West Coast Tourist Camps & Inns:

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