Xl Crystal Tumblestones A Grade 30-40mm - List A - Tumbled Stone Chakra Gemstone

Xl Crystal Tumblestones A Grade 30-40mm - List A - Tumbled Stone Chakra Gemstone

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Xl Crystal Tumblestones A Grade 30-40mm - List A - Tumbled Stone Chakra Gemstone:

Stunning Extra Large Crystal Tumblestones - LIST A - Big Variety to choose from!!


I now have 3 listings for Extra Large Tumblestones!!

Mix & Match between the 3 listings!

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This Listing is forONEXL Crystal Tumblestone

Approx. 30-40mm

Where different grades are available I always buy the best grade possible!

*Please note the Blue Tigers Eye is very dark at the moment *

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I am a fully qualified and insured Reiki Master and I will choose the crystal for you that "speaks" to me and each crystal will be cleansed and blessed with some beautiful healing Reiki energy, if you do not want this then please let me know. If you would like the crystal to be attuned for a specific purpose just let me know. Look below for crystal meanings and metaphysical properties.

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The vibrational healing properties of crystals have been forgotten and overlooked in the modern world we now live in, but they are such a simple tool to help cleanse, rebalance and revitalise us on so manylevels. They can be used to amplify all healing techniques and because each type has it's own unique properties, they can be used to promote many different aspects of our lives.

Agate - Blue Lace -Throat Chakra◆Cool healing energy◆ dissolves the emotions associated with childhood problems◆ deals with the nervous system

Agate - Grey Botswana - Crown Chakra◆ helps quit smoking◆ improves oxygenation of the body◆ aids the circulatorysystem◆ ageing skin ◆ helps with depression

Agate - Moss - Heart Chakra◆ attracts abundance◆ speeds up recovery from an illness◆ anti-inflammatory◆ excellent for fungal & skin infections◆ stress◆ depression◆ birthing crystal (lessening pain and aiding a safe birth)

Agate - Pink Botswana - Heart Chakra◆ Improves parent and child relationships◆ stabilises the aura◆ helps the stomach◆ uterus◆ blood vessels◆ skin

Agate - Tree - Heart Chakra◆ abundance◆protection stone◆ stops nightmares◆ headaches◆ sore eyes◆ dizziness

Amazonite - Throat Chakra◆absorbs electromagnetic pollution◆ balances the yin and yang energies (masculine & feminine)◆ opens and rebalances the heart, throat and 3rd eye Chakras◆ good for bones◆ teeth◆ muscles

Amethyst - 3rd Eye / Crown Chakra◆very protective and powerful stone◆enhances spiritual awareness and love of the divine◆used in meditation◆assists in out of body experiences◆decision making◆insomnia◆ the immune sytem◆helps with all symptoms of stress on a physical, emotional and spiritual level◆helps with respiratory problems◆digestive problems

Amethyst - Banded (Chevron)- 3rd Eye Chakra◆ enhances intuitive vision◆ out of body experiences◆ cleanses and balances the aura◆ helps all organs◆ stimulates the immune system

Aventurine - Green - Heart Chakra◆ attracts prosperity◆ brings calm and comfort to any situation◆balances the yin and yang energies (masculine & feminine)◆ all round healer

bloodstone - Base/Root Chakra◆grounding and protecting◆ good for blood disorders◆ leukemia◆ removes toxins◆ good to use while being treated withchemotherapy

Chrysocolla - Base/Root Chakra◆ meditation◆ relationships◆ cleanses all chakras◆ helps with bones◆blood◆ lungs◆ arthritis◆ menstrual cramps & PMS

Citrine - Solar Plexus/Sacral Chakras◆ energising energy◆ never needs cleansing◆ transmutes negative energies◆ abundance◆ brings joy and harmony◆ good for kidney & bladder infections◆ nervous system◆ menstrual and menopause problems

Fluorite- aura and chakra cleanser◆ stimulates 3rd eye Chakra◆ helpful for bone & bone marrow disorders◆infections◆ teeth◆ pain relief

Fossilised Wood- Root/Base Chakra◆ was once a living tree and holds ancient memories and energies◆ helps to recall past life incarnations◆ grounding◆ meditation◆treats bones (especially spine and hips)◆ skin◆ hair

Hematite - Root/Base Chakra◆ very grounding stone◆ builds self-confidence◆ helps stop over-indulgence◆ treats bad circulation◆blood problems◆ insomnia

Jasper - Dalmation - Base Chakra◆ grounding◆protection from negative energies◆good for animals or people working with animals◆ boosts the immune system◆ dispels toxins◆ deals with depression◆ stomach cramps◆ IBS

Jasper - Picture - Earth or Root/Base Chakras◆ deep meditation◆ past life regression◆ astral travel◆ dispels toxins◆ boosts the immune system◆ helps with skin problems

Jasper - Red - Base Chakra◆ calms the emotions◆ meditation◆dream recall◆ good for the circulatory system◆ blood◆ liver

Lepidolite - All higher Chakras from the heart up◆ warm and balancing energy◆ brings joy and lifts moods◆ improves memory◆ can help improve insomnia◆ mood swings◆ anger issues◆ bipolar disorder◆ overcoming addictions◆ menopause◆ alzheimers

Moonstone - 3rd Eye/Crown Chakras◆ intuition◆ lucid dreaming◆ enhances psychic abilities and clairvoyance◆ calms hyperactive children◆ helps stop sleepwalking◆good for pregnancy and childbirth◆ eyes

Obsidian - Snowflake - Sacral chakra◆ calm soothing energy◆ balances the mind, body and soul◆ detoxification◆ helps with circulation◆ muscle cramps◆ skin◆ eyes

Onyx - Black - Base/Root Chakra◆ gives strength◆ helps overcome grief and sorrow◆ defends against negative energies ◆ help you to let go of situations or relationships and cut cords

Quartz - Clear - Crown Chakra◆ the master healer, used for any condition◆absorbs and transmutes negative energy◆ balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies◆enhances psychic abilities

Quartz - Rose - Heart Chakra◆ the love stone◆opens the heart chakra◆calm and soothing energy◆often used in love spells◆ helps remove feelings of guilt, fear and resentment, especially within love and family relationships◆helps with heart and circulatory signs of ageing◆protective during pregnancy and childbirth

Quartz - Smoky - Earth & Base/Root Chakras◆ grounding and anchoring but also raises vibrations during meditation◆ eliminates negative energies◆ detoxifies◆ helpful during chemotherapy◆ dissolves negative emotions◆ nightmares◆ helps prevent a healing crisis◆ relieves pain◆ headaches◆ menstrual and muscle cramps◆ muscles and nerves◆ the heart

Tiger's Eye - Blue - Throat & 3rd Eye Chakras◆ raises vibrations◆ encourages the rise of kundalini energy◆ calms an overactive sex drive◆helps with stress◆ short temper◆ broken bones

Tiger's Eye - Golden - Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras◆ calms the nerves◆ good for stressful situations◆ heals issues of self-worth◆ increases intuition

Tiger's Eye - Red - Base/Root Chakra◆ stimulating energy◆ improves lethargy◆ speeds up a slow metabolism◆ increases a low sex drive

Turquenite (Blue Howlite) - Throat Chakra◆ This crystal is another version of Howlite which has usually been dyed. It is a beautiful blue/green colour and looks very much like Turquoise but still has all of the properties of undyed or white Howlite◆ calms anger◆helps still the mind before sleep or meditation◆placed by your bed it can help dream recall◆ I also have plain dyed Blue Howlite on my other listing

Unakite - 3rd Eye Chakra◆ aids physical and psychic vision◆ heals past life traumas◆ helps recover from illness by dealing with the root cause◆ encourages weight gain◆ connected to the reproductive system◆ pregnancy◆ skin◆ hair

Please be aware that crystalsare a natural product and are rarely perfect so please allow for minor imperfections and variations in shape, colour and size. This does not affect the metaphysical properties of the crystal.

The crystal healing information on my listings is provided as guidance only. Crystal Therapy and Reiki Therapy are both complementary therapies and are not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. You should always consult with a professional medical practitioner and continue with any medical treatment prescribed for you.

Please take a look at my shop for many more items with more being added every week!!Many items have combined P&P so only 1 postage cost no matter how many items you buy!

Any questions or further information required about the properties of the crystals then please do not hesitate to contact me!

Love and Light!


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Xl Crystal Tumblestones A Grade 30-40mm - List A - Tumbled Stone Chakra Gemstone:

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