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Amazing Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten, garden sculpture.

99p Start Price!!! !!! Happy offerding!!!!!!!!

This is the second garden sculpture/ ornament I've created, in creating this piece I wanted to create a garden sculpture with much more and also finer detail than you see on most of the garden sculptures you can purchase from garden centres.

There doesn't seem to be an awefull lot of Egyptian styled Garden ornaments/ sculptures around (especially quality detailed ones) and I think it's a shame as I feel a lot of Egyptian artefacts would look great in peoples gardens. With this in mind I created this Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten (husband of Queen Nefertiti) sculpture to display in your garden. As you can see it really looks great, due to the fact it is cast with concrete it has the same texture of stone and this really makes this sculpture look just like a real Egyptian artefact.

This sculpture was actually created to hang on a wall as it is flat at the back and there is also a hook embedded in the back so if you wish you could hang it on a garden wall (or indoor wall even if you prefer) but as you can see in the pictures it also looks great simply propped up next to plant pots. You could also have it peeking out of a flower bed if you wanted to and it would add some more interest whilst people look at the plants in your garden.This Egyptiangarden sculpture is cast using concrete mixed with fine grain sand for a smoother finish that can take finer detail from the mould. (Colour may vary) The approx size is: (Height from top to bottom 11") (width from side to side 8") (Depth from back to front 3 1/2") inches.

While your here you might want to take a look at the other garden sculptures I have for sale by clicking the Garden Ornaments link to your left!!!

Please see further details regarding postage/ returns etc by clicking the Postage/ Returns Link above, if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to send me a message as I'm always happy to help my customers.

Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten Garden Ornament, Sculpture, Wall Hanging, Gardening

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Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten Garden Ornament, Sculpture, Wall Hanging, Gardening:

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