Elgin Watchmakers College Lessons. Watch Repair Course Book In Pdf On Cd Or Dl

Elgin Watchmakers College Lessons. Watch Repair Course Book In Pdf On Cd Or Dl

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Elgin Watchmakers College Lessons. Watch Repair Course Book In Pdf On Cd Or Dl:

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<img Elgin Watchmakers College Lessons. Watch repair course book in PDF on CD or DL

Elgin Watchmakers College
"Fundamentals of Watchmaking"Searchable PDF

On CD-ROM or via Download

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A set of lessons on watchmaking produced by Elgin.What an interesting find this little book was. I've never seen a copy until I found this one and have never seen another.I'm into the educational side of watch repair, so I was happy to have found another book to add to my library of these course materials.It is 40 pages in total.Please note that the quality of the PDF you receive is awesome and the quality that & InkFrog allows me to upload is not so awesome. You can expect much higher resolution for everything you see in this listing. PDF FormatSince this document is in PDF format, searching is possible. It's not such a big feature for books of this size, but still handy at times.I use a commercial grade text recognition software package so my PDFs get very good results for this search feature. Of course, with PDF, you'll also be able tozoom in and outto get close-up examinations of illustrations & tables that are more clear than having the original hardcopy book in your hand. What's insideThe book is 40 pagesincluding the covers. I removed some pages from the original that were simply blank pages. There are some section break kind of pages that you expect to find in a lesson based book like this, but not to the point of being excessive. The introduction page does a great job of explaining the text, so take a moment and read that page.The hand-drawn illustrations in the book are beautiful. I have included a couple of pages that show some of these illustrations.The lessons are all step-by-step instructions on how to complete the concept being taught. There is not a lot of text explaining the concepts in the lessons portion of the book. The lessons portion are the first 20 pages
Some highlights:
  • The "course outline" page has what the 8 lessons consist of
  • Lessons are a step-by-step list of things you need to do to complete the benchwork
  • The first 20 pages are the lessons.
  • Each lesson has the steps and illustrations that accompany the lesson
  • Much more text based instruction is located in the second half of the book
  • In this part there are great illustrations and information on topics such as cannon pinion tightening, friction jewels, roller jewels, etc
  • There is a great discussion on correctly centering and leveling a hairspring
  • A detailed instruction on setting up the escapement

There is a very small watermark, as shown on the pages in this listing. It is very faint, does not detract from the book due to the size being so small and that it's extremely faint. It will not show up on your printout should you print any parts of the PDF. I want this to be the most usable and helpful PDF it can possibly be so I would not place a watermark in a way that detracts from this book that I put a lot of work into. What's DeliveredJust to be completely clear... you are not receiving a hard copy of the book. You are purchasing a CD-ROM or downloading the PDF.Check out the pictures of some of the pages by clicking on the thumbnails. Be sure an use the option "Open Full Size in Another Window".Note that InkFrog forces users to shrink the file sizes of pictures. So, you can expect much better images in the PDF than shown here. The pictures used in this listing are all screen grabs of the PDFs being viewed. This will show you the minimal amount of resolution you can expect.Please ask questions, I'm here to help!I ship quickly. I enjoy receiving my purchases quickly and I assume you do as well.My part num F 0327Shipping Details

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About me

I enjoy interacting with the watchmaking community, passing along to others what I've been taught or given. I especially like distributing educational materials to help people that want to learn watch repair or more about collecting. I work for the passion I have for wristwatches and the enjoyment I get from openly sharing information with other enthusiasts. I've been with for 10 years with no customer complaints. I'm a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) since 1979 as well as a member of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI).

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Elgin Watchmakers College Lessons. Watch Repair Course Book In Pdf On Cd Or Dl:

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