Electric Vehicle Conversion Kit For Vw Frame

Electric Vehicle Conversion Kit For Vw Frame

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Electric Vehicle Conversion Kit For Vw Frame:

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Electric Vehicle Conversion Kit VW Bug Frame


This is an electric vehicle conversion kit with the essential parts needed to make your car run on electricity. This kit can be installed in one day if you have a little mechanical experience. It is designed to work on a VW bug standard transmission, and will work with any air cooled VW based frame or kit car from 1952 to 1979. Automatic VWs are not recommended with use of this kit. This kit is designed to be clutchless with the VW, but you still do shift by just letting off of the throttle pedal when shifting. After installed, the VW will get top speeds of 45-55 MPH once the batteries and motor are worn in and will get a range of 15-40 miles according to driving habits, etc. Average range would be 25 to 30 miles on a charge once everything is worn in, but this all depends on what batteries you use and how many, etc. The parts included in this sale are: (#1) Permanent Magnet DC motor measuring 8 in diameter x 7.42 inches long. (#2) An adaptor plate that matches the VW standard transmission to the permanent magnet motor. (#3) A shaft coupler that couples the electric motor to the transmission output shaft. (#4) A motor controller by Kelly Controllers model # KDZ-72400 (72 volts 400 amps). (#5 ) A throttle pedal that wires directly to the controller.

#1 Permanent Magnet DC Motor

The ME1003 has a double brush set to handle 200 amps continuous. This ME1003 is a Brush-Type, Permanent Magnet DC motor with very high efficiency. For voltages from 12 to 72 VDC input and 200 amps continuous (500 amps for 1 minute) @ 72 Volts. It is rated at fifteen Horse-Power continuous and thirty HP Peak at 72 VDC. Electric cars are driven by large electric motors usually rated between 3.5 and 28 horsepower. For those accustomed to gas engines, this may not seem like much power, but the rating systems used for gas engines and electric motors are so different that the numbering system is almost meaningless. Gas engines are rated at their peak hp, electric motors are rated at their continuous hp. The peak hp of an electric motor is usually 8 to 10 times its continuous rating. A 30 hp electric motor will generally perform like a 50-75 hp gasoline engine in a same weight vehicle. This kit has no clutch so it can simply be driven just like an automatic transmission.

Motor Stats

Power 11.5KW continuous,

23KW Peak for 1 minute @ 72Volts

Voltage 12-72 Volts

Speed 3050 rpm at 72V Unloaded

Size 8" OD, 7.42" long (w/o shaft)

Shaft 7/8"x 1-5/8", 3/16" key

Weight 38 lbs.

#2 Adaptor Plate

The adaptor plate is bolted to the electric motor with four 1" x 3/8 " bolts. It matches the bell housing of the VW standard transmission. It’s made from mig welding 1/4" steel plate.

#3 Coupler

The shaft coupler is what slides onto the electric motor which uses your clutch disc from your VW. Your clutch disc, which is your splined piece, is bolted to this coupler with 8 hardened allen screws provided. This is what then slides onto your transmission shaft of your VW. Depending on whether you rivet holes are large enough on your clutch disc (different brands) will determine if you have to drill them bigger or not for attaching it to your shaft coupler. When the motor, adaptor plate and coupler are assembled together, the unit can then be slid onto the transmission, with four bolts to the transmission housing, and the mechanical work is finished. This part can literally be done in a very short time. There is a 3/16 keyway that is 2 ½" long with a 1/4" allen set screw on the coupler. These couplers are machined in a lathe made with industrial grade steel.

#4 Controller

Included in this kit is a state-of-the-art PWM (pulse width modulation) MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor). These controllers, Model # KDZ-72400, are made by Kelly Controller and are built with regenerative braking feature. This feature is possible because of the permanent magnet motor included in this kit. Regenerative braking can increase your range up to 25% in hilly areas. These controllers are fully programmable. You can even monitor the motor parameters while driving using a laptop computer. For more information and software see their website.

#5 Throttle Box

Also included in this kit is a hall-effect sensor type throttle pedal assembly that will work with the Kelly Controller. It is mounted were the foot pedal goes in your VW and wires directly to the controller.

General Information

General assembly instructions and wiring diagrams for this kit is included with this sale. We have built many electric cars, so any or all questions are welcomed.

Other parts needed to complete an electric vehicle conversion that are not included in this sale:

Your VW Clutch Disc




Amp Shunt


Battery Boxes


Small Wire

Bolts & Nuts


Shipping will consist of two to three separate packages being sent to you if you offer on this sale. The motor will be dropped shipped by the manufacture. A tracking number will be sent for the other package(s) sent to you. It could be up to 10 business days before items are shipped, but parts are shipped as soon as they can be shipped. Thank you.

Waiver Of Liability & Indemnification

It is the responsibility of the component/ publication purchaser to be familiar with the safe and correct installation and operation for all equipment. The seller has no opportunity to supervise the application, installation, or maintenance of the components used, nor to supervise and inspect the design and manufacture of electric vehicles in which they are used. Therefore, the purchaser agrees by placing a winning offer and accepting deliver of components and material for electric vehicle usage, that all material and procedures will be used solely at the purchaser’s risk. The purchaser will indemnify and hold the seller, its owners, and its employees or representatives free and harmless from all loss, liability, or damage resulting form the alleged failure or defect of any project built using components or publications purchased from the seller.

Electric Vehicle Conversion Kit For Vw Frame:

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