Edwardian How To Dance Boston Waltz Tango Sheet Music

Edwardian How To Dance Boston Waltz Tango Sheet Music

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Edwardian How To Dance Boston Waltz Tango Sheet Music:

Learn how to Dance the Waltz and the Tango!

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CD ROM Title: How To Dance.

Originally published in 1914, written by A. Newman, member of the Imperial Society Masters of Dancing, London.

Below are some sample images from this rare historical manual:


The correct style
The Duty of the Gentleman
The Duty of the Lady

The correct position for holding partners
Closed or Waltz Position
Tango Position
Open Position
Yale or American Position
Position of the Feet
Five Positions
Descriptions and Diagrams
The Starting Position

Horse Trot
The Castle Walk
The turns in the Castle Walk
The Traveling Turns
The Dip
The Dip at End of Turn
Single Hesitation
Double Hesitation with one foot.
Double Hesitation with both feet
Modified Grizzly Bear
Pomander Walk
The Snake
The Snake Dip
Fish WalkCastle Glide (Newman)
The Original One-step
American One-Step, or Modified Turkey
The Picket Fence
Original Grape Vine Step
Dip Grape Vine Step
Hesitation Grape Vine Step (Newman)
American Crab Step
Half Fade-AwayEnglish One-Step
Jig-Saw Step or Syncopated Grape Vine Step
The Horse Trot
The Canter in the Horse Trot
Kangaroo Dip
Chicken Scratch

Philadelphia Boston, One-Step Waltz, or Long Boston
The Boston Spanish
Herring Bone Boston (Newman)
Original Boston, New York Boston, or Boston Point
English Boston, or Three-Step Boston
Four-Step Boston
Five-Step Boston, or the Five-Step Waltz
Seven-Step Boston
Double Boston, Count of Luxembourg Staircase Valse, or Cross Boston
Triple Boston
Double Triple Boston
Russian Boston (Newman)
The Standard Waltz
The Reverse Turn in the Waltz
Newman Hesitation Boston
Hesitation Step
Jig-Saw Step
A Reverse Boston
Original Hesitation Waltz
Hesitation Step to the Side
Grape Vine Formation in the Hesitation Waltz
Turn to the Right
Pivot to the Left
The Change
The Open Hesitation

Minuet Tango (Newman)
The Tango Step
The Position
Theory of the Minuet Tango
The Square
Walk Out
Newman Tango “Argentine”
Double Overlapping Step
Newman Tango Two-Step
Newman Tango “Walking”
Fan Tango (Newman)
Parisienne Tango
The Argentine Tango
The Maxixe or Brazilian Mattchichi
Maxixe (Sutor)

The Lame Duck
Pivot Turn or Turn at Place
Progressive Turns
Newport Canter
Aeroplane Waltz (Newman)
Texas Tommy (Newman)
Gaby Glide (Newman)The Newman Tango Sheet Music.

155 pages, in an easy to view and print out PDF file format.

high resolution page images up to 300% magnification

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CD is Microsoft Windows and MAC compatible.

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Edwardian How To Dance Boston Waltz Tango Sheet Music:

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