Exceptional Antique Markneukirchen German Violin-ernst Heinrich Roth 1937

Exceptional Antique Markneukirchen German Violin-ernst Heinrich Roth 1937

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Exceptional Antique Markneukirchen German Violin-ernst Heinrich Roth 1937:

I am thrilled to offer this very good, antique, Ernst Heinrich Roth
violin to the highest buyer with .The violin is labeled and branded and is guaranteed to be original and wrote to the firm, Ernst Heinrich Roth OHG to get a letter of authenticity for this violin as there were some labeling inconsistencies that I wanted to clear up. The firm relocated from Markneukirchen to Bubenreuth after WWII yet the label is dated 1951. I looked the violin over carefully and concluded that it was an authentic pre-war example and that the date or the label must have been added later. I also suspected that the violin was likely a model VII-R based upon the model, labeling, and several attributes that would make it consistent with the VII-R designation. The letter of authenticity I received from Roth not only confirmed that the violin was made in 1937 but to my surprise, a model 72/ XI-R. That was the designation of the highest grade of violin made by the firm at the time. Most of the other XI-R models I have seen have a one-piece back, ebony button crown, grafted scroll, and an ink signature across the label. I think the signature is missing here for the same reason that the date is post war-the violin was labeled by the Roth firm when it was delivered in 1951 as the letter states. Since EH Roth died in 1948 he could not possibly sign a label dated 1951. Many violins made by the Roth firm in Markneukirchen remained unsold until after the War, especially the highest grades which were very expensive at the time. These violins were likely removed from East Germany during or immediately after WWII when the Roth firm relocated to Bubenreuth. Some of these violins were re-branded or re-labeled after the war for a wide variety of reasons. The only way to satisfactorily answer these questions is to check the archival documents from the Roth firm itself. The letter of authenticity from the Roth firm indicates that the violin was made in 1937 and is model 72/XI-R, the highest grade made by the firm at the time. Below is the letter I received from Mr. Wilhelm Roth.I have a copy of the Roth catalog from the pre-war period and the description of the model 72/XI-R is below:No.XIRThere are a number of well known violinists who are not in a position to purchase an old violin which would meet with all their requirements, for such violins are in most cases too costly and not within their reach. For these instrumentalists Ernst Heinrich Roth has consented to make violins to order which will generally be classified as XIR, and made according to specifications demanded by the artist in both Guarnerius and Stradivarius models. Every one of these instruments is the handiwork of Ernst Heinrich Roth from beginning to end and requires from four to five months to be completed. Each violin bears the written signature of Ernst Heinrich Roth across the label. That these signed violins are exceptional in every respect need not be emphasized.This violin is in very good original condition with a well-repaired crack just outside of the soundpost area on the top. Regardless of the fact that the crack misses the sound post by several millimeters, it has been repaired with an interior inlaid sound post patch. The work has been done to a very high standard and this type of repair virtually guarantees no further issues will occur in this area. There are no other cracks damages or repairs other than a very minor repaired wing crack. The varnish is an glowing oil preparation of very high grade and there has been some wear from heavy classical use particularly on the treble side along the fingerboard, the upper rib, and c bout.The violin has been expertly set up with all new, high quality fittings and Evah Pirazzi strings (about $100 retail). The fingerboard has been properly planed and dressed, the pegs are new rosewood, properly carved and fitted. The bridge is expertly carved and precisely fitted to the violin and the sound post is new. The tail piece is ebony and the chin rest is rosewood. The violin plays easily and is predictable and consistent.The sound is typical of pre-war Roth violins. It is rich, resonant, warm and focused. It is a well-balanced blend of soprano and alto with a bit of tenor warmth and depth. The sound is perfectly even across the strings, responsive and clean but with depth and power. It is loud and full, well-focused and pure with a sweetness and singing quality that is a delight. Roth is the most famous and respected name in commercial German violin making-which says a lot because more violins were made in Germany than everywhere else combined. It is because of their consistently fine tone and quality that any pre-war Roth violin has steadily appreciated in value at a rate out-pacing inflation. This is a violin that can be well appreciated by an accomplished player for life. class="MsoNormal" align="center">The starting offer is $49 and there is !

This is a fantastic opportunity for a serious player to acquire a really excellent violin at sale prices, with a money back guarantee. I am so certain that this violin will satisfy even the most serious player, that if you win this sale, and don't like the way the violin sounds when you get it, I will refund the purchase price in full. I am very confident that once someone plays this violin, they will never want to give it up.

This violin carries a full 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you win it and don't like it for any reason, you can return it for a full refund excluding my shipping charge. Every penny you pay for the violin, I refund without any hassle or argument. But please plan on making up your mind and letting me know within 14 days. Absolutely no refunds or returns considered more than 30 days after sale end without advanced arrangements.

This is a full-sized violin. The back measures 14 1/8 inches or 358 mm.

The violin does not come with a case or bow.

Insured shipping and professional packaging of the highest order is $39 in the US, $59 to Canada and $79 to most other countries. I pack in new, custom-made shipping cartons. I use packing materials designed to provide superior protection for old violins. I ship very fast, usually within 24 hours of payment-or less. You can expect your package to arrive safely within a couple of days of your payment.

Thanks for looking!!!!

Exceptional Antique Markneukirchen German Violin-ernst Heinrich Roth 1937:

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