Ethernet 16 Ch Relay Module, Board For Home Automation - Snmp, Web, Ip, Lan

Ethernet 16 Ch Relay Module, Board For Home Automation - Snmp, Web, Ip, Lan

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Ethernet 16 Ch Relay Module, Board For Home Automation - Snmp, Web, Ip, Lan:

Ethernet 16 CH Relay Module, Board for Home Automation - SNMP, Web, IP, LAN

This is kit of IP controller and card with 16 SPDT relays. It is for home automation, hobby and commercial projects. It allows you controlling electrical devices via LAN/WAN (Internet). Just connect the device into your local network and control it from another computer or android smartphone over the LAN or Internet. This IP relay board can be controlled from: Configuration utility - DAEnetIP2 Manager, web browser, command line, android smartphone application or Denkovi Relay Manager Software. We can provide also software examples for developers. Now with free Android and iOS mobile App!


  • 10 Mb Ethernet interface with Link/Activity Led
  • Power supply - 12VDC (no protection against overvoltage and inverse polarity);
  • Maximal current consumption:
    • 600 mA / 12VDC
  • 16 SPDT relay channels (the type depends on the stocks quantity in our store):
    • TONGLING - JQC-3FF-S-Z (10A / 250VAC, 15A / 120VAC, 10A / 28VDC)
    • SUNHOLD - RAS xx15 (10A / 250VAC, 15A / 120VAC, 15A / 24VDC)
  • 8 analog inputs with 10 bit resolution (0-3.3VDC)
  • 16 (2x8) bit configurable digital I/O port (0-3.3VDC) - in this kit they are reserved for the relay board
  • Dimensions: Relay PCB - 85mm / 300mm / 20mm; DAEnetIP2 - 43mm / 55mm / 15mm
  • Standart protocols: ARP, IP, ICMP (ping), DHCP
  • Supports snmp v1 (snmpset, snmpget, snmptrap), HTTP (integrated web server with autorization) , TFTP (for firmware upgrade)
  • Ports for SNMP (161) and HTTP (80) can be changed
  • Two MAC addresses protection
  • It can be configured with SNMP requests or web browser
  • Reset of the relays on incoming/outgoing ping timeout
  • Function "load outputs(relays) states from EEPROM on boot"
  • Each I/O line can be named by user via web browser
  • It can send traps according analog ADC level
  • Analog Inputs may be referred to control the relay according their level
  • Possibility of connection analog sensors to the analog inputs as LM34DZ, LM35DZ, LM335, MCP9700A
  • Relay PCB parameters: FR4 / 1.5mm / two layers / metallized holes / HAL / white stamp / solder mask / Extra PCB openings for better voltage isolation / Doubled PCB tracks for better voltage isolation
  • Denkovi software: DAEnetIP2 Manager, DAE-iModules - FREE iOS mobile app, DAE-aModules - FREE Android mobile app
  • 3rd parity software: Command line utility - netsnmp, Android software (by iSwitch LLC, not free but inexpensive)
  • Software examples: .NET, Java, Labview and PHP - please contact us for download.
  • For detailed user manual - please contact us for download.

The sale includes

  • 1 x IP controller (DAEnetIP2)
  • 1 x 16 SPDT Relay Board
  • Flat ribbon labeled cable
  • DRM Software - Denkovi Relay Manager Software. CD is not included in the package but the software is available for download from this link

Application Examples

  • Security and fire alarm systems
  • Manual or automatic device restart if event occur
  • Management/monitoring for industrial
  • Sensor information processing
  • Remote electrical devices control
  • Remote lock/unlock doors
  • Home automation

DAEnetIP2 Ports

Port JP3 (P3) Port JP4 (P5) Port JP5 (P6) Port JP6 (System Port) PIN # Bit FUNC DIR Bit FUNC DIR Bit FUNC DIR Bit FUNC DIR 1 1 Free I/O 1 Free I/O 1 Free Ain - 3.3V PWR 2 2 Free I/O 2 Free I/O 2 Free Ain - 3.3V PWR 3 3 Free I/O 3 Free I/O 3 Free Ain - Reserved - 4 4 Free I/O 4 Free I/O 4 Free Ain - Ping LED Out 5 5 Free I/O 5 Free I/O 5 Free Ain - Reserved - 6 6 Free I/O 6 Free I/O 6 Free Ain - Target RST Out 7 7 Free I/O 7 Free I/O 7 Free Ain - Switch (RST) Out 8 8 Free I/O 8 Free I/O 8 Free Ain - Switch (SCL) Out 9 - GND PWR - 3.3V PWR - Vref(+3.3V) PWR - Switch(SDA) In/Out 10 - GND PWR - GND PWR - GND PWR - GND PWR


"Free"– the pin is free and defined for the user. "XXXXXX" - the pin is reserved "In" - the pin is input "I/O" – digital input or output depending the settings "Out" - the pin is output "Ain"– analog input

Note that the relay board is connected to P3 and P5 digital outputs.
All the DAEnetIP2 I/O ports does not have any protection against overvoltage or reversed polarity.
For inputs, if the input voltage exceed 3.3V, the controller may be damaged. If you have questions how to use the I/O ports please contact with us or take a look into the manual.


Here are the steps (instructions) how to power on and connect the device directly to your computer (see this image). For router LAN connection (see this image)or Internet connection, please see in the user manual:

1.Connect the DAEnetIP2 controller with your computer via UTP crossover cable. (note that the device does not support AUTO MDIX). 2.The flat ribbon cable connector must be fitted into to DAEnetIP2 IDC in this way

3.Connect each "In" labeled wire into the referred screw terminal of the relay board. For example "In 1" wire goes into Relay 1 In screw terminal, "In 2" wire goes into Relay 2 screw terminal and so on.

4.Connect the GND wire of the flat ribbon cable into the GND screw terminal of the relay board.

5.Connect supply jack to DAEnetIP2. You will have to find suitable power supply adaptor. DAEnetIP2 minimal supply voltage is 7.5 VDC. The maximal voltage is 25 VDC. It is recommended the supply voltage to be 12 VDC but 24 VDC also will work. DAEnetIP2 doesn't have any protection against inverted supply voltage, so be careful. The middle pin of the power terminal is + Vcc (Center positive tip polarity)

6.Connect the power wires to the relay board as it is shown on the image right to the text. It is possible to supply the DAEnetIP2 controller and relay board either with single either with 2 separate power supply sources. 7.Now you can power on the whole kit (for example plug the supply adaptor into the electricity network) 8.In case of success you have to see this when you power on the kit (the link led (top) is blinking and the bottom led by default shows the power on and it is constantly on) 9.Check if the relay board power led is on constantly 10. The kit in working condition 11.Open your LAN card network settings and save them, because next step is to change them. 12.Your initial computer IP should be in the device network range. So it is recommend to be Mask Gateway Change them. There is lot of info in the net how to do it (for example a good link is this one) 13.Open web browser and type – default username/password are “admin”/”admin” 14.Now you can access all the parameters via your web browser or software on your computer.

Default Settings

The controller has default settings, in case the access is lost. There are several steps for loading the default settings:

  1. Turn off the power supply of the IP controller.
  2. Move the jumper from position 1 to position 2.
  3. Turn on the power supply of the IP controller.
  4. Move the jumper from position 2 to position 1.
  5. Turn off the power supply of the IP controller.
  6. Turn on the power supply of the IP controller.

Default settings Parameter Value DHCP Disabled IP Mask Gateway VLAN ID 1 VLAN mode Disabled Access MAC 1,2 000000000000 SNMP access to IP Enabled SNMP listen UDP port 161 SNMP Read-only string 000000000000 SNMP RW string private SNMP/Web Access network IP SNMP/Web Access network Mask (disabled) Ping Timeout 6 Restart on incoming ping timeout Disabled Restart on remote IP timeout Disabled Remote monitor IP I/O ports settings P3,P5 - Outputs Pull-Up/Pull-Down All “pull-down” Reset I/O ports on restart Disabled TFTP update Enabled TFTP Server IP Broadcast Frames Parse Web Server Enabled Web Server TCP port 80 SNMP traps target host SNMP traps community public Low/High Analog Trap Threshold 0/1023 (disabled) Analog Events – Low, High, Acc None Web user/password admin/admin

DRM Software

Denkovi Relay Manager (DRM) is multiplatform software for easy controlling all kinds of Denkovi relay boards (USB,SNMP,TCP/IP)

CAUTION! Using of Denkovi Relay Manager (DRM) Software with devices which are not manufactured by Denkovi Assembly Electronics LTD is not allowed!

The item is supported by DRM Software. DRM Software will hep you to save money for expensive software and time in programming. It allows you to switch ON/OFF your devices at particular date and time, turn ON/OFF the relays with pulses or control them via specific sequence. If you have ordered at least one of our relay boards from this list you may turn your PC in powerful automation tool.

  • Multiplatform software: supported by Windows/Linux (ver. 2.0)
  • Control up to 32 relay boards
  • User-friendly intuitive interface
  • Save/Load file
  • Control mode: single and multiple setting of the relays
  • Single pulse with adjustable delay from the control mode (ver. 2.0)
  • Timer mode: create timer playlist for the relays
  • Weekly mode: each relay may be turned ON/OFF on each day of the week
  • Calendar mode: each relay may be turned ON/OFF on particular date at particular time
  • Pulse mode: each relay may work in pulse mode by setting duration for ON and duration for OFF. Adjustable number of pulses (ver. 2.0)
  • Each relay from each relay board can work independently in some of the five modes
  • Each relay board and each relay can be named by the user
  • Indicator panel
  • Auto load function - the last working file is loaded when DRM is started
  • Auto connect function - when the relay board is disconnected DRM will keep trying to find and when this is done, the relay board will be connected again
  • Auto start function - DRM software starts when the OS starts (currently this is not available for Windows 8 and Linux)
  • Auto set function - DRM will set the relays automatically when the relay board is connected
  • Possibility of DRM to starts when PC boots and continues to work from the last saved point
  • For more information about DRM Software, screen-shots, detailed description and download - here

Mobile Apps

DAE-iModules iOS mobile App - 100% FREE

DAE-aModules Android mobile App - 100% FREE

Some useful information about DAE-iModules/DAE-aModules and DAEnetIP2:

  • Select device DAEnetIP2. You must be sure the IP, UDP Port and SNMP community are correct, otherwise it won't enter into the device
  • To connect and scale the analog inputs with sensors, please refer to this link:

DAEnetIP2 Manager

DAEnetIP2 Manager is configuration utility for Denkovi DAEnetIP2 controller

  • Access many DAEnetIP2 controllers at a time
  • SNMPv1 protocol
  • Name for each controller
  • Support most of the DAEnetIP2 OIDs
  • Configurating each P3/P5 I/O line separately as input or output
  • Linearization (scaling) for the Analog Inputs (displaying the analog inputs values in human reading values - volts, meters degrees)
  • Thresholds can be converted automaticaly from human units into divisions

For download please use this link: download

Control via web browser

In order to access your DAEnetIP2 controller from browser, your web browser have to supports javascript. Just write the IP address of the controller in the address bar and you will see the page, which is integrated in the controller (it has small built in server). The default username/password are admin/admin.

I/O Ports control/monitor

Traps/P5 control. DAEnetIP2 can send traps if some analog input changes its level bellow/above some threshold (Low/High).
The same logic can be used for setting one of the digital outputs port - JP5 according analog input port JP6.

HTTP API Commands

DAEnetIP2 i/o lines can be controlled/accessed via HTTP API commands and basic access authentication is required to do that.

The digital outputs (P3 and P5) can be controlled by sending this HTTP command:

http://admin:admin[ at

admin:admin are the username:password

device.ip.address is the DAEnetIP2 IP address (by default it is

01=00 is the state of P3 DO

02=FFis the state of P5 DO

For example:

http://admin:admin[ at

The i/o states (P3, P5, P6) can be retreived by sending this HTTP command:

http://admin:admin[ at ]device.ip.address/ioreg.js

it will be received javascript file with several variables and one of them is:

var IO=new Array (0xFF, 0xFF, 0x80, 0x00AB, 0x0049, 0x0118, 0x014A, 0x012F, 0x003E, 0x0029, 0x01DD)

Bytes 0 and 1 are the digital I/O states (in hex format)

Bytes 3...10 are the Analog inputs values (in hex format)

For example:

http://admin:admin[ at ]

Command Line

Net-snmp is free command line utility for windows which allows you to execute snmp commands from command line, BAT files, BASH scripts or any other sofwtare that can execute external .exe file or commands from command line. The instructions file how to install net-snmp and example commands can be downloaded from here.

Software examples

For developers - we can provide examples and support for various platforms:

Java Example

labVIEW example

VB.NET Express example

Useful Links

  • General links
    • User manual - contact us for DAEnetIP2 user manual
    • SNMP definitions file (MIB file) - here
    • Configuration utility - DAEnetIP2 Manager (Windows/Linux) - DAEnetIP2Manager.exe or DAEnetIP2Manager.rar
    • The firmware file with the current actual version for DAEnetIP2 - here (firmware history - here)
    • Connecting sensors to DAEnetIP2 - here
  • Software by Denkovi
    • DAE-iModules - Mobile app for iOS mobile devices, support link here
    • DAE-aModules - Mobile app for Android mobile devices, support link here
    • DAEnetIP Burner software for firmware upgrade - here. Instructions how to upgrade the firmware - see in the manual or here
    • DAEnetIP2 Manager (Windows/Linux) - Configuration utility - download here
    • DRM Software - software for controlling relays - here
  • Third parity software
    • Android application for mobile devices by iSwitch LLC, Android market link - here, documentation - here, support page - here
    • Net-snmp command line tool for windows (instructions how to install - see in the manual) and C++ library - here. Example commands - here
    • iReasoning MIB browser (very useful tool) - here
    • Majordomotic - Cloud home automation software by the company EdelBit. It supports all our ethernet relays and ip controllers. Additional android software is available as well. Here we have tried to explain how to work with it together with our hardware -
    • MyDomoticaHd - Android software by Additional explanation how to use the software with our ethernet relays and ip controllers -

Software Examples

  • C# .NET Express 2010 - Sets the outputs via snmp v.1 with timeouts
  • VB .NET Express 2010 - Very simple demo. It demonstrates how to set and get DAEnetIP2 ports values.
  • Java (Netbeans) - Example for accessing DAEnetIP2 controller. Works in Linux / Windows / Mac
  • PHP - Example for controlling the 16 digital outputs and reading the ADC (tested with WAMP with snmp)
  • labVIEW 2011 - basic snmp manager for DAEnetIP2 build with labVIEW.
  • Node.js (SNMPv1) - example how to communicate with the module using SNMPv1 set/get requests in Node.js.
  • More software examples: here


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Ethernet 16 Ch Relay Module, Board For Home Automation - Snmp, Web, Ip, Lan:

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